Tips for moving with a pet to Virginia

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    Moving your family can be quite a venture. Everything from packing and apartment hunting, to transportation and unpacking, is pure stress. You need to organize everything and meet the needs of all family members. Even more so if you’re a pet owner. Our furry companions must be taken care of during the move. Their needs can not be postponed, they must be met properly. Besides that, when traveling with a pet you might come across some restrictions or regulations you must obey. We can teach you how to get through this process with as less stress as possible. Keep on reading to find out tips for moving with a pet to Virginia. In case you require moving services or just information, Here & Now Movers are the right place to ask. 

    Plan your relocation with a pet to Virginia in advance

    A solid and detailed plan is the backbone of every relocation. Everything will go smoother and easier if you start early and make a checklist. Except, in this case, you need to take into consideration your pet, too. You need to decide how to transport your pet and who will take care of it during the moving day. Give yourself enough time to find a proper pet daycare or trustworthy person. As for the relocation of your household, entrust it to Northern Virginia movers. Get supplies for that period in advance, such as your pet’s favorite food or medicine. You don’t want to end up running around the last day trying to buy Friskies for your cat. Also, it may take a few days to get all the necessary permits and medical records, so deal with it on time, as well. 

    Take your dog to a vet before moving with a pet to Virginia.
    Call your pet’s vet and schedule a check-up.

    Make an appointment with your pet’s vet

    First of all, when moving with a pet to Virginia you have to make sure your companion is healthy and ready to travel. Set up a check-up at least a few weeks before the move with your pet to Virginia. Your vet will make sure your pet is in a good shape for the upcoming adventure. Besides, ask him to prepare your pet’s medical history and necessary prescriptions. And who knows, maybe he can also recommend his colleague in Virginia. You’ll need a veterinarian there, as well. Try to find out where is the closest animal hospital in the moving area. You never know how your pet will handle the trip and relocation. It’s always better to be prepared. One more crucial reminder is to ask for tranquilizers if your pet has a hard time traveling. 

    Prepare an overnight kit for your pet

    When it comes to long-distance relocation, flying can be a smart choice. But sometimes vets can advise you otherwise due to your pet’s condition. In that case, it would be best to travel by car with your pet. Also, your trip can go easier if you book an overnight stay. Just make sure to find a pet-friendly hotel, and check their reviews and rules. Mainly, animals must be healthy and vaccinated when checking in. We presume that you have prepared an overnight kit, which contains enough food, toys, and grooming tools. If your pet uses medicines and vitamins, make sure you have them on you. Keep a leash at hand if you have a dog and a litter box for a cat. And our movers Ashburn VA can take care of everything else so you wouldn’t worry. Here’s what else you might need when staying overnight with your pet.

    Grooming a grey cat.
    Bring your grooming tools when moving with a pet to Virginia.
    • Make sure to bring enough food and water supplies for a couple of days. 
    • Always have disposable pet waste bags with you. 
    • You might have to show a health certificate or proof of vaccination when checking in to a hotel. 
    • Pack grooming tools like brushes, nail clippers, combs, etc.
    • Have your pet’s medicine always with you. 
    • Don’t forget cat litter, carrier, leash, transport box, harness, blanket, etc.

    Required documents when moving with your pet to Virginia

    This may warry from state to state, so it’s wise to check before relocation. As for Virginia, there are no entry requirements according to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. As for the pet licensing, the only condition is that any cat or dog older than 4 months must be vaccinated against rabies. They need to wear rabies and license tags on their collars. And if the animals are used for breeding, sale, or any other purpose, they need to have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). This document must not be older than 10 days. If you have more than one pet don’t worry. The state of Virginia allows as many pets as you want, as long as you take good care of them. However, this varies from county to county, and many of them limit 3-4 pets per household. 

    Small dog sleeping in a car.
    Travel with your pet if possible.

    Maintain your pet’s daily routine

    We all know our furry friends can easily sense our stress, and it can reflect on them, too. Vets advise you to try to continue with their daily routines. That means their meals should be on time, as well as their exercise, walk, or playtime. Try to make as few changes as possible that might upset them. If they don’t like long car drives or transporter boxes, you might want to think about this in an early phase of relocation. The sooner you start with training, the calmer they will be when the moving day comes. Moving companies Sterling VA and their team are trained to relocate you quickly, so you and your pet can get back to your everyday life as soon as possible. 

    Keep your pet safe on a moving day

    When the final day comes, you might want to keep your pet away from all the fuss. Pet daycare or hiring a dog walker seems like a smart thing to do. The last thing you want is your dog hanging around and getting in the way while your movers are handling heavy and breakable items. Movers Fall Church VA and their capable team will make sure to get the job done quickly, so you don’t have to worry about moving with a pet to Virginia. 


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