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    So you decided to move to Maryland, congratulations! The Old Line State offers many beautiful sights and great accommodations, which make it a fantastic place to live. It’s a perfect new home for individual residents as well as families and it offers everything you need from a place where you’d want to plant your roots. No wonder why so many people are flocking to Maryland and settling there, this place is wonderful. It has a great number of cities and it’s no easy task to choose the right one for you and your family. The choice really comes down to your own personal taste and preference. Moving can be a stressful ordeal, as there are plenty of things you have to do before you actually move, like find the right movers in Maryland. That’s why we are making a list of Maryland hidden gems we recommend as your new home.

    North Potomac

    North Potomac is a Washington DC suburb with a population of 24,146 residents. Due to its proximity to the nation’s capital, many people living there are either government officials or work in private companies with ties to the federal government. The estimated median house value is $689,553. If you are thinking about renting a place, the median gross rent is $2,153. It has great both public and private schools as the level of education there is very high. The crime rate is low so people consider it as a very safe place. From sights to see, we recommend the Billy Goat Trail, Great Falls, and Olmsted Island. If you decide to move there, make sure to hire reliable movers North Potomac MD has at its disposal.

    A body of water and a view to Washington DC
    Many choose to move to North Potomac due to how close it is to the nation’s capital


    Potomac, named after the Potomac River, is a census-designated place with 47,018 people living there. It is the sixth wealthiest city in the United States, which is why the estimated median house value is $915,919. The median gross rent is just over $2,000. To top it all off, this Maryland gem is amongst the highest ranked places in the US in regards to the quality of education available. Sounds like a perfect place to live and raise your kids there! If you are also into golfing, you’ll be glad to know you’ll have the public Falls Road Golf Course at your disposal! Apart from that and beautiful nature, it is also the home of the Glenstone Museum of contemporary art. There is no shortage of movers in Potomac MD, but be sure to hire the most reliable ones.


    Clarksburg is located in Montgomery County and is the home of 29,051 residents. The estimated median house value there is $494,441, and the median gross rent is $2,112. Clarksburg is a suburb of Washington DC, and just like North Potomac, many people who live there are in some way connected to the government. It’s a highly rated place in terms of the level of education and along with the low crime rates, it’s a fantastic place to live and settle with your family. It’s a family-friendly place with beautiful parks wherever you look. The most famous one is Dowden’s Ordinary Special Park, which is located in Shaws Tavern Ct. If you are into fine wine, then this is also the place for you. Since it’s a smaller place, be sure to hire only the best movers Clarksburg MD can offer you so that your relocation experience is an enjoyable one.


    Rockville is a Maryland town with a population of 68,155 people. The estimated median home value is $583,100 and the rent moves at around $1,883. It offers the perfect blend of a suburban family lifestyle and the great outdoors to keep you happy and energized. No wonder it is rated as the fifth best suburb to live in all of Maryland! It offers excellent both public and private schools and crime is something the resident. There are not accustomed to at all! When you want to relax and enjoy nature at your disposal, you can go and relax at places like Lake Needwood, Rock Creek Regional Park, Meadowside Nature Center and many more. If you are into climbing, you can find there the highly rated Earth Treks Climbing Center. All in all, Rockville is a beautiful hidden gem of Maryland that is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.

    Lake Needwood
    Lake Needwood is one of many Maryland hidden gems you will enjoy


    Bethesda is the home of 60,858 residents, where the estimated median house value is $933,545 and the median gross rent is $2,048. It’s located northwest of Washington DC, and it was named by a local church called the Bethesda Meeting House. It is also the home of a large number of corporate and government offices. If you lead an active lifestyle, you’ll be glad to know that Bethesda has amazing bike tracks like the Capitol Crescent. The low crime rate and high standard of education along with beautiful nature make this the perfect home for any family. This town definitely falls under the umbrella of Maryland hidden gems, as it is sure to be loved by many.

    Father and son riding bikes in Maryland hidden gem of a city
    Riding the Capitol Crescent bike trail is a beautiful way to spend quality time outside


    Money Magazine voted Columbia as the best place to live in the United States! It’s one of the wealthiest cities in America, with about 103.000 people living there. It attracts people from all over the nation that comes here searching either for a new home or a new business opportunity. That’s no surprise, given the high level of schools and low crime rates. To top it all off, it has plenty of beautiful landscapes and scenery, like Lake Kittamaqundi and Lake Elkhorn Park. What’s surprising about Columbia is that the prices of homes aren’t that high! The estimated median home value is $402,200 and the median gross rent is $1,751. Now it’s up to you to choose one of these Maryland hidden gems as your new home!


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