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    Although many describe moving to Northern Virginia as a complicated endeavor, it really isn’t. When you create a schedule of all your moving tasks, it won’t be difficult to juggle them with your work duties. The more you simplify the moving process, the easier it gets. However, keep in mind that a reliable moving company is much-needed in order for your move to run effortlessly. That’s why Here & Now Movers team stands at your disposal, ready to deliver only top-notch service. Our goal is to make sure all our customers have a joyful moving journey.

    Moving to Northern Virginia is much simpler than you think

    People approach moving with a pessimistic attitude and thus feel immediately discouraged. While there’s an extensive list of moving tasks to accomplish, it really isn’t as difficult as it seems. Relocations can become fun endeavors. Moreover, you can look at your upcoming moving journey as an opportunity to start fresh.

    three people moving to Northern Virginia
    Moving to Northern Virginia isn’t as complicated as it seems.

    Both shorter and long-distance relocations can be simplified and handled with ease. All you have to do is to complete the following major tasks:

    1. Create a moving budget and find reliable and capable interstate movers Maryland has on offer.
    2. Make a packing schedule and stick to it.
    3. Prepare everything before the moving day comes.
    4. Unpack room by room.

    Take time to estimate a relocation budget and find your best moving ally

    Without an estimated moving budget, it’s impossible to plan further moving steps. Therefore, take some time to factor in all aspects that add up to the total moving cost. However, if this is your first time moving, then you should consult moving experts on this matter. On the other hand, you can rely on verified online calculators that will give you the approximate price you might expect depending on services and the distance from point A to point B.

    Find at least several licensed Northern Virginia movers and check their service offers. Book several commitment-free estimates and decide which company is more suitable for your preferences and relocation budget. However, remember that a moving estimate doesn’t give you a total price for your upcoming moving endeavor. Extra services add up to the total price, as well as the insurance option you choose.

    a guy checking the boxes
    Professional movers will do the work for you.

    Storage rental will be necessary

    No matter how many items you are moving with you, they have to wait somewhere until you move and unpack. Indoor self-storage units are perfect for longer relocations, or if you have plenty of sensitive items to store. It’s also possible to manage the temperature inside the storage unit regardless of the outside weather conditions.

    Create a schedule

    Scheduling and time management is your best assets when it comes to relocation preparations. However, when writing a moving schedule, it’s important to stay realistic. Depending on your duties, your time dedicated to each moving task is limited. Work and family responsibilities usually occupy the majority of your time, which is why small but consistent efforts are much better. That way, you will stay on track with your obligations, while managing to pack what you intended for that day. Moreover, remember that you aren’t a machine and need a proper rest. Moving is already stressful and the last you need is to be depleted of energy and will to continue packing for the move.

    Declutter your home and pack for your North Virginia move

    Get rid of spare furniture, clothes, and anything you don’t plan to take with you. After that, buy a sufficient number of boxes and other moving supplies. Pack your room according to the estimated schedule starting with the kitchen. It’s best if you use dish packs that have separate cells for each cup, bowl, or small to medium-sized glassware. The next room should be bedrooms, then a living room. However, make sure to clean as you are packing each room. Relocations are often chaotic, with boxes all over the place, and that’s why cleaning after packing will minimize the mess.

    Heavier items won’t be the easiest to pack for the move. Instead to waste time and energy, wait until your chosen movers arrive. What normally takes an entire day is completed within a few hours thanks to experienced packers and movers Falls Church VA has on offer. They also provide special equipment for heavy loads.

    Unpack your new home day by day after moving to Northern Virginia

    Your move doesn’t end until you unpack your entire home. Although you arrived at your moving destination, there’s still unpacking work to be done. It’s important not to rush with unpacking, but rather do it systematically. First, start with essential items:

    • Cutlery and dishes.
    • Towels, and basic toiletries.
    • A couple of comfortable clothing pieces.
    • Beds, sheets, and pillows.
    • A home office essentials – table, computer, and notes –  in case you’re running your own business or have to go back to your work duties as soon as you move.

    Proceed with other furniture pieces the rest of the items each day. At some point, you will be fully settled in your new home and be able to enjoy your new life chapter!

    a couple preparing for the move
    Get some rest after the move, then unpack the essentials first.

    Don’t skip on decent rest after your North Virginia move is over

    Proper rest is something many overlook after their relocation journey ends. Keep in mind that moving to Northern Virginia is time-consuming as well as exhausting. Plus, many find moving logistically and emotionally challenging, which is why you must take care of your well-being. Before you explore your new place of residence, get plenty of sleep first. Treat yourself to your favorite comfort food and sweets. A lazy day or two will be enough to gain your energy back and then start unpacking the boxes. Avoid doing it all at once. Instead, unpack systematically as you are getting to know your new neighborhood each day. After a week or two of adjusting, you will feel at home in your new place of residence.

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