Things to know about moving on weekends

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    A great debate in the moving community is whether it is better to move on weekends or weekdays. There are pros and cons to both, but we at Here & Now Movers believe that weekends tend to be better, and we’ll tell you why.

    Things you should know when moving on weekends

    When you’re working on something, you’ll try and make it as best as you can, right? It makes sense then that when you’re relocating your whole life, you will also try to make it as smooth as possible. You will have to pick the right interstate movers Maryland, pack all of your stuff carefully, decide on a moving date, plan the move in great detail, all the while trying to stay under budget. We really do get it, moving is a tough business. That’s why you need to understand the pros and cons of moving on weekends.

    Some people believe certain dates bring them luck — we don’t recommend that you base your moving date on just that. The time of your relocation will affect the available options you will have, whether it comes to pricing, schedule, choice of movers, etc. So, think carefully before you set the date.

    Rush hour traffic.
    Moving on weekends can help you avoid rush hour traffic. Which will make the relocation much easier for your movers.

    Some of the pros of moving on weekends

    Moving on weekends seems like a natural choice. It is convenient and easier to organize, and you don’t have to worry about work.

    • No need for time off work – One of the bigger benefits of moving on weekends is that you don’t have to worry about using up your vacation days, falling behind schedule, or losing money.
    • Your kid will be there – Similarly to work, your kids won’t have to miss any of their classes, tests, or assignments. We all know how education is important, and moving on weekends will not disrupt your children’s schoolwork. In addition, older kids can really help out during a relocation.
    • Friends and relatives will be free – Those extra helping hands can make all the difference. Your friends and relatives will naturally have more free time during the weekends and will be able to help you out more. They can help you clean up your old house, pack some of the leftover stuff, or even just take care of your kids or pets while you’re busy.
    • No rush hour – Naturally, the traffic is much better when people aren’t commuting to work. Moving during the weekend will help you avoid that headache. That also allows your Montgomery County movers to be extremely effective, and relocate you in a jiffy.
    • More time to unpack – Having more time to unpack in peace can really help you adjust to the relocation. If you’ve managed to finish your relocation Saturday morning, that leaves almost the whole weekend for you to get acclimated to your new place.
    • You can relax – You’ve just finished your relocation, as we know, that can be quite a draining process, imagine having to go to work the next day.
    A mover standing next to the company truck.
    Moving company schedules tend to be much more free during the weekdays.

    Some of the cons of moving on weekends

    Now we have to keep in mind that, of course, there are some cons to moving during the weekend as well. For example:

    • Moving on weekends is more expensive – Most movers tend to charge their rates based on the situation. Peak moving times mean higher rates. In general, movers are busiest during the summer months, during the first and last couple of days in a month, during holidays, and, yes, on weekends.
    • Movers have freer schedules during weekdays – Naturally, as we explained, movers can accommodate you better time-wise if you’re moving on a weekday. Freer schedules also mean lesser rates. Sometimes the savings from this can make up for the lost money at work, so do keep that in mind.
    • Lesser choice of movers – Most moving companies will be busy or completely unavailable during the weekends, especially during the summer months. This means that often if you’ve decided to move on a weekday, that you will have much more choice in both companies and equipment. That’s why it’s important to call DC Area movers, a bit in advance and book your time properly.
    • Stores and other services will be closed – This can be very inconvenient during a relocation. Often, no matter how much planning goes into it, something is forgotten or broken on move day. It’s normal, can’t be helped. However, if you’re moving on a weekend, you might not be able to buy, fix, or replace something important.

    There are fewer people around during the week

    Buildings, apartment complexes, and in general most neighborhoods are usually more deserted during the week — most of the people will be at work or school, and there will be fewer cars on the street, which allows the moving truck a precious chance to park very near your future apartment/house. That will save a lot of time and effort when moving your stuff, which means it will also save money. If you’re moving to an apartment complex, it will also be much easier to carry your various items through the halls and stairs, elevators will be freer, and in general, the building would be less crowded.

    So, as you can see there are some cons to seriously consider when moving on weekends. Make sure to think long and hard about your moving date.

    An empty street.
    During the weekdays, streets tend to be much emptier, since everyone is at work. This will make your relocation faster and easier.


    Hopefully, as you can see, there are different pros and cons to moving on weekends. So, it is up to you to decide what suits you and your needs best. Whether you choose weekends or weekdays, remember to always do your research. Find a good and reputable moving company to help you avoid a lot of unnecessary stress. Furthermore, knowing your moving date well in advance will help you immensely in finding good professional help.


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