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    The moving process becomes more difficult the further you advance. It is why most people find moving to be one of the hardest endeavors of their life. However, relocation is not difficult by default. It only looks that way because of the lack of experience and skills. Most people move only two or three times in their life. That’s not nearly enough to make you proficient to deal with all the challenges. And it’s exactly why you need someone that does it daily. You need to make sure your relocation is an exhilarating and strainless experience. And you can – because you have Here and Now Movers to make that happen. Get in touch with us and ensure you have some of the most reliable movers Bethesda MD can offer.

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    With Here and Now Movers, your relocation will be an exhilarating experience.

    It didn’t take us long to become the movers Bethesda MD residents trust and recommend

    Here and Now Movers is a relatively new moving company. Even so, we’re already making an impact. Our team consists of industry veterans, recognized by peers as experts in our field. Years on the job gave us vast amounts of knowledge. This, in turn, allows us to come up with new solutions to moving challenges we encounter. And our experience makes overcoming them swift and efficient. This is why we’re rapidly winning over the hearts and minds of Bethesda residents. Our dedication, reliability, and exceptional moving services can turn even the toughest relocation into an amazing experience.

    Still, we do not let this “instant glory” derail us from our mission. We keep improving daily:

    • Our personnel goes through intense training to improve their skill levels;
    • We’re constantly on the lookout for new methods to increase efficiency;
    • We invest in specialized tools and equipment. It helps to ensure even greater safety of your belongings.
    • Our experts are constantly brainstorming to come up with new moving solutions. We want to make your relocation easier any way we can.

    This effort might seem excessive to some. But that it’s the only way to reach our goal and bring you the ultimate moving experience.

    Our services are an ideal solution to all your moving needs

    Relocations demand a tactical and methodical approach. The undertaking in itself is already complex enough. As such, it presents many opportunities for mistakes. With this in mind, we decided to tailor our services so they can cover each type and task during relocation.


    How it Works

    Contact us directly or request a free moving estimate on our website.

    Arrange all the details of your relocation with the help of our movers.

    Have a quick and seamless moving experience.

    With our Bethesda MD movers, every distance will seem shorter

    The longer the journey – the greater the challenge. This is an unwritten rule of moving. The organizational difficulties increase with the distance you’re moving. With every mile, there are more chores, more tasks, and more important decisions you have to make. And it only becomes increasingly overwhelming.

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    Every road will seem shorter when you have some of the best movers Bethesda MD accommodates by your side.

    Now you can mitigate these hardships. Choose one of our moving services and prevent stressful events way before they occur:

    Swift and efficient relocation – regardless of type or scope

    Moving to Bethesda, MD represents a big change. Suddenly, your whole world is upside-down. Your serene home becomes a cluttered mess. Once inspiring office space starts resembling a warehouse. Normal life and unhampered functioning threaten to become a distant memory.

    But, this agony doesn’t have to last. Or happen at all, for that matter. Here and Now Movers have the prime solutions for any situation:

    • Slide back into your daily routine and embrace your new environment with fervor. It will be easy with the help of our residential movers.
    • Minimize your downtime and return to work with your energy intact. It is possible through expeditious and efficient action of our commercial movers.

    Do you need help with specific moving tasks? We can do that too!

    One of the biggest upsides of our services is they are completely modular. You can choose to enlist our help for a whole relocation. In that case, you won’t have to lift a finger. Some of the best movers Bethesda MD offers will do all the work. However, if you only need help with a specific task, we’ll be more than happy to help:

    • Is everything packed and ready to go, but you only need help with some heavy lifting? Choose our labor-only services. You will have a team of able-bodied movers with specialized equipment to make hard work safe and easy.
    • Forget about the troubles with relocating bulky, heavy, or problematic household items. Our furniture movers can dismantle, transport, and reassemble your furniture in no time.
    • Our professional packers will prepare your belongings for transport in the best way. We use quality packing materials and proven methods to ensure the safety of your belongings.
    • Did you finally buy that king-size bed, but don’t have the means to transport it? Our delivery service is here to solve that problem. We’ll pick up your cargo and safely deliver it to its destination.
    • Make settling-in smoother. Our staging services are the best way to make your new house a home.



    Treat yourself to an exceptional moving experience

    With so many things to do in a short time, moving can become costlier than you planned. This only causes more frustration. Especially when you realize you’re wasting time and energy along with money. Finding a solution to this problem demands even more time and energy. And not being able to do so, means that you’ll have to spend more just to get it over with. It’s an enchanted circle that will only leave you exhausted and disheartened.

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    With our help, you’ll rejoice at the start of your new life.

    You can avoid all that. Because now you can have some of the most reliable movers Bethesda MD has to offer at your disposal. You can have swift, efficient, and effective guides through the entire process. Time and energy savers, who will make you love every minute of moving. Even more so, when you realize how affordable our services are. You can start your new life without having to worry if you’ll make ends meet. You can remain enthusiastic and relaxed throughout the relocation. Get in touch with Here and Now Movers, and ensure that you only see the bright side of moving.


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    First off, Maya in the office is wonderful! We had logistic issues on the original date we were scheduled due to our transport trailer not fitting in the apartment complex loading dock or parking lot. She was able to reschedule us for the next day for the movers to meet at the trailer storage yard to transport our belongings to the complex in their truck instead. She called to check up on us during the move and is a pleasure to work with. The movers; Andrew, Junior and Rolando were also a pleasure to work with. They showed up and got right to work...between unloading the transport into their truck, an hour drive to the complex and bringing up all our stuff to the 7th floor they were done in a little over 3 hours. They were careful with all of our furniture and made sure it was safe from damage during transport and unloading. Couldn't be happier with the service and I definitely recommend them for any type of move you are in need of! When the Army sends us to a new location Here & Now will be on our speed dial!

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