Packing your kitchenware for relocation

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    Are you planning on packing your kitchenware for relocation, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Moving companies in Maryland will help you pack the kitchenware in the best possible way! As you already know, relocation can be extensive, as well as a time and energy-consuming process. It’s easy to overlook an important detail when packing since so many things occupy your mind during that time. The results, however, can end up being disastrous – and your belongings destroyed. To prevent damage to your belongings, we’ve decided to help you by creating this short guide to packing your kitchenware for relocation. Let’s dive right in.

    Start your packing process as soon as possible

    When you start organizing early on, you save a lot of time later down the road. We all want to avoid doing everything at the last moment. That way, you’ll have more time to deal with all the inconveniences – and they do appear. Packing your kitchenware for relocation can be done partially – pack everything you won’t need up until the last day. That means that you can definitely pack your china set and most of the other items in your kitchen. You can also use the lists to stay organized! Write all the tasks that you need to get done on a piece of paper and write them off as you get everything done. If you ever feel overwhelmed, just take a look at your list and you’ll know what to do next.

    Packing your kitchenware for relocation
    Packing your kitchenware for relocation takes time – start early!

    Don’t skip decluttering when packing your kitchenware for relocation

    Another must-do when it comes to packing is decluttering. This is a part of the packing process that you shouldn’t skip no matter what part of the house you’re packing. When you’ve lived in one place for a long time, there’s always items that aren’t worth relocating. Maybe you don’t like them anymore or simply don’t need them – but take the time to separate those items from the ones that you want to bring to the new home. 

    • You can sell some of the items, as the money that you get can be used for relocation fees
    • Donate some of the items if they’re in great shape, but you simply don’t want them anymore
    • If the items are unusable, it’s time to throw them out and not think about them twice. Items come and go, even if what they represent is lovely.

    Procure the packing materials

    As with everything that you want to relocate, packing your kitchenware for relocation requires high-quality packing materials. The quality of the materials directly influences the outcome and success of the relocation. That’s why you should take your time and research what packing materials you should get – and where to get them.

    Many movers Silver Spring MD offers can rent you the packing materials. That way, you will be motivated to unpack since you’ll have a deadline. The packing materials will be of high quality and you won’t be able to procrastinate the unpacking process for long. Another upside is that you won’t have to think about what to do with the packing materials after unpacking, which is something that a lot of people struggle with. You can get the packing materials online.

    When you get the materials online, you have them delivered right in front of your doors. The upside is that you won’t have to bother with carrying and transporting all of the materials and boxes, but you might forget to order something or order the wrong ones. If you go to the DIY store, the downside is that you’ll need a vehicle to realize the transport of all of those materials. The upside is that you’ll have experts on the spot that you’ll be able to ask for advice!

    woman packing ceramics
    Right packing materials are necessary for fragile items – take your time to procure the quality ones!

    What packing materials will you need when packing your kitchenware for relocation?

    Let’s go over the list of the items that you’ll definitely need:

    • Packing paper
    • Moving boxes – cardboard or plastic
    • Glassine – to protect sensitive, scratch-prone surfaces
    • Packing peanuts
    • Specialized boxes
    • Bubble wrap
    • Markers to label the boxes
    • Packing tape
    • Scissors or knife
    • Sponge

    You should have all of those materials before you start the packing process. 

    How to pack your kitchenware

    The silverware should be wrapped in bubble wrap individually. It can then be arranged in the moving box. They aren’t very prone to damage – and if you have any item that is, make sure to wrap it in glassine. 

    Be careful when you’re packing fragile items. They should be wrapped in glassine and in two layers in bubble wrap. Place them in the box that’s only slightly bigger than the item itself, and fill the empty place with the packing peanuts. Make sure that the item has a little bit of free space inside. When you start packing the plates, you can use the specialized boxes that are the safest option. If you don’t have it, wrap the plates in packing paper and two layers of bubble wrap. Then, you can stack them one on top of another in the moving box.

    plate and silverware
    Wrap plates in two layers of bubble wrap and stack them inside moving boxes.

    Additional tips when you’re packing the kitchenware

    As you can see, packing the kitchenware doesn’t have to be stressful. The packing process can go smoothly, but let’s see what else you can do to make it flow.

    • Invite your friends and family to help you. Give them clear instructions and only invite people that you know are capable of the job. Inviting someone that might be offended when you give out instructions isn’t a good idea. You need people that will help you lower the stress levels, not raise them!
    • Use the original packaging when you’re packing the appliances. That way, you don’t have to deal with labeling, and that’s the safest way to pack the appliance. You’ll need to pack appliances like the fridge a day or two before the relocation, so make sure you have enough packing materials for that too!
    • Hire professionals to help you with tricky items. When you’re packing your kitchenware for relocation, there might be items that require special care. Turn to professionals when you need specialty items packed or someone to do the heavy lifting for you.
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