The pros and cons of moving to Northern Virginia

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    Are you thinking about moving to Northern Virginia but don’t know whether that is a good or a bad idea? No matter what place you want to make your permanent home, there are bound to be some advantages and disadvantages to moving there. That is why it is essential you thoroughly research the location you want to relocate to. If you are considering Northern Virginia, you are in luck. We will go over all the most important pros and cons of moving to Northern Virginia. Once you finish reading, you will know whether to start searching for Northern Virginia movers or another location to relocate to.

    Why are people moving to Northern Virginia?

    Located within the Commonwealth of Virginia, Northern Virginia is also part of the Washington DC metropolitan area. It’s situated at the Maryland and Washington DC borders in the northeastern part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. This area is also known as Virginia’s eighth planning district. Northern Virginia stretches across roughly 1,304 square miles, and it has a population of over 2.5 million. It’s one of the most ethnically and racially diverse locations in the country. In addition, it’s also among one of the fastest growing. This location is full of unique historical buildings, museums, and natural beauties. Furthermore, from luxury malls to discount stores and winery shops, Northern Virginia is a great location for consumers. Not only that but also steeplechase races, horse shows, and polo matches draw crowds of people. These are some of the reasons why people hire movers such as Here and Now Movers and relocate here.

    A sign saying 'Welcome to Virginia' beside an asphalt road in a rural part of the country.
    There are many advantages and disadvantages to moving to Northern Virginia

    What are the pros and cons of moving to Northern Virginia?

    Every place has its advantages and disadvantages. Northern Virginia is not an exception. Once you know all of them, you will be able to decide whether to hire movers Sterling VA residents trust and move here or not more easily.

    The pros of relocating to Northern Virginia

    There are so many benefits to moving to Northern Virginia. Some of them include:

    1. Excellent job opportunities
    2. Higher than the national average income
    3. Outstanding educational institutions
    4. Low crime rate

    Job opportunities

    Northern Virginia is a place great for starting your career. No matter what you want to do in life, you are bound to find something you like here. Some of the most popular sectors are:

    • Government agencies – a quarter of the people living in Virginia work for the government. You can find various positions here. They range from intelligence to health and human services to transportation.
    • Defense and aerospace – these industries are blooming here thanks to the benefit of being so near to the capital of the US.
    • Information technology – the region’s IT sector is expanding. This is a factor that greatly affects people’s views on the pros and cons of moving to Northern Virginia.
    • Health and life sciences – nurses, lab researchers, and many other positions are available thanks to the variety of hospitals and highly rated medical institutions.


    When you’re moving to a new location, it’s not only important you find the job you love but also one that offers good pay. If you relocate to Northern Virginia, you will surely find such a job. That is because the average income in this location is higher than the national average. To be precise, the median household income is $80,615, and the median individual income is $36,895.

    A picture of a happy senior businessman who is holding money in one hand while working on his laptop and searching all the benefits and drawbacks of relocating to Northern Virginia.
    If you relocate to Northern Virginia, income isn’t something you will have to worry about

    Educational institutions

    If you want to relocate somewhere with your kids, Northern Virginia is a perfect place. It has above-average schools and universities. Not to mention you will receive reduced tuition as a resident of Virginia. When it comes to universities, some of the best ones include University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Washington & Lee University, William & Mary, and many more.

    Crime rate

    When looking for a place to move to, knowing the crime rate is a must. Whether you’re moving with your family or on your own, the place you choose must be safe. In that regard, Northern Virginia is perfect. On the pros and cons of moving to Northern Virginia scale, this one is definitely on the positive side. It’s one of the safest places in the country. Furthermore, it was 4th on the list with the lowest crime rate in 2018.

    The cons of relocating to Northern Virginia

    Just as there are benefits to moving to Northern Virginia, drawbacks also exist. The biggest ones would be:

    1. The high cost of living
    2. Terrible traffic
    3. Closeness to the nuclear facilities

    The cost of living

    Although the high cost of living can certainly be counted as one of the disadvantages of moving to Northern Virginia, it also doesn’t have to be. Let us explain. The cost of living is higher than the national average, but so is the income in this location. Therefore, the high prices of amenities are acceptable here.


    As millions of people live in Northern Virginia, there are bound to be some problems. One of those problems is the horrible traffic. If you’re new to Northern Virginia, you will need some time to get used to it and learn what time of the day is the best for traveling.

    A photo of a traffic jam showing what are the pros and cons of moving to Northern Virginia.
    There are numerous pros and cons of moving to Northern Virginia, and one of the cons is traffic congestion

    Nuclear facilities

    If you were not aware, Northern Virginia is home to four nuclear power plants. However, most of the people living here are not bothered by this fact. On the other hand, there is a number of residents that do not feel safe being so close to them.

    The benefits of moving here are greater than the drawbacks

    Northern Virginia has so much to offer to its residents. Although there are some drawbacks to moving here, the benefits outnumber them. Still, we recommend you take your time and carefully mull over everything mentioned, that is, all the pros and cons of moving to Northern Virginia. Only when you are completely sure you want to live here do we recommend you research moving companies Ashburn VA has to offer and relocate here. We wish you the easiest and smoothest relocation ever!




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