Packing toys for a move, what goes first?

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    Having to move requires a lot of planning. You have to find the perfect pick among the many movers in Maryland, plan the packing process, prepare the budget, etc. But, at least you are the one in control, for the better or for worse. However, when a toddler or a small child is observing the process, it can seem confusing and such times that require them to leave their home can be challenging. Therefore, we will take about the topic of great importance for them – how you should be packing toys for a move.

    The first step in packing toys for a move – communication

    When you want to move your furniture, you call on furniture moving helpers Maryland. When you want a piano moved, it is the piano movers you are going to call. Therefore, when you are moving the toys, you are also in a need of some professional help! And who is to know your kid’s toys than, well, your kids?

    teddy bears - packing toys for a move
    What should you do first?

    So, the first step in packing the toys is to communicate with your child. Be mindful of the following things.

    • Know what they like – You should be aware of the favorite toys your kid has. That way when you are packing toys for a move you can give that toy or toys special attention.
    • Direct communication – Furthermore, you should definitely be aiming for direct communication. Your child should be very much aware that they have a say in the process and that the packing is definitely happening. Explain to them all the difficulties and aspects of the move and try to hear their solutions.
    • Be honest about limitations – However, also be honest about the limitations. Firstly, the limitations in the space you have for the toys, meaning that some will have to be downsized (more on that late). However, also be aware of the limitations of the comprehension and planning skills of a young child.

    Have fun packing!

    Now that you have established the communication with your chief assistant for packing toys for interstate movers Maryland to relocate, aka your kid, you now need to pack the toys. Some toys require little to no packing, like plushies, however, involving your kid is still good, even when their help is not really necessary. Give them boxes to color and wrapping paper to play with. That way they will be part of the process!

    Finally, what will you downsize?

    However, do also remember that there will probably not be space for all the toys you intend to move. You have few options to downsize the number of toys. After, of course, talking to your kid and making sure only the most unpopular toys go away, make sure to pick your options.


    a lot of legos
    Sometimes, there are too many toys to move!

    You can either sell the toys in a garage sale, donate them to organizations such as Toy Bank, or simply store than for some later date. All of the options are great alternatives to simply disposing of the toys. We hope that you have fun while packing toys for a move and that everything goes well.

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