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    Washington, DC, is a great place that draws people in. Some decide to visit for a short period of time and enjoy the wonders it offers. Others, however, fall in love with it and choose to spend the rest of their lives there. However, relocation to a new place never comes easy. That’s why you must learn as much as possible about the location you will be moving to. Hence we have written an article talking about what to know before moving to DC. The first step would be finding trustworthy movers, such as Here & Now Movers, that can help you relocate easily, and then you can start preparing to move to DC. Now let’s see what you should know about this place before you start organizing your move.

    About Washington, DC

    Washington, DC, is a city in the District of Columbia. It has around 701,974 residents, which makes it the 23rd most populous city in the US as of 2020. DC is situated on the east bank of the Potomac River, which also serves as its southwestern and southern border with Virginia. On its other side, it shares a land border with Maryland. When it comes to the name of this area, many are already familiar with its backstory. George Washington, a Founding Father and the first president of the United States of America, was honored by having this city bear his name.

    aerial view of DC
    DC is a great place with a lot to offer its residents, so one first needs to discover what to know before moving to DC.

    What should you know before moving to DC?

    As we have already mentioned, knowing about the location you will be relocating to can mean a lot. Therefore, you need to know the basics before moving to DC. Here are some of the most important points:

    • The cost of living
    • Job market
    • Educational system
    • Transportation
    • Entertainment
    • Weather

    How high is the cost of living in DC?

    DC is a place that has a rather high cost of living. Take the prices of housing, for example. The median home value in Washington is more than 2.5 times higher than the national average and amounts to $618,100. On the other hand, the median rent is around $1,607. The average cost for food and groceries for a single month per person would be about $475. The average cost of utilities per month is as follows:

    • Electricity $89
    • Gas $88
    • Water $26
    • Cable and Internet $43

    How easy is it to find a satisfactory job in DC?

    Regarding job opportunities, Washington, DC, is known for its residents working for the government as the federal government is located here. However, that is not the only type of job one can find here. A large number of people are also working in hospitals and educational institutions. The median household income in DC is around $90,842, and the median individual income is about $52,328.

    A man and a woman are shaking hands across the table as they are now aware of what to know before moving to DC
    You can easily find a great job in DC!

    How good are schools in DC?

    There are 123 public schools run by the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS short), the only public school district in the city. They take their job very seriously as they want to ensure that every school under their wing helps their students achieve their full potential. Besides schools, there are numerous private universities scattered around the city. Worth mentioning are also the University of the District of Columbia, a public university, Washington Hospital Center and Children’s National Medical Center, medical research facilities, and George Washington, Georgetown, and Howard universities.

    How is transportation in DC?

    If you wish to know what it is like living in DC, you will also have to learn about the potential ways of transportation. Public transportation in Washington, DC, is great and a perfect way to get around in this location. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is in charge of overseeing the area’s most popular transportation systems. Those are Metrorail, Metrobus, and the DC Circulator.

    How are the residents satisfied with the entertainment in DC?

    Washington is a lively place with a lot to offer its residents. That’s why many decide to hire interstate movers Maryland has to offer and relocate to DC. When it comes to the entertainment options, here are only some of them:

    • National Mall, a landscaped park
    • Library of Congress, the second-largest library in the world
    • Eastern Market, a bustling outdoor shopping space
    • Heurich House Museum
    • The National Gallery of Art, a perfect place to spend your afternoon
    • Ford’s Theatre

    How harsh or mild is the weather in DC?

    Washington, DC, experiences warm and humid summers but very cold and snowy winters. The temperature is rarely above 96°F or below 17°F. The hottest month of the year is July, and the coldest one is January. However, the month when it snows the most is February.

    a path covered in snow that stretches between the trees
    Winters in DC can be quite harsh and snowy.

    What to know before moving to DC from the surrounding areas?

    If you live somewhere in Maryland or Virginia, you will need to consider a couple of things before moving to Washington, DC. To begin with, when you start planning your move, you will have to find reliable long-distance moving companies DC area has to offer. Next, you will need to prepare for the difference in the cost of living. If you cannot afford a residence that is as big as your current one, you will need to declutter or store your items in storage units. Another thing to get used to would be the transportation and the traffic. In addition, you will have to decide where exactly you want to move to, i.e. what neighborhood to choose.

    Ready to move to DC?

    After reading this article about what to know before moving to DC, you are ready to hire moving helpers Maryland residents trust and start planning your relocation. As long as you follow our guide, you will face no problems along the way. We wish you a smooth and stress-free move!




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