McLean vs Falls Church: pros and cons for moms and dads

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    North Virginia is a beautiful state and there is no doubt about it. Whether you are already a proud North Virginian or intend to become one, the appeal of the state is apparent. It offers many family-friendly towns and the demand for homes and apartments is definitely on the rise. If you are a mom or dad, you definitely want to choose between the best options available for your children. Many factors come into play here, like the level of education, crime rates, prices of homes, cost of living, etc. That’s why we at Here & Now Movers have decided to make the choice easier for you by sharing a side-by-side comparison of these two great cities: McLean vs Falls Church.


    Located in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia, McLean is the home of 48,115 residents. Many of those are diplomats and government officials due to its proximity to Washington DC. It is also the home of the Pentagon, CIA, and many other government bodies. Thanks to all that, crime rates in McLean are low and crime, in general, is not something its residents are accustomed to. Whether you would like to live in the suburbs or more close to the center, McLean has it all. It is definitely a great place to relocate with your family, where both you and your children will enjoy and thrive. If you decide to move to McLean, moving companies McLean VA has to offer will gladly take your call and help you settle in.

    The Pentagon from air
    Many choose McLean over Falls Church due to its proximity to the Pentagon


    McLean offers excellent both public and private schools of all levels. It is ranked on the #4 spot of best public schools in Virginia, so both for elementary and high schools. As far as public high schools go, McLean High School is the third best high school in Virginia and 157th in all of the United States. Regarding colleges, the University of Virginia sits at 25th place in the national universities ranking. Definitely an excellent place to settle with your kids so they can get an excellent education.


    McLean has a wide variety of activities for you to choose from. If you are an outdoor person, you and your kids will definitely enjoy the beautiful nature found there. You have the Great Falls National Park that will for sure take your breath away. We also recommend Scott’s Run Nature Preserve and the Turkey Run Park. If you have smaller kids, then Clemyjontri Park will definitely be their new favorite spot. It is a very fun and safe park for children with plenty of options to keep them entertained. Also, when mom and dad would like to go out and socialize, McLean offers many great bars, theaters, and shopping malls, like the Tyson’s Corner Center and Alden Theater. All in all, McLean offers fun and leisure for people of all ages.

    The Great Falls Park
    Great Falls Park is a beautiful nature reserve that everyone can enjoy

    Cost of living

    The estimated median home value in McLean is $1,061,500, whereas the median gross rent is $3,176. A survey from 2019 says that the estimated median household income in McLean is over $200,000. The same 2019 survey concludes that the cost of living index in McLean is 176.5, whereas the US average is 100. 87% of people living there are the owners of their homes, and 13% are renting them. If you decide to relocate to McLean, don’t settle for anything less than the best moving companies Northern VA has at its disposal to make your move an enjoyable experience.

    Falls Church

    Falls Church is a city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with 14,658 people living there. It is a part of the Washington DC metropolitan area. It’s a town on the smaller side, but it still offers a variety of activities and a safe place for your family as the crime rates are low there as well. If you ever desire to spend some time in a big city setting, the commute to Washington DC is short and sweet. There is no shortage of potential homes for you and your family, so if you decide to relocate to Falls Church make sure to contact the best movers Falls Church VA to help you settle in.


    In the national rankings, Falls Church High School sits at the #3,385 spot, whereas it is the #73 high school in Virginia. When it comes to colleges, it’s the same as with McLean. The University of Virginia and Virginia Tech are close enough to the city, so your children would have no problem studying close to their home.

    University of Virginia is close to both McLean and Falls Church
    The University of Virginia is an excellent college and is close to both McLean and Falls Church


    Falls Church isn’t as near to beautiful nature reserves and parks as McLean, but it still offers plenty of things to do and see. If you are into craft beers, there is a wide variety of breweries and taverns with excellent food to go along with it. Even though it’s a small town, there are restaurants with different cuisines from all around the world, like Greek. Russian, Vietnamese, Salvadorian, etc. You should also definitely visit The Falls Church, after which the city got its name.

    Cost of living

    The estimated median home price is $697,800 and the median gross rent is $1,897. The median household income is $120,500 while the cost of living index in Falls Church is 174.7. Regarding homeownership, 41% of people there rent their homes and 59% own them.

    McLean vs Falls Church: what city should you pick?

    Let’s summarize the pros and cons of McLean vs Falls Church.

    Pros of living in McLean:

    • McLean has a higher education standard
    • It offers more outdoor activities and has many natural reserves nearby
    • Proximity to Washington DC and the Pentagon provides an additional layer of security

    Pros of living in Falls Church:

    • The home prices and rent are more affordable
    • Has a more urban feel compared to the suburban McLean
    • It’s a smaller town, so it’s more quiet and peaceful

    As parents, you know what you would prefer for your children and yourselves when choosing between McLean vs Falls Church. Whatever you decide, the choice you’ll make a will for sure be a great one!


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