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    If you are thinking of moving to DC and still hesitating, you came across the perfect blog for you. There are many reasons to move to DC and we will explain the most important ones. Since it is the capital, it is no wonder that many people like to call DC home. It really offers great opportunities for everyone. There are various costs of living and you can find exactly what you have been looking for. When you add excellent job possibilities and a great educational system if you plan to move with your family, it doesn’t come as a surprise that 700 000 people live in DC. It is a wonderful place to live in, indeed. You can also contact reliable Here & Now Movers who can make your relocation to DC flawless. Read the 5 most important reasons for moving to DC and start packing.

    DC offers the best of everything

    There are a lot more than 5 reasons to move to DC. On every step and around each corner you can find something new and an opportunity that is waiting for you. However, we have decided to emphasize the following five reasons for moving to DC:

    • Job market;
    • Safety;
    • History;
    • Public transport;
    • The weather.
    Aerial view of DC
    There are many reasons to move to DC

    The job market is one of the reasons to move to DC

    If you want to be sure that you are going to find a job, and most likely in any area of business, moving to DC is the right thing to do. Even though the vacant spots are not as many as before the Covid-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate is still lower than the national average. Speaking in numbers, this means that on average, the unemployment rate in 2022 is 4.80 percent. This may seem like a somewhat high number, but we should have in mind that at this time last year it was 6.60%. Also, the national average is 7.35%. So, when you think about it, you have a good chance of finding a job in DC. Apply for some vacancies and contact moving companies DC area to prepare for your relocation. You soon might have a job and be on your way to DC.

    You can find a job in many areas of business, but some are more likely to look for new employees than others. For example, you can find a job in federal and state governments, but also health and education. Only the DC government is looking for people to fill in more than 500 vacancies. You are going to find a job easily if you work in IT or finances. In addition to that, since DC is a place that many tourists visit and it has a lot of attractions, you can find a job in one of many restaurants and hotels. The costs of living in DC are indeed high, and it can be a disadvantage when you decide to move there. However, the average salary per year is $77,210, while the national average is $56,310.

    Safety in DC

    DC is one of the safest places. The usual crime rates go from low to medium. For example, violent crimes rarely happen. Also, public transport is relatively safe. Like with every crowded city, you have to be careful, but you most likely won’t be a victim of scammers. In the Shaw, Adams Morgan, and Near Northeast districts as well as the vicinity of the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station, muggers can be an issue. However, it is full of people after dark since that’s when the nightlife happens. You don’t have to be scared of these areas, just be careful.

    DC is full of history

    Every street in DC has something to do with history. We don’t exaggerate when we say that you can learn something from every step. Apart from the mesmerizing White House, you can see 160 monuments and memorial places in DC. There are also more than 70 museums, and visiting many of them is free. One of the most popular is  Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

    The US Capitol Building, one of the reasons to move to DC
    DC is rich with history

    Public transport in DC is reliable

    In big areas, public transport is extremely important. So, that is also one of the great reasons to move to DC. More than 800 000 people use public transport in DC every week. And they love it. It is one of the best transportation systems in the U. S. Also, it is one of the fastest, which is the main reason why people avoid using cars. Apart from that, people love riding bikes, because there are great bike tracks and the residents are trying to use the perks of nature and ‘go green’.

    The weather in DC

    The best part of moving to DC, if the weather is important to you, are the climate changes. That is, the fact that you get to enjoy all four seasons fully. There is snow in winter, so prepare for the winter wonderland. But, don’t worry, it never gets extremely cold. It is the same with summer. It has a lot of sun, but it is never too hot.

    The White House
    The White House is the most popular building in DC

    Moving from Maryland to DC

    When people become overwhelmed with everything they get in Maryland, they decide to move to DC. If you decide to do so at some point, you can call interstate movers Maryland to help you with your relocation. The pros of moving to Maryland include its lower cost of living. For example, the overall index in Baltimore is 91.3, compared to Washington’s 150.6. However, there aren’t many cities in Maryland to choose from when it comes to living. Also, in DC you never run out of opportunities.

    Moving from Virginia

    Moving from Northern Virginia to DC is right for the same reasons as moving from Maryland. Some of the main reasons people decide to leave NoVa include the horrible traffic, but most of all high costs of living. That wouldn’t be so bad if the job market was better. But since it is not, many people decide to call some of the best Northern Virginia movers and move to DC.

    Moving to DC is the right decision

    As you can see, there are great reasons to move to DC, whether you are moving from Maryland, Virginia, or any other state. If you decide to move from Maryland, don’t forget to call moving helpers Maryland, because they will make your relocation easier. This is important because you want to enjoy all the great reasons for moving to DC as soon as possible.


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