Rockville vs Potomac MD – Which to choose for a family move

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    Are you ready to move but you are not sure where? It’s always difficult to make up your mind about the place where you’ll spend a long time, especially if it’s with your family. There are many things to think about and prioritize when choosing a place to call home. The job opportunities, commute time, good schools near your home for your child, and so on are only some of them. Some factors are more important than others. Therefore, it’s essential to know which ones you should never discard. If you’re thinking about hiring one of the best moving companies in Maryland and choosing either Rockville or Potomac as potential locations for your new home, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll discuss Rockville vs Potomac MD – which one to choose when moving with your family.

    How to decide where to live?

    Every individual has unique requirements for their home. When you take into account everything your new home has to have, the search can prove to be challenging. Although a perfect place that satisfies all your demands might not exist, the most important aspects must be met. Therefore, before you decide to hire local movers MD residents trust, let’s go over the main differences between Rockville and Potomac that will decide where you’ll move with your family. Some of them are:

    1. Cost of living
    2. Job opportunities
    3. Income
    4. Schools
    5. Parks

    There are plenty of things to take into consideration!

    A woman is smiling while thinking about Rockville vs Potomac MD
    Carefully decide where you want to live after learning about both Rockville and Potomac

    Cost of living

    The first thing you’ll have to pay attention to when choosing a place for yourself and your family is whether you can afford it. When it comes to these two places, Rockville is much more affordable when it comes to housing prices. To be precise, the median household income in Rockville is $554,800, while it is $937,000 in Potomac. The median rent is also lower in Rockville, as it amounts to $1,994. In Potomac, that price is a bit higher – $2,340. Besides housing, you can expect that other things, such as groceries or transportation, are also more expensive in Potomac. Therefore, if you are looking for a more affordable place to live, hiring one of the moving companies Rockville MD has to offer and relocating here is certainly a good choice.

    Job opportunities

    To support your family, you need to find a well-paid job. Furthermore, you need to do something you enjoy doing. These two places have different work sectors that are popular. However, no matter where you choose to move, we are sure you’ll find the right job for yourself.

    Key industries in Rockville

    In Rockville, the key industries are:

    • BioHealth – more than 170 out of 350 life science companies in Montgomery County are located in Rockville, which serves to prove that Rockville is the heart of the country’s biotech cluster.
    • Education – just how important education here is can be seen by the fact that more than 35% of the people living in Rockville hold an advanced degree. Educational services are also common in Potomac, which is another reason why it’s hard to decide which is better – Rockville vs Potomac MD.
    • Creative industries
    • Cybersecurity – there are more and more cybersecurity companies in Rockville.
    • Professional services
    • Tech – if you wish to work for a tech company, you can choose from more than 200 IT companies that are housed over by Rockville’s I-270 Technology Corridor.
    • Government
    A man in a while suit is working
    No matter what job you want to do, you are bound to find it in Rockville

    The most common job sectors in Potomac

    Professional, scientific, and technical services, public administration, health care, and social assistance are the three industries where residents of Potomac most frequently work. Besides those, popular are educational services, finance and insurance, and retail trade as well.


    Being able to provide your family with a good life is something all of us are trying to achieve. But can you do it with the income in these two places? Let’s see! The median household income in Rockville is $116,031 and $198,870 in Potomac. On the other hand, the median individual income is $54,867 and $77,243 in Rockville and Potomac, respectively. The higher average income in Potomac is the reason why many people decide to hire movers in Potomac MD to start their life here with their families.


    As we’ve already mentioned, Rockville residents highly value education. Bells Mill Elementary School, Farmland Elementary School, Lakewood Elementary School, and Herbert Hoover Middle School are a few of the most well-known schools in Rockville. On the other hand, Thomas S. Wootton High School and Richard Montgomery High School are the two best examples of high schools in Rockville. Potomac is also a great place for families. It does not fall behind Rockville when it comes to educational institutions. Montgomery County Public School district serves nine public schools in Potomac. In addition, it is close to some of the greatest universities in the country, such as John Hopkins University and Georgetown University.

    The kids are learning in school
    It’s hard to decide who is better –  Potomac vs Rockville MD, when it comes to education, as they both have great educational institutions


    The Recreation and Parks Department is in charge of looking after the parks in Rockville. There are 67 parks in this location which are carefully taken care of. Smoking, selling items, and camping are not allowed. Therefore, your child will be able to enjoy the wildlife to its fullest. On the other hand, the whole family can enjoy themselves in Greenbriar Local Park in Potomac. It has a themed playground for both younger and older kids, a soccer field, a picnic shelter, and many more interesting things.

    Final thoughts on Rockville vs Potomac MD

    As you have seen, Rockville and Potomac, MD, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s hard to decide who wins in a fight Rockville vs Potomac MD. Hence, to make a decision about where to move with your family, you’ll have to carefully think about what you want and need in the location of your new home and on which things you can compromise. However, one thing is for sure. You should never compromise when it comes to movers. Make sure you hire one of the best long distance moving companies Maryland residents rely on.



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