Tips for packing breakable items for your Maryland relocation

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    Moving out of your home or office can be a very stressful process. Especially if you have a lot of fragile items to pack. If these are some of your most valuable possessions, you’ll want to make sure that they are secured in the best possible way. When it comes to packing breakable items, there are a few things you must take into consideration. Hiring a professional moving company like Here & Now Movers may make things a lot easier, since they offer a variety of services, including packing. But if you prefer to take care of these kinds of things yourself, it would be a good idea to follow a certain number of steps.

    Preparation for packing valuable items

    Firstly, you’ll want to prepare and coordinate everything for the move. If you have your moving date, this will greatly help you to organize because you will have an exact time frame. Once you know how much time you have for the moving preparations it will be easier to divide each task into sections. A good organization will ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible and with minimum stress.

    Make an inventory list

    If packing breakable items is a priority for your relocation, this is the task you should focus on the most. It would be a good idea to make a list of all the fragile items you are going to relocate. An easy way to do so would be to simply take pictures of your possessions. This will also help you to know the condition your items were in before the move in case there is any damage during transport.

    dog in a box
    It’s essential to organize when packing breakable items.

    Divide into categories when packing breakable items

    A great way to organize and facilitate packing your breakable items is to divide them into categories. It would be easier to determine their number and condition this way. For example, your list may look something like this.

    • Furniture – you can include here packing valuable items such as mirrors, coffee tables, and others
    • Fine china – vases or other containers made of glass or porcelain
    • Electronics – your TVs, laptops, and kitchen appliances
    • Kitchenware – cups, mugs, plates, and other breakables used in the kitchen

    Items divided into categories such as these may make the job much easier for movers Gaithersburg MD or any other you chose to help you with relocation and packing breakable items you own. The process of packing and loading the items onto the moving truck will go much faster and save you a lot of time.

    Choosing a moving company

    This is an essential part of your moving process. Choosing a moving company should be conducted carefully. If your time – frame allows it, spend a few days doing research on finding a good and reliable moving company. You’ll want to find a company with good recommendations and a lot of experience. Going locally is always a good choice so you might search among moving companies Silver Spring MD. It’s also a good idea to ask friends or family if they had a good experience with a certain moving company.

    two men packing breakable items
    Choosing a good moving company is of the highest importance.

    If you are moving with a lot of fragile possessions, it might be the best option for you to hire a full-service moving company. This means that they will do packing breakable items for you, load them, transport, unload and unpack them. If you have a lot of furniture and heavy breakable items, a good idea would be to choose labor movers Maryland since they would be the most qualified to do so. After all, you want someone to handle your breakables with as much care as possible.

    Packing breakable items for your move

    The crucial part when it comes to packing breakable items is to choose the right packing supplies. Not every item can be packed in just any container. If your items are valuable as they are fragile, you’ll want to take every extra precaution. Packing supplies should be the right size and have the right durability. You’ll want to make sure that your items are packed in a way to prevent any possible damage during transport.

    If there is a lot of furniture among your breakables, it might be a good idea to hire furniture moving helpers Maryland for an extra hand or two. They will help you pack all the heavy and bulky items. You’ll want to have cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes and as much bubble wrap as you can get your hands on.

    stacked boxes
    Choose the right package when packing breakable items.

    For packing breakable items other than furniture, consider getting packing paper, packing foam, Styrofoam packing peanuts, and plastic bags. If any of them are highly valuable like fine china and electronics, the best option is to keep them in their original containers. For breakables such as kitchenware, you can work smart and save some money on packing supplies. A lot of kitchenware items can be packed within other items you are moving as well. Why not fold kitchen towels around plates and mugs?

    Label everything

    When you are packing breakable items, you must not forget to label them. It’s very important that your movers or other people helping know which boxes contain fragile items and need to be handled with extra care. So don’t forget to order those FRAGILE labels when you are ordering your essential supplies like scissors, duct tape, and markers. It may seem a small task putting FRAGILE labels, but it makes all the difference.

    Additional tips

    Once you’ve finished packing breakable items, it might be a good idea to inform yourself about moving insurance. You may have followed all the tips and packed every fragile item the best way possible, but there is always a possibility something might get damaged during transport. The moving company doesn’t want this any more than you do, but it’s best to be safe. If you followed the tip about making an inventory list with pictures, you won’t have any problems proving that your breakable items weren’t damaged before the transport.


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