Packing office equipment for relocation

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    The decision to move may initially be made for pragmatic reasons, such as a change in headcount. But a move also offers companies the opportunity to drive further positive change, improve workflows and motivate employees in the long term. Broken glasses, damage to furniture, or lost screws: such mishaps can happen during a simple move. Organize an office move and packing office equipment for relocation – it’s not easier either. And the bigger the office, the more challenges there are to overcome. Movers in Maryland provide you with tips for packing office equipment.

    Determine the order

    It is too easy when packing office equipment to get lost in the chaos. Therefore, you need to start early packing moving boxes. Files and books, in particular, add to the weight, so use proper moving boxes and ideally place the items on end. Label the moving boxes with their contents. This will make it easier for you to unpack them later in your new office, and suffer the most important items being in the lowest boxes. Sounds obvious, but it is one of the most common packing mistakes.  You can also use the move as an opportunity to sort out old stuff. What is important and what is unimportant for the new office? By asking this question, you can discard unnecessary furniture or files.

    Stack of carton boxes and books on table
    Make sure you don’t load moving boxes too heavily – this will benefit your back and that of your movers.

    Packing office equipment for relocation

    Safe packing is not a science in itself, and with a few tips and tricks, and transport will be successful. Be sure to wrap fragile items in a newspaper. Add filler to keep items from sliding back and forth in the box. While the broken glass is known to bring good luck and is a lucky sign, what are you going to use to toast with your colleagues if your good glasses or favorite coffee cup is broken? With an additional note “Attention: Fragile” commercial movers Maryland knows that the box should be handled with care.

    Pack everything securely

    Make sure you have enough protective packaging before packing. This includes cushioning foam to fill all the spaces between the contents of the box to prevent shifting, quilted padding to wrap fragile items like dishes, pictures, or mirrors in, and stretch wrap to protect equipment from scratches.

    Transporting plants and lamps

    Plants in the office are like the right lighting, can no longer be imagined without. Both increase the well-being of employees and beautify the interior of an office. To ensure that both the office plant and the lamp arrive at the new office in one piece, a few aspects should be taken into account. Houseplants you should water before the move and place in the transporter last if possible, as this allows the delicate plants to appear in the fresh air first. The danger of breaking also applies to lamps. Therefore, first, remove the bulbs from the light fixtures and then pack them separately.

    Packing electronics office equipment for relocation

    Computers and other electrical devices are sensitive to shocks. Therefore special protection of the objects is also important here to ensure that they function properly later. All cables you should also coil up and attach to the equipment with adhesive tape. Electronic equipment is usually the most expensive inventory of any office. Therefore, you need to be especially careful when packing it.

    Packing office equipment for relocation
    When packing office equipment for relocation you need to take special care of your electronic equipment.

    Determine your total inventory

    Once you’re through with the files, furniture, and equipment that will be moving into the new space, it’s time to think about your packaging needs. To do this, determine the number of small, medium, and heavy items in each area. This should include reception, offices, conference rooms, and kitchens. By creating an equipment checklist, you can then order the appropriate number of boxes and box types for each room.

    Consider what you really need

    A few months before the move date, the first step should be to review the inventory of all items within the office space. From documents and files that are no longer needed for legal or practical reasons to equipment that hasn’t been used in over a year or is no longer needed in the new location, all of these items should be safely shredded, destroyed, recycled, or donated to charity.

    Matching boxes for matching things

    It’s important to match packing boxes to the items you are packing. To do this, determine how many small boxes you need in each work area for smaller, heavier items such as books, stationery, and telephone sets. Medium boxes are appropriate for lightweight, larger items. Large boxes are good for lighter items such as uniforms or pillows.

    Loading office furniture

    Once you properly pack the boxes and you properly protect the furniture from damage, furniture movers can start the loading of the furniture. This step also harbors mistakes that you must avoid. The principle is simple: load the boxes first, the heaviest ones at the bottom. Flat objects such as mirrors or doors can be secured with straps on the sides inside the transport. Then the furniture is loaded. The spaces in between you can fill with blankets or soft materials. This provides additional protection against damage. Finally, larger appliances such as dishwashers or refrigerators are loaded and secured with straps, because when unloading it is advantageous to place them first in the new rooms.

    White rolling armchair beside table
    Loading office furniture is an important step in moving your office.

    Teamwork plays a key role when packing office equipment for relocation. Good planning contributes to the smooth running of the move. Contact Here & Now Movers to help you relocate your office. This way, employees can arrive at their new workplace full of verve and start a new era – without a hectic last-minute move. If everything goes optimally, you’ll be well on your way to a productive, healthy, and happy work environment.

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