Packing hacks for your move in Maryland

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    Any relocation is a big project that takes time. People who want their relocation to go as planned usually start preparing at least a month in advance. It will take a lot of your energy and time and that’s why it’s always useful to know a few tips and tricks. Some of those packing hacks for your move in Maryland will help you save up time. Others will help you make the move cheaper and safer. All in all, there are some great ways to make relocation easier so let’s check them out.

    Make sure you know which group you belong to when moving

    Moving from Maryland really has some nice pros compared to some other states. You might wonder why is that. Well, Maryland is known to have some of the best Montgomery County movers. They have special offers for students, military personnel, and seniors so you can end up saving some money. So, contact them and ask about the prices. If you belong to any of those groups, you will make the move much cheaper. Using a military or student discount is one of the most common packing hacks for your move in Maryland because this state cares about its residents.

    A checklist is on a table.
    Don’t be afraid to use one of the best packing hacks for your move in Maryland, checklists.

    Making a checklist is at the top of packing hacks for your move in Maryland

    People tend to discard checklists as not necessary. Checklists seem like something that takes away your time while not really contributing in any way but that’s just not the case because having a system is what will make the relocation go far easier. Put everything you might otherwise forget on the paper. The chances of you forgetting something get reduced by a lot. You can even make multiple lists. One can be for all the stuff you need to do. Another one might be for all the essential stuff that should be close by you at all times. You can make a list of everything if you have a need to do so. It’s better to spend 20 minutes on making a list than to forget stuff after movers and packers Maryland has to offer come to pick you up.

    Seal your drawers

    People tend to empty the drawers before they move. It’s one way to do the job. However, it is pretty time-consuming so some people dread doing that. Instead, they just give up. But don’t worry, there is a solution for that as well. Instead of spending an hour emptying the drawers and then neatly stacking them in boxes, you can just put the plastic wrap over the drawers. Wrap it 2 or 3 times and it will be just fine.

    Protect your plates

    There are hundreds of stories where people hired some really good movers like movers Olney MD but their plates still got broken. This isn’t something that depends on the relocation company. They might drive as gently as possible, if your plates aren’t properly protected, they will break. This is where good padding comes in. Open your boxes and put packing paper underneath each plate. It will create a protective layer so you don’t have to worry that your plates will get damaged. In case you don’t have any packing paper, paper towels will do the job as well. Put them the same way you’d put packing paper and that’s one of the great packing hacks for your move in Maryland.

    Plates are stacked on top of each other.
    Protect your plates properly by using paper towels. it’s a simple hack but quite useful.

    If you want packing hacks for your move in Maryland, pack the first-day basket

    One thing people easily forget is the first-day basket. The day after the move you will still be unpacking and unboxing. In such a situation it’s really hard to get to the stuff you need for the first day at the new place. That’s why a lot of people pack their toothbrushes and pajamas separately. However, people forget the cutlery. So, instead of roaming through the boxes until you find what you are searching for, you can just use disposable plates and cups. It’s a brilliant idea that doesn’t cost much.

    Seal your toiletries

    If you still have some toiletries you haven’t used up and would like to use at your new place, don’t forget to seal them beforehand. Use some plastic wrap to put on top of the toiletries and you’ll have great protection. Your stuff won’t be spilling during the relocation and you’ll be able to use your travel toiletries in your new home.

    Label the boxes properly

    There are some residential moving companies Maryland that can do this job for you. They have great packing services at an affordable price. However, if you want to pack by yourself, one of the best packing hacks for your move in Maryland is labeling the boxes. People tend to avoid doing this but once the move is at the end and the movers start to unload your boxes, you’ll realize what a fat mistake you’ve made. So, label the boxes before the move starts. Some people use a marker and just write the name of the room on top of it. Others like using colors for this. The green color can represent the kitchen. The red box might be for the bedroom. It’s really up to you to decide how you want to do it, just label your boxes and make the move much easier.

    Hangers are hanging in the closet.
    Don’t separate clothes from the hangers and your move will be much easier.

    Leave clothes on the hangers

    People tend to take the clothes off of the hangers before the move begins. This can be a really unnecessary mistake. Instead of doing that, you can leave clothes on the hangers and put them like that in garbage bags. It doesn’t seem aesthetically nice but it will make the move far easier and once you arrive at the destination you can just put them all back up in the closet the same way you took them down. In a lot of cases, the clothes you were moving don’t even need ironing afterward. That’s why it is among some of the packing hacks for your move in Maryland. At the same time, you save time and make it easier for the relocation company to do their job.


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