Moving with a newborn; common mistakes

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    Once you decide to move, the preparations start. Unfortunately, relocation is not an easy thing to do. Most of the time, there is chaos all around you, and by the time you are done, you are ready to drop. All in all, this is a very stressful change in a person’s life. But when we have a baby to take care of, at the same time, those troubles can double. Our children need extra care during this period, and often we forget this. Consequently, we end up making a lot of mistakes that can emotionally and mentally influence the child. To help you avoid them, movers and packers in Maryland have decided to share with you common mistakes people make when moving with a newborn. By avoiding making these errors, you will have a guarantee that your child will have a pleasant and stress-free relocation.

    The most common mistake when moving with a newborn is packing the nursery first

    When the day of packing comes, you should already have a plan that you can follow. Order of what should be done first and what last. But when we have children, we always put them first. And that is something every parent will instinctually do. Unfortunately, in the case of moving with a newborn, this would be a mistake. Thus before the DC area movers arrive, make sure that the nursery is the last thing you will pack. Since babies have needs that you should satisfy on the spot, it would be an error to pack all the things you might need. So once they need to sleep, the bed will be available for them. It will also help you immensely because you will be able to do other things while the child is resting.

    baby nursery with a bad and big window
    Once you start packing your home, leave your baby’s room for the last

    When relocating with a baby you should not disrupt their daily routine

    You will be extremely busy once you start preparing for the move. But you should not let that consume you so much that you forget about the baby’s routine. Even if you are moving long distances. Newborns in their first couple of years strongly depend on their routines. Since they need to feed often and nap even more frequently, this is not something you should interrupt. Otherwise, you risk their physical health and emotional wellbeing. Therefore the best thing you can do is adjust your work to their schedule. When they sleep, you can do all the packing. And when they need feeding, do not postpone it because there is something more important to do. With good planning, you will be able to do both jobs well.

    A common error is forgetting to pack the baby essentials

    The same way you need water and snacks for the trip, the baby needs essentials too. And because it can not tell us what it wants, we should pack everything, just to be sure. Otherwise, we risk not having something really important on the trip. For example, diapers and baby wipes. Therefore while a moving company is professionally packing all of your belongings, you should pack all the baby essentials for the trip. Thus a couple of days before the move, start making a list, so you do not forget something. And keep in mind that you are also packing stuff you will need for the first few days in the new home. Thus pack the powder, formula, blanket, bottles, and anything else your baby might need.

    mother feeding a baby with a bottle of milk
    When you are moving with a newborn, always ensure you have all the essentials packed

    Do not forget to baby proof your new home before you move with a child

    Newborns love to crawl around and touch everything. And most of the time, it is impossible to keep up with their high energy and curiosity. Thus you should make sure that your new home is safe for your baby. By making a few adjustments, you can rest easy and not constantly worry about their safety. Therefore remove all the small objects that they can swallow and possibly choke on. Secondly, cover all the power outlets. Babies love to put fingers into everything, so it is better to prevent any possible accidents. Thirdly put gates on staircases and areas that you deem too dangerous for them. Also, hide all the medications because they love to eat everything.

    Not following all the safety protocols for a newborn in a car

    A child is the most vulnerable person in a car. Since all the safety protocols are designed with grownups in mind, your baby will not be 100 percent protected. Thus you need to invest a bit of money into a baby car seat. It will make sure that your child is secured for transport. And it will not be possible for them to unbuckle and crawl around the car while you are driving. But if you plan on using the truck as a transportation device, you should enlist one more person to help you. Because there is no back seat to put the child in. They should be there to mind the baby and take care of its needs. Also, do not leave dangerous and sharp objects lying around the car. They can be hazardous for newborns.

    mother putting a baby into a car seat
    If you are relocating with a baby by car, make sure to follow all the safety protocols

    Moving with a newborn is easy if you avoid doing these mistakes

    Babies more than grownups depend on their routine. And moving is the greatest disruption for everything they are used to. Thus, when moving with a newborn, you should ensure not to disrupt their daily rituals, like napping and feeding. One of the ways to do this is packing the nursery last. Also, make sure that the new home is safe for transport. There are plenty of shops in the State of Maryland where you can order online everything you need. Just make sure to do it before you move. Also, pack all the essentials for the trip and a few days in the new home. Just until you get comfortable and familiar with the new neighborhood.

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