Tips For Throwing a Farewell Party

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    Leaving your home and finally saying goodbye is always tough. However, sometimes we have to do it, and there is no better way to do that than throwing a farewell party. Going away parties give you a chance to say farewell and show people how much they mean to you. So, before you go calling Here & Now Movers, call up your dear friends and party it up one last time.

    A Short Guide For Throwing a Farewell Party

    If you’re not really a party person, don’t worry. You can make your farewell party as chill or low-key as you want. There are no rules, it’s all up to you. So, let’s put our party-planning hats on, and go through these farewell party ideas.

    People at a party.
    People love themed parties.

    Choose a Venue

    While it is the case that most often farewell parties are hosted in your home, that need not be the case. You can always bring your favorite people to another venue, be it a bar, restaurant, bowling alley, or anything else you like.

    When you’re throwing a farewell party, you don’t have to book an expensive restaurant or anything fancy like that. It is more important to find a place where most of your guests will feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. Venues with some sentimental significance for your friend group are always appreciated. However, always make sure to call ahead and check whether there are any requirements for bringing in big groups of people.

    Make a Guest List

    While it might seem obvious, actually sitting down and thinking through who you want to call will help you immensely when you’re throwing a farewell party. It will help you see how many people you want to invite, which will help you decide on the venue. Making a guest list will also ensure that you don’t forget anyone.

    Send Out Invitations Early

    Even if you planned the greatest party of all time, that won’t matter if people don’t show up. That’s why it’s important to inform or send out invitations early so that people can plan accordingly. It is also important to figure out the date you want to throw your farewell party on early and set up reservations (if needed) for the venue of your choice. Similar to most moving companies DC, your guests will appreciate the heads up.

    Invites or even texts and emails will do, just remember to provide all the necessary information like the date, time, and place (and anything else that you consider important). RSVPs are also quite important, doubly so if you’re hosting at a venue that’s not yours or someone else’s home. Not only will RSVPs give you an idea of how many people will show up, but they also reduce the amount of “maybes”.

    A person wearing a party bear mask.
    Throwing a farewell party that requires costumes is a fun idea.

    Set a Theme

    Farewell parties are an amazing opportunity to explore party themes — especially the more kitschy ones. Here’s a couple of classic ideas for your farewell party:

    • Destination parties – Farewell parties are a great opportunity to celebrate your journey and the life you’ll be making in your new city. For example, if you’re moving to Miami, put up some palm trees and style everyone in flip flops while serving margaritas and empanadas. It’s a great way to say farewell to your friends, while at the same time celebrating your next adventure.
    • Bon voyage parties – Classics are classics for a reason because they work. Throwing a bon voyage party filled with map-themed tablecloths and coolers full of airplane bottles of wine is always a great time.
    • Packing pirates – If you’re throwing a farewell party at your home, why not get some free labor out of it? Gather some friends, buy some food and drinks, play some good tunes, bust out all the packing materials, and start packing with your friends. If you don’t want to get some free labor out of your friends, calling moving helpers Maryland is always a great alternative.

    Keep in mind, you don’t have to have a theme, especially if you’re interested in a more low-key affair. You can always just get your friends in a room together with some drinks and some food, and you’ll be good.

    Food & Beverages

    While it might seem obvious, refreshments are a must at any good party. Although, how far you want to go with it is completely your choice. If your party is overlapping with lunch or dinner time, you should consider providing enough food so that everyone can fill their bellies and be happy. If not, snacks will be more than enough. Make sure to clearly state the “rules of engagement” on your invitations (BYOB, snacks will be provided, etc.).

    Party Games

    Even if you’ve decided to not have a theme for your farewell party. You can still benefit from some party games or other event-specific entertainment. For example, you can set up a photo corner (putting up some streamers in front of a wall will do) and have people take Polaroid pictures with you, so you can instantly turn your memories into physical photos. Or perhaps a game of Mad Libs, or something of the sort, where people can fill in the blanks about your shared memories and experiences. Or if you’re a bit braver, perhaps a roast. If you don’t want to make a big fuss, you can just give the people who want to say a few words the chance to do so.


    Even if you decide that there will be no speeches when you’re throwing a farewell party, no party is complete without at least a toast from you. You don’t have to make it a long-winded affair, but take a moment to speak to your friends and your time in your current city. It will be appreciated by your friends and it will really be the emotional cherry on top of a beautiful farewell party. It is very important to tell your friends how much they mean to you before interstate movers Maryland relocate you to your new home.

    people around table filled with food throwing a farewell party
    A dinner party with your friends is a classic choice.


    The best farewell parties are where you make a night special for you and your friends, but even planning and throwing a farewell party itself goes a long way toward that goal. It’s most important that you enjoy yourself, have fun with your friends and show how much you appreciate them. So, have fun, and don’t take it too seriously, it’s not the ball at the Versailles, after all.

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