Tips on packing toys before moving to Gaithersburg

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    Moving with kids is not easy to do. For them, it has a huge emotional impact. Because they will be leaving everything they know behind. And one thing that is most important for the phycological health of kids is stability. Therefore it is important to bring with you all their favorite toys. However, packing toys before moving to Gaithersburg might look easy at the first glance. But it is really trickily to manage it without damaging any of them during the transport. Therefore you can not simply stuff them into a box and ship them away. Movers and packers Maryland have a few tips that will help you do it quickly and damage-free. In no time, you will have everything packed and ready for the move.

    You will need all the materials for packing toys before moving to Gaithersburg

    Firstly you will need all the packing materials before you start preparing for the move. Therefore start collecting them well before the moving date. Because packing toys before moving to Gaithersburg is not easy, and you will need few days to finish everything. The simplest solution is to get them from movers Gaithersburg MD. Another option is to use secondhand materials. So ask your family and friends if they have any leftovers from their previous move. Also, make a list of everything you will need beforehand, so you do not forget anything. For example, the essential pieces are several cardboard boxes of different sizes. You can use the big ones for all the light toys like stuffed animals. And the smaller boxes you can use for more fragile items. Next, you will need bubble wrap and duct tape.

    a box and duct tape
    Quality packing materials are a good investment, but secondhand ones are an ok alternative

    Sort through all the toys before packing them for relocation to Gaithersburg

    It is astonishing how many toys kids can collect. If your kids also have a ton of them, it is better to sort through all of them. Because if you get rid of some of them, you will have fewer items to pack before the residential movers arrive. And with fewer boxes, you will be able to have a cheaper relocation. Therefore, go through all the toys with your kids and identify the ones they wish to keep. It might sound like impossible work as they always say every single one is their favorite. However, once you start, they will quickly realize that some of them are damaged beyond repair. And others they have simply outgrown. Hence throw away everything that can not be saved. Others that they do not need anymore you can donate to the local charity.

    boy throwing toy into a box
    Packing toys before moving to Gaithersburg is easier if your kids go through them first and choose the ones they wish to keep

    Pack all the toys for the upcoming move by size and shape

    The biggest problem with packing toys for Gaithersburg relocation is that not a single one is of the same size or shape. So all the similar toys go into the same groups. For example, all the board games in one, stuffed toys in the other. However, if your kids have a lot of fragile toys, it might be better to take advantage of professional packing services. That way they will be completely secured for transport, and you will not have to worry.

    So start with all the stuffed toys and put them into plastic bags. It is the best way to pack them so they do not use up too much space in the boxes. Next, all the small pieces you do not wish to lose, put them into Ziploc bags. Wrap with bubble wrap all the sensitive and fragile toys and carefully place them inside the box. Once done, fill up all the space between them with crumpled newspaper. Finally, medium and small sized boxes are perfect for dollhouses, board games, and books.


    Label all the boxes and bags

    Once you move into your new home, you will be surrounded by chaos. There will be boxes all around the place. Therefore finding one item will be almost impossible. So one way to save yourself a lot of time and energy is to label all the boxes and bags. And that goes for all the packed toys. Make sure that as soon as you finish packing a box, you write down what is inside. So don’t simply write “toys” on them. Because as soon as you arrive, the kids will most likely ask for that one favorite toy. Thus with a little bit of effort at the beginning, you will save yourself a lot of time at the end. So make a list on the side of everything that is inside the box. Also, you can use different colors to label them. Hence you’ll be able to quickly identify them.

    mom dad and daughter writing on a box
    Make sure you label all the boxes with toys as soon as you pack them relocation to Gaithersburg

    Have fun packing toys before moving to Gaithersburg

    The kids mustn’t feel stressed while packing toys before moving to Gaithersburg. It is a big change for them so having fun will make it easier for them. Also, next time you have to move, they will remember it as a good time. So do not leave everything for the last minute. Give your kids some time to sort through all the toys and decide what they wish to keep. Everything else you can donate to a charity organization. You will make a lot of kids in need happy. Next, ensure you have all the packing materials. Also, label everything, because this way it is easy to locate items you need. Lastly, do not pack their favorite toys. Bring them with you, so your kids have them for the trip to your new home.



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