Moving from Bethesda to DC – how to prepare

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    You decided on moving from Bethesda to DC and as you already know, there is a long journey ahead. You must organize, pack, search for moving companies in Maryland, and set aside an appropriate moving budget. All those tasks will spend your time, money, and patience. Therefore, let us help you create a personalized moving guide that will help you stay on track and execute all moving-related tasks safely and successfully. Let’s go!

    Moving logistics for moving from Bethesda to DC

    Before you begin searching for movers or packing for this journey, you must create a detailed plan. Start with the home inspection and a moving checklist. List down all your furniture and household items in order to figure out how complex your relocation will be. This way you will realize the costs and quantity of packing materials and if any of the furniture will create problems while being taken out. Also, inspect the environment and measure staircases, doors, and hallways. Check your attic, basement, garage, and backyard as well. Ensure your movers can work without any hazards in the area and if there are any, remove them before movers arrive.

    a person creating a guide for moving from Bethesda to DC
    Sit down, focus, and create your perfect moving plan. Use it as a guide toward victory.

    Now when you have your inventory and moving checklist, you can start looking for movers. moving from Bethesda to DC will require a professional moving company and you will find one as long as you start searching on time. But first, you must gather the info we explained earlier because your DC area movers will need it to assemble a better moving plan and to provide a more precise moving quote.

    Find a professional moving company on time

    The best way to find your movers Bethesda MD is to browse on the internet. You won’t have to search much because there are thousands of viable choices in the state. Although, when you implement your search criteria and add your preset requisites, you will narrow it down significantly. And if you know exactly what you are looking for, then your search will be even quicker. Moving from Bethesda to DC is not an easy task so your movers must have all tools and equipment required to perform. Also, they must be licensed and permitted to work inside the moving industry.

    mover loading the moving truck
    Hire professional moving help and secure the safety of your moving project.

    Therefore, you must confirm they are legit by reading reviews and comparing prices and services across the board. If you have time, it would be wise to find an external source on blogs and social media to realize how your company treats its customers. After you gather all the info required, give them a call. Communicate the details regarding the relocation and if you are ok with the outcome, assemble the moving contract. If not, find another company. Simple as that. Just make sure to start looking for your movers as soon as you realize you are moving because prestigious and reputable moving companies are booked months in advance. Keep that in mind.

    Obtain all necessary packing materials

    Now when you have a proper moving company hired, you must purchase the necessary packing materials. You can order everything online or stop by the nearest hardware shop and obtain everything from there. Or you can ask your furniture moving helpers Maryland if they offer packing services in which case, they can supply you with all packing materials required. In any case, these are the materials you should obtain:

    • Cardboard boxes and plastic bins
    • Blister packs and corner pads
    • Adhesive tape
    • Labels and markers

    Those are just the mandatory packing materials but you can always invest in something more if the situation requires of you. Once you have all the supplies with you, start working on the packing plan.

    Pack like a pro

    Packing is not something you can do in a day. You should schedule a family meeting and spread tasks between all the members that can assist. Figure out who is free to help out with packing and who can assist all the way and who can pack their room only. After you appoint tasks, figure out if you’ll pack gradually over time or over one weekend. After the packing plan is on paper, start packing. Choose a room, to begin with, and take it easy. Always pack early in the morning because you need daylight and a lot of energy and focus to do it right.

    abandoned cluttered space
    Try to find time to declutter and downsize when moving. It will do you only good.

    You should probably start with the kitchen because it is a room with many random fragile and hazardous pieces. It is a delicate task so you should get it out of the way first. Take a box, put a cushion on the bottom, wrap your items individually, place them inside the box, and close the box. For fragile items, add an additional buffer between items to create a cushiony environment. Apply tape and labels on each box and you are good to go. Repeat this process for each box. And one more thing, while packing you should declutter and downsize as much as possible. Getting rid of old and unused items will make your relocation easier and cheaper. And you will have fewer items to pack and more space in your new place. Think about it.

    Can you find more helpers?

    If possible, you should find more helpers. Ask your friends, neighbors, relatives, or coworkers if they can help out. Any kind of help will be highly appreciated and most welcomed. Simply having someone there to talk to will reduce stress and make it all easier. Your best friend surely can spend an afternoon to keep you company while packing? Or they can run a few minor errands instead? Whatever they do will mean a lot. And if any of your friends heed your call and help you out, there is an awesome way to reward them. Once you relocate and settle in, tell them to stop by and explore your new neighborhood together. Check out the DC area together if you have time and energy to do it. There is a lot to see so you can make an adventure out of it and spread it over the upcoming weekends.

    For example, begin your journey at the U.S. Capitol and then move to the Lincoln Memorial. Then check out the National Museum of African American History and Culture along with the National Gallery of Art. Top it off with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and you are pretty much covered when it comes to art, history, and knowledge about the area in general. As for the fun times in DC, you will easily find a plethora of fine restaurants coffee shops, shopping malls, and bars with live music to have fun in. Therefore, gather your friends after a hard day of packing and hit the DC area. Your new neighborhood awaits!

    Legalities related to moving from Bethesda to DC

    Moving is complicated by default and when we add all the legalities and paperwork related to the whole process, it becomes even worse. Therefore, you must ensure everything is in order before you relocate to your new address. All relevant parties must be informed about the change of address and contact info updated in all systems. Check your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, etc. Everything should be valid and ready to be used at your new address. The same goes for your services such as Wi-Fi, mailing services, and cell phone services. Transfer and update everything in due time because it might take a while to cover it all.

    Now you know how to get ready for moving from Bethesda to DC. As long as you create a plan on paper and find a reliable moving company, you shouldn’t have any problems. Dedicate a budget as well so you can avoid unpleasant surprises along the way. For everything else, stick to your movers and your family. Good luck.

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