Tips for moving office on short notice

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    Moving an office is a tremendous amount of work. The bigger your office, the more employees you have, which will result in more items and people to prepare. Adding time pressure to the combination only makes things worse, but short-notice moves are the harsh reality. Many unexpected things happened in the past few years, which changed the way business is done. The fact that only 8% of people are going back to their standard office job after working from home leaves many commercial real estate buildings empty. Many offices also move for this reason and many are in a hurry. If this is your situation, know that movers in Maryland can help you. And our tips for moving office on short notice will be an additional help.

    What are some insightful tips for moving office on short notice?

    A short-notice move is usually a move that you learn about as little as 1 month in advance. For a household, this might seem like enough time, but for an office, this cannot be enough time. While you will need at least 3 months to prepare everything properly, one month is just enough to do all the essential tasks. Some commercial movers Maryland can help you with all of them, but you can expect to pay from $750 to $5000. If you don’t have the money to invest in this, you might find our tips on moving office on short notice helpful. Some of the best pieces of advice are to:

    • Inform clients and current landlord of the change
    • Skip the decluttering
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    Don’t let moving office on short notice stress you out – be prepared.

    Inform people of the change

    When you find yourself in the chaos of moving, you will forget to do the things that are not obvious, like informing people of the change. Your clients are the ones that keep your business alive, so they should be the first ones to get the news. They will be able to find you at your new address, which will increase the amount of returning customers and improve customer loyalty. Your landlord should also be informed ASAP, mostly to avoid paying any early contract termination fees. You should also try to find some long distance moving companies Maryland assistance without waiting because the prices will be higher and they might not even be available.

    Skip decluttering

    You will have a limited amount of time, and thousands of things to pack. The majority of them will be documents and other papers, but the fact that they are easily ruined doesn’t make it easier. There will be no time to go through these items, at least not now. Pack as fast as you can, or leave it to some labor movers Maryland. They will do it faster than any regular person. Leave decluttering for when there will be more time, like after you finished moving and established a working routine in the new location.

    A computer with an hourglass
    You won’t have the time to declutter.

    Conclusion on moving office on short notice

    When you are putting an effort into moving office on short notice, don’t try to do everything yourself. It will be an impossible task for a single person, but luckily you and your employees make a team. Split the workload and you will see the moving checklist get shorter by the minute. We wish you good luck, swift hands, and the hours to last the longest possible!


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