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    Moving is an important process whenever it occurs. In many cases, relocations represent a start of a new chapter in one’s life. However, choosing a place to relocate to is not always easy. That is why today we will talk about reasons to move to Rockville this fall. Namely, Rockville is a town in Maryland that has around 67.000 residents. It is located in Montgomery County and is an urban-suburban area. The majority of Rockville’s population is young professionals or families. So, whether you are looking to start a career or start a family, Rockville can offer opportunities for both. However, before you contact local movers MD, let us talk more about the reasons you should move there.

    Why should you move to Rockville this fall?

    Rockville is part of the DMV area (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia). This means that living in the area brings you closer to Washington D.C., as well as other cities in the area. This makes Rockville a great place for those who want to seek careers in adjacent towns and cities. Moreover, the Rockville area is known for having top-notch schooling systems, meaning that a lot of families want to seek education for their children there.

    a couple sitting in-between a pile of cardboard boxes as they prepare to move to Rockville this fall
    Whether you want to start your own family, pursue a career or enjoy outdoor activities, Rockville has a little something for everyone

    If you are one of those people, hiring moving companies in Maryland will ensure that you relocate safely and without any issues. The three main reasons for moving to Rockville we are going to talk about are:

    • Work opportunities
    • Great educational system
    • A plethora of outdoor activity options

    Work opportunities

    The first reason we think you should move to Rockville this fall is the work opportunities or the job market. There are a plethora of different working options in the area. More importantly, due to its connectivity, working in adjacent towns or cities is also a possibility. One of the great advantages living in Rockville provides is the ability to work outside of town. However, you will still be relatively close to your work. Now, before you contact movers Rockville, MD, you should know that the median household income in the city is around $106.500, while the national average is $62.850.

    Great educational system

    The main reason Rockville attracts a lot of families is because of the top-notch schooling system in the area. The three best schools are Richard Montgomery High School, Walter Johnson High School, and Thomas S Wootton High School. On the other hand, the private schooling sector mostly consists of Catholic schools.

    a teacher communicating with children inside a classroom
    The majority of the population in Rockville has a higher education

    Furthermore, the majority of the population (37%) in the city of Rockville, has a master’s degree or higher, while 28% has a bachelor’s degree. These statistics only show that if you move to Rockville this fall, you will ensure a great education for yourself or for your children.

    A plethora of outdoor activities is another reason to move to Rockville this fall

    The Rockville town center often organizes different events for people in the city. Outdoor movies, concerts, and festivals are just some out of the many activities you can do around town. Furthermore, there are over 1.000 acres of parkland areas in the city. If you love cycling or hiking, you will enjoy the trails that lead to local creeks. So, consult your last-minute moving checklist and make sure you have all the equipment you need to start your outdoor adventures here.

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