Moving from Sterling to Ashburn – are you doing the right thing?

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    So, you’re in a process of moving from Sterling to Ashburn. You must be wondering if you’re doing the right thing for yourself and your family. We will try our best to give you all the answers to questions you may have regarding this subject. In the rest of the article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of living in these two cities, their differences, and living standards. Things you’ll learn will impact your decision of living in Ashburn. Make sure to take notes which will help you in making the final decision. When you end up making it, Here & Now Movers will help you with the moving phase.

    Benefits of moving from Sterling to Ashburn

    Let’s say you’ve been living in Sterling for a while now. You know the city well, its good and bad sides and you decided to move. Ashburn is a perfect opportunity to raise your quality of life to a higher level. Of course, Sterling is still a decent place to live. It’s just that in our opinion Ashburn is slightly above in many aspects. Back in 1985, this place had only 200 residents. It only took about 35 years to turn from a village into a booming city. Currently, it’s in the top five best places to live in Nothern Virginia. You can make arrangements with moving companies Northern VA once you decide to move. Now let’s take a deeper look at what makes Ashburn so great.

    Highway from bird's-eye view
    Traffic in Ashburn is one of many reasons to move to this city


    Ashburn is located in Loudoun County, Virginia. The city of Leesburg, which is the county seat, is nearby. The capital of the United States, Washington, D.C., is only 35 miles away. Dulles International Airport is a 15-minute drive from Ashburn, which is also a big plus. There is no doubt that Ashburn is perfectly located. You can easily get to where you need to be in a short amount of time. Moving from Sterling to Ashburn shouldn’t be much of a hassle. These two cities are only 5 miles away from each other. Movers Sterling VA have a lot of experience in helping people move from and in Sterling.


    Traffic in Ashburn is one more good reason to move to this city. It’s almost impossible to get stuck in a traffic jam, even during rush hour. Driving from one end of town to the other is a real treat. It doesn’t matter if you have an appointment or a meeting, you will never be late because of traffic. Overall, Ashburn is well connected to other cities. However, if you have a job in Washington or Arlington, things are slightly different. Even though the traffic is still decent, you’re looking at a two-hour commute every day. Considering you’re moving from Sterling, you are already familiar with this problem. However, in May of 2022., an Ashburn Metro Station will open that will further strengthen the connection between Ashburn and nearby cities. This will certainly reduce the time needed to get to other cities and decrease expenses you would otherwise have.

    Fun and entertainment

    Whether you are by yourself or with a family, you’ll need a place where you can come to relax, eat good food and overall have a great time. A place where you can take long walks with your friends and family, do some shopping, have a nice lunch or dinner and enjoy life. Luckily for you, Ashburn has plenty to offer. Your first stop should be downtown One Loudoun. There you can find a large number of shops and restaurants and other places for your amusement. If you have kids, there are plenty of playgrounds for them to enjoy. It’s great for all ages and a one-stop shop for all your needs. One Loudoun is just one of many attractions you’ll find in Ashburn. You can take a stroll in Ashburn Park, watch movies in the local cinema or perhaps play some golf in Brambleton Regional Park.

    Amusment park
    Once you move from Sterling to Ashburn, you won’t lack any entertainment

    Style of architecture

    When you look at Ashburn from a birds-eye view, the architecture truly looks amazing. Truth be told, the architecture looks beautiful from every perspective. You’ll also notice how diverse the homes and condos are. There is a style and a price range for everyone, depending on what you’re looking for. Ashburn features a lot of different homes, from colonial-style homes to luxury townhouses. For first-time home buyers, there are one-level condos right next to the water all the way up to two-level condos with a terrace. Architecture in Ashburn is definitely something you’ll fall in love with the most.

    Beautiful style of homes, once you move from Sterling to Ashburn
    The beautiful style of homes is one of the main reasons to move to Ashburn


    A perfect example of the gorgeous style of homes in Ashburn is Brambleton. This community broke ground in 2001 and the emphasis was put on creating a perfect work-life balance. They absolutely succeeded in this idea. Brambleton is known for its beautiful homes, great schools, and town center. Most of the homes were built after the year 2010. Brambleton truly looks like it came straight out of a movie. Everything is so clean and perfectly placed. You can’t find a more perfect place to live for you and your family. If you decide to settle down in Brambleton, moving companies Ashburn VA will gladly help you with that.

    Data Centers

    Data Centers are buildings that are specifically designed to hold computer systems. In the IT world, Ashburn is called “data center alley”. The reason for this is that it holds the most amount of Data Centers in the world. Another incredible piece of information is that 70% of the world’s internet runs through Ashburns Data Centers. If you are qualified enough, there’s a chance you can get a highly-paid job here.

    Final thoughts

    If you have an opportunity, there is no reason not to move from Sterling to Ashburn. It’s a perfect place to raise your family and live your life to the fullest. If we missed something or you want more information, there are plenty of sites where you can find out more about Ashburn. So to answer the question of whether you are doing the right thing by moving from Sterling to Ashburn – yes, definitely.




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