The ultimate moving to do list everyone should create

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    The definition of relocation could be put in 3 actions: packing and unpacking, with transportation from one place to another. Still, there are many things that go in between and that you should do while moving. Besides searching for the best movers in Maryland, you need to make a list to help you with relocation. So let’s see what we, as an experienced relocation company, can advise you on creating the ultimate moving to do list that everyone should have.

    How to make a moving to do list?

    Creating a moving to do list isn’t really that difficult. You can use an online template or make one on your computer or phone. The list can be divided into 3 categories: before, during, and after the move. You should list anything that comes to your mind. Also, you can put a checklist to check all the things you did so far.

    A family of three packing together
    Creating a moving to do list isn’t really that difficult.

    Packing: listing what and how to pack for a relocation

    Before you head out into the search for the right local movers MD you need to see what to pack. Go to each room separately and sort the things you want to pack – kitchen, basement, garage, etc. Take out any items that you no longer want to use. When the rooms in your home have fewer things to pack,  you will also reduce costs on relocation. This means, there will be a lot less packaging and less money to pay for the weight of your items. You can even sell some items besides reducing the cost of moving.

    Fragile items: taking special care when packing

    You certainly have fragile items in your home. And as the moving day approaches, you may not be sure how to transport them without damage. Consider hiring professionals for packing services. This can help you relocate your sensitive items in one piece. If you have antiques, artistically valuable items, paintings, and other valuable items, they will need special care too.

    Other things that may not be easy to pack are bulky and voluminous items. Professionals usually suggest crates – these are wooden boxes, specially designed for the item they will keep inside. Boxes are made according to the type and size of items that you need to pack. In any case, you can always consult with professionals if you have any doubts about how to pack your items.

    Create a moving schedule

    Besides your relocation to do list, you can also create a moving schedule. First, take a look at your relocation checklist which can give you an idea of the timeline of activities. In this way, you will create a structured checklist that indicates the activities that need to be done. With this, it will give you enough time to make the preparations for the move. You can start checking things from this to do list up to 10 to 8 weeks before the day of the move which gives you a two-month schedule for planning your move.

    A smiling girl in a box
    You can always consult with professionals if you have any doubts about how to pack your items.

    These activities can be: finding the right movers, packing supplies, getting your things ready, saying bye to your friends, etc. You can also check if you need to renovate your new place or buy additional furniture. With this, you can transfer all your documentation such as medical documents, real-estate files, utility bills, etc.

    Here is a couple of things you can put on your to do list:

    • If you have children, think in advance about how to keep them occupied on a moving day. You can hire a babysitter or ask grandparents to help.
    • Moving with pets can also be tricky. If you move long-distance, arrange their documents and take them to the vet before you move.
    • If you don’t want to hire movers, you can search for labor-only services. This can help you save money while still helping you move.
    • Take your car to the service before you move. You don’t want anything to go wrong on the day of the move.
    • Get insurance against moving damage or ask about home coverage.

    Moving day: have your checklist ready

    The most important list is the one you will have on your moving day. This is also the only list you need to have if you think it’s too much to make 3 lists. The following checklist provides an overview of the activities that need to be done on the day of your move. This relocation list includes tasks such as marking shipping boxes for loading, clearing hallways, and collecting paperwork. These tasks don’t seem significant on the day of the move, and the hustle and bustle can easily make you ignore them. Still, stick to your checklist on the day of the move to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

    A mother and a daughter packing
    Stick to your checklist on the day of the move to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

    After the move

    There are many things you need to do once you settle in. From cleaning, taking your items to storage, or taking care of your documents. Also, post-moving activities may include finding the right gym, new favorite cafe, or exploring the area.

    Pay attention to your moving to do list

    Moving without a moving to do list is certainly possible, but your relocation will go much smoother if you create one. If you move on a tight schedule, you can still create a short list of the most important things you need to finish. Of course, if you hire a professional moving company, your move will probably go as smoothly as possible. By relying on a relocation checklist, you will be sure that you have not forgotten any important details of your upcoming move. Start ticking tasks on our relocation checklist, and get organized today.

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