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    Your moving date is approaching. You’re drafting plans and preparing to hire one of the moving companies in Maryland to help you. Only, you don’t really know where to begin. There are so many to choose from. Each has its own set of specialties, services, and prices. So how can you be sure you have the right one? More importantly, how can you be sure that the companies you’re reviewing are reputable? Is there a way to know that you’re not dealing with fraudulent movers? These and similar questions have been causing a lot of headaches for anyone starting a moving process. Fear not – good movers are easy to find if you know how to look for them. There are a few questions you should ask your movers to confirm they are reputable and reliable.

    The importance of questions

    Interviewing movers is an essential step toward the success of the relocation. It’s also one that you should never skip. No matter the circumstances or how tight your schedule is, you should always find the time and a way to do the research. This is important for several reasons:

    • You’re ensuring you have reputable and reliable movers.
    • Interviewing will help you find companies that offer moving services that fit your needs and budget.
    • Research is an excellent way to avoid fraudulent moving companies and their scams.

    The last item on this list is one of the top reasons to take your time and review moving companies. Moving scams are becoming increasingly common. And people conducting them are quite ingenious, and stop at nothing to get what they want. Thus, avoiding them should be your priority. Without further ado, let’s see what questions you should ask your movers, to separate the grain from the chaff.

    Businesspersons talking to a client
    Being informed is a great first step in your relocation.

    Are you licensed?

    This is #1 among questions you should ask your movers. A license means that the company is registered with the authorities, and operates within the confines of the law. The lack of license is a good indicator of some “shady business”, that you’ll do good to avoid.

    What is your USDOT number?

    A follow-up to a previous question. It serves to prove that the company is registered with the FMCSA. After the company gives you its USDOT number, you can easily check it online. We strongly recommend you do so. On the said website you can also check the list of complaints and reviews of their past operations. And that info is always useful.

    Are you using subcontractors?

    It’s no secret that larger companies often use smaller firms as subcontractors. This is especially pronounced during peak season. In most cases, big companies have a reliable network of subcontractors. Still, you should ask for the list so you can review them too.

    Trucks on a busy road
    Movers are extremely busy during peak season. That’s why larger companies resort to using subcontractors.

    Do you offer insurance?

    Every moving company has to offer two types of insurance. These are:

    1. Released Value Protection
    2. Full Value Protection

    These are base types of liability coverage, also known as “valuation”. Usually, these two options are enough to cover the value of your belongings.

    However, there’s one exception. Valuation options do not cover items that are worth more than $100 per pound per item. For instance, furniture moving helpers Maryland accommodates can move your priceless antique armoire. But, if anything goes awry, the valuation will cover only a fraction of the cost. We aren’t saying that something will go wrong – but accidents do happen. So, in this case, third-party insurance is the best way to go.

    Can you do an on-site estimate?

    An on-site estimate is the best, and most accurate way to get a moving quote. It requires a moving company to send their representative to your place. This person will do a detailed walkthrough of your home. Then, based on the estimated weight and necessary moving services, they will give you a quote. It is a somewhat lengthy process, but you should always ask for it. And we mean always.

    If the company refuses to do an on-site estimate, it should immediately raise some red flags. It’s almost a certain sign that you’re dealing with scammers or illegal movers.

    Can you provide recommendations and references?

    This is definitely one of the questions you should ask your movers. But, in most cases, you won’t get the chance. Reputable moving companies will practically race to present proof of their past successes. And, of course, reviews from satisfied clients. And you should always take the time to read them. It’s best to go a step further, though. It is in your best interest to check their online reviews and star ratings on various websites. This will give you a significant insight into the workings of the company, and the way they conduct business.

    Can I visit you at your headquarters?

    This might be the single best way to sniff out scammers. A reputable moving company will wholeheartedly accept you in their headquarters. More often than not, you can expect a tour of the facilities. As for the scammers, well… They don’t have headquarters. So, you can see how they might be a bit reluctant to invite you for the tour.

    Frustrated man screaming at the laptop
    This is the reaction of the average scammer when you ask to visit them at their headquarters. Satisfying, ain’t it?

    How experienced is your crew?

    You wouldn’t let just anybody handle your belongings, right? Well, that’s great – because neither will reputable movers. Moving companies that aim to remain on top hire people with ample experience. Or they put newbies through intense training, to ensure the safety of your belongings. Both of these options are good for you. Because, either way, you can expect excellent service.

    Do you have the tools and equipment to handle my belongings?

    Again, this might seem like a strange question to ask your movers. But, the thing is – every relocation is different. Your household contains a wide variety of objects that are unique and specific. That’s why you need to be sure movers you’re hiring can handle all of them in the best way.

    What payment options do you accept?

    Reputable moving companies will always offer you a payment option that leaves some sort of trail in the system. Credit cards are always the preferred and the most popular option. Debit cards and cashier checks are a close second in popularity, followed by hard cash only as a last resort.

    In some cases, a “moving company” will insist that you pay in cash. Or some other weird way, like gift cards. In that case – run like hell. It’s one of the biggest indicators that you’re dealing with scammers.

    Having the right movers makes all the difference

    Your relocation can be either an agonizing nightmare or an amazing and joyful experience. To make sure you have the latter, you should always take the time to do the research. What Here & Now Movers presented here are the basic questions you should ask your movers. Still, they are a great start toward hiring a reputable company. Still, don’t be shy to contact your movers and ask anything that interests you about relocation. After all, they exist to help you transition in the best way.

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