Moving with pets, what to know?

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    Moving with pets can be more stressful than usual relocation. And no matter if you own a dog, a cat – or a snake – relocating is never easy when you have to additionally take care of somebody’s’ needs during the move. That’s why you will need reliable moving allies such as Here & Now Movers. Of course, we’ll tell you some other things to keep an eye on when moving with your loving pet.

    Moving with pets is easy when you know what to do 

    Oh yes you heard that right – moving with pets is easy, you just need to prepare for the move first. Check with the moving company which moving services do you need when relocating with a pet. Maybe you can opt for packing services or need additional help when moving bulky items. Either way, before you start preparing your pet for the move prepare yourself first. Make a detailed relocation plan and write down everything that comes to your mind that you think is important in the relocation process. Of course, think about the needs of your pet too.

    A cat you will be relocating with when moving with pets.
    Moving with pets is easy, you just need to prepare for the move first.

    Start preparing on time

    You should prepare for relocation as soon as possible, but try to save your pets’ daily routines as much as you can. Most animals are creatures that stick to their habits. They notice changes in their living space very well and drastic changes in the immediate environment can be shocking. You can always ask your movers for a price estimate when you contact your movers and see what’s best for your needs. In order not to disturb your pet, make sure that the moving or packaging process runs at a slow pace.

    Before the relocation process even begins, you can take certain steps in terms of the process of getting your pet used to the new environment in which it will find itself after moving into a new home. We are sure you know best how to take care of your pet but you can never be too careful. Take your pet to the vet and notify your vet about the upcoming move. Also, make sure your pet has updated ID information with your current phone numbers and new address. If you are unsure about the new address, then enter the details of your close friend or family member who could take responsibility for the pet.

    Pay more attention to your pet

    On the day of the relocation, pay special attention to your pet. Talk to it in a soft voice and pet them. Try not to disturb them too much. Notify your moving team that you own a pet and place it in a separate room. Keep the door closed at all times and let others know not to open the door. This way you will avoid the situation that your pet gets scared or runs away due to relocation. Once your movers load all the items into the moving truck, you can let your pet out. Place them in a car and start driving to your new home.

    A puppy and a cat.
    Talk to your pet in a soft voice and cuddle with them. If they like to cuddle, of course.

    Prepare your pet for transport

    Make sure your best friend is safe during the relocation process. You can always read our reviews and check if we are the right fit for both you and your pet. Of course, do not leave your pet unattended in the vehicle and provide enough fresh air in the car. Also, have a bottle of fresh water with you at all times. Follow the weather forecast and try to avoid driving in the hottest weather. Be prepared for a variety of situations. Keep medical records, microchip numbers, and the latest photo in an accessible bag in case something happens.

    Help your pet get used to its new home

    Do not allow your pet to explore a lot without your supervision until you are sure that the house is completely safe. Unpacking is usually a long process and half of the full boxes will contain items that are not safe for your pet. If you have a garden in your new home, let your pet out under your supervision. Before your pet adapts to the new environment, it may try to go in search of its former home. Of course, it will definitely take some time for your pet to learn where it can stay in its new home. You can also help it get used to the new space and show it where it can and cannot go.

    Adapting to the new environment

    Getting to know the new neighborhood should be gradual. Too many new things can be too much for your pet. Try to make your pet understand who is allowed to be in your environment and who is a stranger. Again, make sure you spend more time with your pet than usual. Talk to them and pet them to make them feel safe. Try to learn them where they will eat their food from now on. Try not to make too many changes with their feeding time in the beginning.

    A small black cat.
    Too many new things can be too much for your pet.

    When setting things up for your pet in a new home, try to maintain some consistency. Put sleeping mats in the same place where they were in the old home. Try to place objects that are familiar to your pet. Always try to help your pet relax and settle down. Lastly, remember that moving is a big change for everyone involved. Your pet does not understand why you have to move. Also, every animal is different. If you notice that your pet is suffering, consult with a vet. Moving with pets can be easy but you must follow some rules and your heart.

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