Packing up a house in Olney: how to do it right

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    Packing for a move is a stressful and demanding endeavor without proper organization. It’s not something to rush, so make sure to make enough time to do it. That’s why this helpful guide is there to simplify the packing process for you. After packing up a house in Olney the right way, the rest of your move will run smoothly. Also, you will need professional moving experts to carry out your endeavor with ease. We at Here & Now movers stand at your disposal whenever you are ready to move. You can expect only excellence and professionalism since we operate as one of the most trustworthy and capable movers and packers Maryland has on the market.

    Create a packing schedule and get enough supplies

    Like it’s mentioned, packing runs smoothly only when you create a schedule and stick to it. So write down an entire packing week and designate each room to each day. Remember that packing isn’t something to rush, but a steady process. As a result, all your items will be packed the right way and ready for moving and storage. Although there’s plenty you can to do prepare your home for the move, you will need pro movers to do the hard work. Once you find reliable Montgomery county movers, count it as a job half done. All you have left is to prepare for an upcoming moving endeavor and wait for the movers to come. Just make sure the company you consider hiring is verified and licensed.

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    Make a schedule before packing up a house in Olney and stick to it.

    Bulky furniture, electrical appliances, and other sensitive items are better to leave to the movers. Not only will they complete the packing in a timely manner, but also minimize the risk of damage. So take time to browse and find licensed and experienced movers Olney MD has on offer. Hiring a capable moving team is a cost-effective solution that will spare you additional stress and worries. It’s better to have a team handling demanding moving tasks for you than to do it yourself and end up drained. Plus, pro movers are adept at packing and know which items need special packing methods. Also, don’t skip on decent storage units where your items will wait safely until the end of the move.

    Declutter your home prior to packing up your Olney home

    The first thing you should do before buying moving supplies and packing is to get rid of extra items that don’t serve any purpose. Decluttering always comes in handy when moving. Plus, you will have fewer items to pack. Less burden means fewer moving boxes. In addition, you can earn some extra money by selling spare furniture, clothes, or decorative items, and use it to buy supplies you need.

    Buy enough moving supplies

    After you are done decluttering, make a moving shopping list and get the supplies you need. Many residential moving companies Maryland has on the market offer top-quality supplies at reasonable prices. All it takes is a quick internet search to find the best deals. However, don’t rush when buying boxes as there are different types, as well as sizes:

    • Standard boxes – You can find them in small, medium, and big sizes.
    • Specialty boxes – Since TV, mirrors, and other bulky and odd-shaped items can’t fit into a standard box, your best choice is to get specialty boxes.
    • Dish stacks – Boxes with separate compartments perfect for dishes and glassware.
    • Waterproof bins – Perfect for items easily affected by moisture (documents, books, paperwork, cosmetics, etc.)
    • Stackable boxes with metal handles – They are available in bundles and are quite safe packing solutions.

    Prepare moving boxes before packing

    Boxes usually collide during transportation, which is why you must make sure that each item remains safe. Therefore, use spare fabric or crumpled paper to cushion each box. Also, it’s a good idea to tape the edges of cardboard boxes with wide packing tape, just in case. Use permanent markers to label each box. That way, you will know what’s exactly in each of them and unpacking will come easier.

    a person writing on a moving box
    Don’t forget to label each moving box with permanent markers.

    Pack your house in Olney room by room

    The kitchen is first to go. First, clean up all the dishes and utensils, then pack them in dish stacks or standard boxes. Make sure to secure each item with packing paper and fabric. Next, open your refrigerator, throw away expired food, then clean it thoroughly. Don’t forget to pack all your cutlery, and use plastic ones instead. Next, take care of the bathroom. Throw away old towels and expired cosmetics in your bathroom. Pack the remaining products in waterproof bins or waterproof ziplock bags. Use a special box for your mirror. If you’re unsure of doing it by yourself, leave it to professional packers.

    Proceed with bedrooms and a living room

    Start with smaller, but heavier items first. Roll them in packing paper, then put them carefully inside a padded box. Disassemble TV, computer, and gaming equipment. Take pictures of them prior to disassembling so you can put the parts and cords back later. Avoid packing device parts together in one big moving box. Rather wrap them in layers of packing paper and pack separately. Don’t forget to fold and label the cords with stickers. Next, use the large moving box to pack bedsheets, pillows, and clothes. Also, make sure to cover furniture pieces to protect them from first while you’re packing.

    a couple covering sofa
    A protective cover will keep dirt away from your furniture.

    Things to do after packing up a house in Olney

    After you are done with packing up a house in Olney, there are some finishing touches to add before your movers arrive. First, clean up the mess, and throw garbage bags away. Clear the entrance as well as exit routes so your movers can move out the boxes without problems. Do the same with stairways. Also, let your movers know they don’t have to rush and remind them of the boxes with sensitive items.


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