The disadvantages of moving furniture by yourself

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    When moving, you are most likely to become quite overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. One of the hardest parts of moving is having to relocate furniture. On most occasions, the furniture we move is bulky and heavy, thus requires preparation and proper approach. In today’s article, we will be discussing the disadvantages of moving furniture by yourself. To make the process easier for yourself, we advise hiring professional moving services, like Here & Now Movers. Professional movers have a lot of experience with relocations and their knowledge would come greatly in times like these. So, without further ado, let us discuss why you should not be moving furniture yourself.

    What are the disadvantages of moving furniture by yourself?

    You might be thinking that you can handle moving that couch and bringing it out to your garage or driveway. However, the reality is that furniture, in general, is quite heavy and hard to handle. In most cases, you would need to disassemble the furniture first before you decide to lift anything.

    a man trying to carry a couch not being aware of the disadvantages of moving furniture by yourself
    Furniture is often quite heavy and bulky and one person will rarely be able to handle it themselves

    On the other hand, hiring moving companies DC area means that you leave the handling and carrying to the professionals. That way you can rest assured that your items are in safe hands. So, the main disadvantages we are going to talk about today are:

    • High risk of injuries
    • The chance of damaging the furniture
    • Not having proper equipment or conditions to get furniture out of the house

    High risk of injuries

    The first issue you will have when trying to move furniture on your own is the risk of injuries. In fact, one of the main disadvantages of moving furniture by yourself is hurting yourself. This will not only pose issues to your health. Furthermore, in case of an injury, you will have financial tolls, as well as relocation delays. So, your best solution is to hire labor movers Maryland to help you tackle the issue.

    The chance of damaging the furniture is one of the disadvantages of moving furniture by yourself

    Apart from hurting yourself, you can cause damage to the furniture you are moving. This is something you want to avoid for obvious reasons. For instance, if a couch falls from your hands you do not only have a chance of hurting yourself. You can damage the couch which means that you already have a financial loss without even leaving the house.

    two men from a moving company carrying a couch outside of a building
    It is best to leave heavy furniture to professionals if you want to avoid damaging walls or doorframes on your way out

    On top of that, the furniture can fall on other items and damage them. Finally, you can scratch walls or doorways on your way out. Moving furniture is delicate and is best left to professionals.

    Not having proper equipment or conditions

    To conclude our list of disadvantages of moving furniture by yourself we have to talk about having lack of equipment. Having the proper equipment is very important when you move heavy items in general. This is the case with the furniture as well. Items like dollies, carrying straps, and hand forklifts are a necessity when moving such items. So, contact furniture moving helpers Maryland and let the professionals handle it properly.


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