The best ways to pack clothes for a Maryland move

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    Moving is, to put it mildly, a stressful experience. Perhaps the most frightening part of relocating is packing your clothing, which may be the reason so many people put it off until the last minute. The majority of clothing is stuffed into boxes that remain unopened long after the moving day is over. Now before you hire local movers, like Montgomery County movers be sure to check our tips on the best ways to pack clothes for a Maryland move.

    What to do before packing

    When the moving date arrives, all of your carefully folded and stuffed belongings will be a total wreck. In addition to looking into low-cost moving firms, use these ideas to speed up the process of packing later on.

    folded polo shirts
    Donate unnecessary stuff before you pack clothes for a Maryland move

    Think about what you want to keep

    Get everything out of your closet and start splitting it up. There are three options: keep, donate, or sell. Keep only clothes that fit, are in good condition, or have sentimental meaning to you that you’ve worn within the past year. Dispose of gently used clothing that you no longer need. Finally, take advantage of this chance to resell goods from your closet that are no longer in style, current, or in great demand. A traditional yard sale is one option, but you may also sell them on the internet. You can even get some help from movers and packers Maryland. But learning how to pack s always good.

    Sort your clothes

    Clothes aren’t all created equal, and they don’t all have the same value. But, before you pack clothes for a Maryland move, you will have to sort everything out. Items may be sorted based on the following criteria: material, season, piece count, and individual. Seasonal sorting is the best approach to keep clutter from building up following a move, as these goods tend to be put towards the back of the closet. It’s easy to sort by components since it makes it easier to arrange your closet following the transfer. You’ll have pants, shirts, dresses, etc. all in the same place. Don’t forget, though, to keep everything separate for each individual recipient. Each closet should be organized independently, with all boxes and bags clearly labeled and identifiable so that unpacking is a breeze for everyone. And remember to always check on the Better Business Bureau on how legitimate the moving company you wish to hire is.

    Choose the right packing method

    The first step in transferring clothes is to purge and categorize your belongings. Things to consider when you determine how to transport your belongings are now complete. As it turns out, there are a variety of ways to do this depending on the type of clothing and the form of transportation you use:

    • Folded garments can be stored in cardboard boxes.
    • If you’re going to be unpacking a lot of clothes, wardrobe boxes are a great option.
    • A great alternative to cardboard boxes for packing folded clothing and shoes are suitcases and duffel bags.
    • Vacuum bags are excellent for packing clothing, especially bulkier things like winter coats and jackets
    woman using some of the best ways to pack clothes for a Maryland move
    Make sure to pack your clothes well. It will make your move easier

    Best way to fold clothes for packing

    Non-changing clothing is the most time-consuming item to pack for a move. If you aren’t transporting your items in a moving box or suitcase, you’ll need to fold them first. In addition to using one of the folding methods below, you may also leave the folded garments in your dresser and tape the drawers. Saving money on cardboard boxes by using the dresser to carry your clothing can help you save money. Depending on how you pack, the procedure can be either simple or difficult depending on how you fold or roll your clothes. Reduce the amount of packing containers you’ll need to transport your belongings by doing this. As a bonus, it will make things easier to unpack at your new place. There are several ways to fold and pack clothes for a Maryland move, however, the following are some of the most useful:

    • Jeans and sweaters are best folded using the flat fold method. Card boxes or vacuum bags can be utilized for this technique of packing.
    • Clothing such as blouses and skirts are ideal for the military roll method since they are tiny and fragile. Use this strategy for packing clothes in luggage or duffel bags.

    There are other ways to pack hanging clothes

    Move as much as you can in hangers if you can. The most convenient and wrinkle-free method of transferring clothing. Dresses and blouses, collared shirts, and dress pants can all be found on at least one closet rod. Hanging clothing may be packed fast and conveniently using a variety of methods. Maybe movers Olney MD can give you some advice on how best to pack, or how they usually do it. Listening to your movers is always a good choice.

    You can use a wardrobe box

    In spite of the cost, wardrobe boxes are ideal for transporting hanging garments. You may hang any sort of clothing in them because they include a hanging bar.

    Drawstring trash bags are an option

    Hanging clothing may be moved in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. Tighten the drawstrings over the hanger hooks by squeezing a big drawstring garbage bag over your garments. It’s also possible to use the hanger hooks by cutting a tiny hole in the bottom of the bag and passing them through and then attaching them to the bag using rubber bands or thread.

    clothes hanging
    There are better ways to fold hanging clothes

    You can also use garment bags

    Garment bags are the greatest way to safeguard delicate things from becoming filthy or damaged during the moving process. Dry cleaners and internet retailers both have garment bags for your convenience. Maybe some residential moving companies Maryland have these bags on hand and can provide them for your packing.

    Here are some shoe packing tips

    Before you figure out how to pack clothes for a Maryland move, you should think of packing your shoes too. This method of transporting your shoes in a duffel bag might seem appealing. Shoes, on the other hand, can easily become deformed and ruined during transport. Packing your shoes appropriately will save you a lot of time and aggravation in the long run. In order to retain their form, stuff each pair of shoes with packing paper, socks, or washcloths. To protect them from scuffs and damage, place them in a box with packing paper inside. A small or medium-sized shoe box should be sufficient, depending on the number of shoes you own. Hardshell bags are an additional option for transporting shoes during a move. Using this method, you may save money on moving goods while protecting your shoes in a protective case.



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