What to pack last when moving in Virginia

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    Well, it’s time for moving, and you don’t know where to start? Don’t be worried, in this article you will find out how to pack, and what to pack last when moving in Virginia. It’s no simple job to cram all of your possessions into cardboard boxes and wrap your furniture with care. The last thing you would do is rush through packing your belongings. That is a certain method to lose or harm your possessions. Instead, allow yourself as much time as needed to finish the packing procedure. Also, a great decision can be to call Here & Now Movers for easier packing and relocating process. With professional help, you will have the smoothest relocation ever, and it will save your time, nerves, and money. And guess what? You won’t need to think about what you should pack last when moving.

    Prioritize before you start with packing

    Okay, the first thing on our list is to prepare everything before the packing process. You will need to prioritize which goods should you pack first and which should you put off until later? But first and foremost! All of the essential packing supplies must be gathered. So, do you know what you need for packing? Let’s start with the materials:

    • Containers- You will need a few containers, and it depends on the number of belongings you have to pack before your move.
    • Boxes- The same case is with boxes, but prepare at least 5 big boxes.
    • Wrap paper- Oh, good old wrap paper. You will need a lot of wrap papers to start with packing and wrapping your ceramics and glass.
    • Bubble wrap- Bubble wrap is a great thing when you have a lot of fragile things to pack.
    • Labels- Labels are something that you will definitely need if you want to know where are your belongings at any time.
    • Moving blankets- This is crucial if you don’t have a lot of bubble wrap or wrap paper.
    mother and daughter packing belongings
    Packing can be exhausting, but with the right people around you and with the right tactic you will be just fine.

    Always start with non-essential items

    Professionals for relocation will always recommend you to start with non-essential items in your household. That can include all the stuff that you don’t use on a daily basis. This is important because you will unpack these things last,  and movers Sterling VA said that things that you are using frequently you need to pack last when moving. So we present you the list of things you will need to pack first, and later on, we will talk about what you need to pack last when moving in Virginia.

    • DVDs and records
    • Books
    • Clothes you don’t wear on a regular basis
    • Decoration and pictures
    • Toys your kids don’t use 
    book packed in wrap paper
    Try to pack things you don’t use on daily basis first.

    Now when we know what we can start to pack first, we can move on to the things to pack last when moving in Virginia. Always have in mind that the best possible option for you and your family is to call moving companies Northern VA, and hear what they can offer you. Professional help is very important when packing, especially if you don’t know how to do it the proper way, or you simply don’t have enough time.

    What you should pack last when moving?

    After you’ve packed up most of your non-essential belongings, you should be left with mostly stuff you use on a regular basis or will require as soon as you move in. Items like this include:

    • Documents
    • Bedding
    • Toiletries and medicines
    • Gadgetes and eletronics
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Kitchen items

    Creating essential box

    An essential box is one of the most important things you need to pack. This box will have all that stuff you will need right after you come to your desired destination. We can assume that you don’t have any changing clothes or towels and medications in your new house. So, this is the way you can be peaceful when you arrive. Your essential box needs to include things such as:

    • Towels
    • Changing clothes and pajamas
    • Medicine
    • Snacks
    • drinks
    • Toilet paper

    Kitchen items

    Begin with the side dishes you know you’ll need. Most meals, for example, may be prepared with just one pan, one pot, and a spoon. You may put away a lot of your kitchenware now. Maybe you will leave your coffeemaker. But you definitely need to pack things you don’t use on regular basis.

    woman packing and thinking what are the things you need to pack last when moving
    Don’t forget to use labels for your belongings. In that way, you will save a lot of time on unpacking.


    Documents such as inventory list, contract with the moving company, or address need to be with you through the whole moving process. Be sure that you have all these documents when packing, and choose a special folder for this.


    You need to sleep on something, do you? So, the best option is to pack bedding last when moving. For ease, pack an additional set of clothing, the towels you used up until the last minute (make sure they aren’t moist from your morning shower), and even your toiletries in the same box.

    Toiletries and medicine

    Packing certain products might be difficult because you never know when you’ll need them. You could, however, have previously placed away from the products you use every day. Remove any things that have outdated or that you haven’t used in months. You can also try to finish up any goods that are nearly empty.

    Gadgetes and eletronics

    This is something that you will need the most, so it’s logical to pack this last. You can use a labeled card box to pack all of the electronics and warn the moving companies Ashburn VA, that these are fragile items.

    As you can see, the moving process doesn’t have to be hard. With the right moving company, you can be carefree about your relocation. We hope that we helped you to understand what to pack last when moving in Virginia.


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