Safety tips on moving heavy furniture

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    If you are planning to relocate or just make some changes in your home there are some things you need to know about moving heavy furniture items. Safety and caution are crucial when moving your items. Therefore we prepared this article with the best safety tips you need to know before you relocate. Moreover, the best advice anyone can give you is to hire a company with years of experience like for example Here & Now Movers. They will make your moving of heavy furniture easiest possible. However, if you are willing to try on your own here are the top things you need to know when it comes to safety. Without any further ado let us get started. 

    Safety tips on moving heavy furniture

    When it comes to bulky items the main safety precaution you can have is how to prevent injuries. If you are injured in the process of moving items that can just delay your moving day. For that reason here are some of the things you need to do to be safe on your moving day:

    • Protect your hands – Wearing glows while moving items is the main thing you need to do. They will protect your hands from scratches, cuts, and even some common injuries. Lifting heavy items is not easy especially if they are made of wood or glass, they can easily injure you if you are not handling them with caution. However, you can always hire furniture moving helpers Maryland has to offer to assist you with moving those heavy furniture pieces. 
    • Protect your feet – Shoes you are wearing need to have good ankle support. During the moving day, it is easy to trip or kick some of the boxes with heavier items if you are not careful. To prevent injuries you should have shoes that protect your feet and toes. 
    • Learn proper lifting technique – If you are organizing a DIY move you should know how to lift things before you start lifting them. Furthermore, you should ask for help from your friends or some local residential movers. Hiring professionals is the best way to avoid any accident during your moving day. 
    • Clear pathway – No matter if you are moving items with a group of friends or you have professional movers by your side you should clear the pathway. It will make moving items faster and safer for all of you. If it is raining place towels on the floor to avoid slipping. 
    A first aid kit
    Don’t injure yourself

    What else can you do to prepare for the safe move?

    If you have some items that are too heavy to light them manually you should provide the necessary equipment. Carts or dollies are easy to find. You can always ask friends, family, or even neighbors to lend you one. Moreover, you can always buy a moving dolly online. They will help you carry your items safest possible way. Yet another thing you will need to have are moving straps. Professional movers often use them to ensure furniture pieces are not opening or drawers falling out. You need to make additional effort in preparing your furniture for moving in order to have a safe move.

    Professional movers
    Hire good professional movers

    However, we would suggest hiring movers to help you with your move. They are professionals and they know all safety protocols when it comes to moving heavy items. After all, there is no one better than professional movers who can help you out. It is their job to relocate people, remember this one before you try to move alone.

    Why is hiring professionals the best decision you can make?

    Not only that they know all safety protocols, but they also know the best way to lift the bulky items safest possible way. If you are not convinced yet why is having professionals for this job the best decision here is a shortlist of reasons:

    • They will bring all equipment needed.
    • Movers always bring floor protection. 
    • They have all gear to prevent all injuries.
    • The moving crew knows how to lift heavy furniture properly.
    • They are familiar with all safety protocols. 
    • They can perform moving tasks safest possible way. 

    Yet another thing, they know how to properly pack your items for relocation. If your items are not properly packed you can have issues with relocating them. Packing is an important task in every relocation. If you do not pack mirrors or bulky items correctly, that can be one of the main safety issues. 

    What else you can do to make sure your move is as safe as it can be?

    Some of the furniture pieces need to be disassembled and assembled at the new home. Therefore you will need to be careful with all pieces of furniture. Make sure you have all of the screws and bolts in a plastic container. If you don’t have them all you can not assemble furniture in your new home and that won’t be safe at all to have draws or doors following out cabinets or desks. Make sure all items are covered in blankets to avoid scratching or bruising if you hit sharp edges. 

    Two men making a deal
    Movers can help you

    Yet another thing, if you are relocating family with kids, you should ask your friend or family to take care of your kids while you are preparing to relocate. Kids can easily get injured if they are running around while you are moving heavy items. In order to prevent that you should definitely ask someone to take care of them till the relocation is over. Having kids around is unsafe for them you and your moving team, ether that are your friends or professional movers. 

    Safety tips on moving heavy furniture – conclusion

    We hope this article helps you learn the best safety tips on moving heavy furniture. We advise you to hire professionals in order to have the safest and easiest relocation. For more information feel free to contact us or your moving company. Have fun with your moving and remember safety comes first. 


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