Things to know when moving antique furniture from Germantown to Rockville

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    Packing is one of the most challenging tasks within the move. Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, it is not easy to prepare and pack all of your belongings. Although you planning to move from Germantown to Rockville, packing still seems too hard for you. Unluckily, complaining will not take you anywhere, so you will need to cope with packing. You will need to make an effort and turn this time-consuming task into a fun process. However, when you need to move valuable and heavy items, it seems like there is no simple way to do it. Luckily, if you know how to move your delicate items, the problem is solved. For that reason, experts from one of the finest moving companies Germantown MD will help you with your packing tasks. Today we will show you how to prepare for moving antique furniture from Germantown to Rockville.

    Plan how to conduct transporting antique furniture from Germantown to Rockville

    When you know you need to move some delicate or heavy items, moving becomes even more difficult. Although Germantown is just 8.87 miles away from Rockville, moving your antique furniture is a serious task. When it comes to antique furniture, we all know how valuable it can be. Some of those pieces might have huge material value. On the other hand, some of them could be an emotional treasure for their owners. No matter the reason why your antique furniture is important for you, you need to save it during the transport.

    Planning for moving antique furniture from Germantown to Rockville
    Create a strategy for moving antique furniture from Germantown to Rockville.

    Whether you need to haul a delicate dresser home from an estate sale in Germantown or need to move your vintage bed frame from your old home, you must know exactly how to do it. At the first moment, this may seem too demanding for you. But don’t worry, our Here and Now Movers understand you and we will help you overcome this. Since you only want your precious cargo to arrive safe and sound at the new address, you will have to choose between two options.

    Consider hiring professionals when moving valuable furniture from Germantown to Rockville VS. DIY move

    Your first option is to hire furniture moving helpers Maryland and let them do this job for you. Is this a good solution for you? Will it be too expensive for you? Well, although you will need to invest in special services like this, your antique furniture will stay safe in hands of skilled professionals. Also, there are many other benefits of hiring specialized movers who know how to handle your precious possession. Professional movers have experience packing, healing, lifting, and carefully moving fragile items. Often they use to create customized crates and special packing for specific items. Since movers doing this job daily, they know the best how to best pack different types of antique furniture. Also, they have the strength, experience, and equipment to handle particularly heavy pieces of antique furniture.

    Your second option is to take the responsibility for moving your antique furniture from Germantown to Rockville only by yourself. That means you will need to figure out how to handle this task from start to finish. You will need to prepare your antique furniture for packing, take care of the protection of each part and piece, etc. Although this is not going to be so easy for you, our reliable movers Rockville MD will advise you on planning to conduct this task properly. With our help and simple advice, your antique furniture will stay safe and undamaged during the entire moving process. So, let’s see important steps to take when moving antique furniture to Rockville from Germantown.

    Prepare your antique furniture for packing

    Whether you will be moving antique furniture from Germantown to Rockville by yourself or you will let this task to professionals, take time and inspect each piece of furniture. Examine antique furniture for possible weak spots or possible damages you did not notice before. Be sure that every furniture piece is structurally solid before trying to lift it and move it. This way you will prevent cracking wooden and heavy pieces and possible injuries to yourself or movers. Even if some of your pieces have some weak spots, you will save them by properly handling them.

    Antique furniture - sofa
    Clean your antique furniture first.

    The next step you should take is to clean your antique furniture. Nevertheless, you will need to be careful when it comes to delicate surfaces on your antiques. So, our residential moving companies Maryland recommend you to dust but not use wax or oil.

    Waxes and oils can be slippery, which you don’t want when need to have good grips on the antique furniture. They could make that packaging material like bubble wrap or blanket pads leave imprints on the furniture. Therefore, be careful when purchasing cleaning supplies for your furniture at Amazon. Get only recommended products according to your delicate items.

    It is time to protect your antique furniture but also hallways

    After you clean your furniture, make sure to protect it properly. Remember to gather packing supplies such as furniture pads, blankets, or sturdy foam on time. Don’t wrap your antiques in ten layers, it can be counterproductive. This will add a bit of weight to your heavy items. It will be enough to wrap antique furniture in two or three layers. Now when your antique furniture is ready to move, make sure to secure doors, remove door handles and other pieces. Check if there is anything in hallways you could trip on and remove it before you start moving antique furniture from Germantown to Rockville.

    Hallway and staircases
    Check hallways and staircases before you start carrying your antique furniture.

    Take enough time to conduct this task

    When you know you are running out of time, you could become nervous and make some common mistakes. However, when moving antique furniture from Germantown to Rockville, there is no room for mistakes. Therefore, our warm recommendation is to take enough time to move antique furniture safely from point A to point B. Prepare to do this slowly and carefully so that nothing gets damaged. Wish you good luck and steady hands!

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