How to properly pack your items for relocation?

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    When people think about relocation, they immediately associate it with packed items. Why? Because the biggest and most important part of every relocation is the packing process and all that it brings along. It is very time-consuming, very delicate, and it is not cheap either. Most people decide to hire movers and packers Maryland locals recommend for such endeavors but others decide that they want to pack alone. If not completely, then at least mostly. Because there is more than one mistake that can happen, here are some tips and instructions on how to properly pack your items for relocation.

    Where and how to begin?

    Once you decide to move, you will need a lot of help. The first thing to do, logically, is to find, call, and hire residential moving companies Maryland and request their services. You will choose which services you like most and which you think are absolutely essential for your particular situation. Other things you will simply have to handle on your own. Now, if you choose to handle the packing process by yourself, you are in for quite a treat. This will be one of the most time-consuming processes you ever encounter. Not to mention how boring it can get. Nevertheless, it has to be done and either you or professional packers can handle it. Now, a start is only right when you know where to start.

    A list for today containing a list
    Have a clear plan of what you are going to do and how.

    Assess the situation and buy packing supplies

    No, you will not be able to be completely accurate when assessing how many and what kind of boxes you need. Hiring professional packers can solve this and other problems for you but if you do not need their help then you will have to manage the packing supplies on your own. It is best to buy more boxes than you think you need. Having to buy additional boxes whilst in the middle of the packing process is a complication and will probably have an impact on the budget you chose for your move. Therefore, it is best to buy everything you need and more in advance. You will need boxes that are big, medium, and small, a lot of tape, and even more protective materials such as bubble wrap, shrink wrap, foam padding, and similar.

    When you pack your items for relocation, always start with decorations and smaller items

    Depending on how much time you have for packing, you will set a pace. Most people pack within a week. You should start by packing your paintings, wall decorations, and other items that are not essential and do not have any real use. Many people use the method of packing room-by-room but that is not always the best method. It is if you plan on packing for two days tops. Then it is logical and you can live for two days without most of your items. If you plan on prolonging it, avoid this type of approach. After the decorations, and similar. move on to appliances that you do not really need at the moment. Pretty much anything besides the fridge can be packed.

    A wall full of painting and pictures
    Always start with pictures, mirrors, and other decorations.

    There are very few items that can be packed however and not get damaged

    Most people emphasize that you will have to pack glass items carefully when, in reality, you will have to pack everything carefully. Bedsheets, towels, clothes, clothes, and similar items can be packed anyway you like, even in bags. Everything else, unfortunately. can be damaged and should, therefore, be protected. It is best to put padding on the bottom of the boxes and wrap the disassembled parts of your items, or the items whole, into bubble wrap, cotton sheets, or similar, and then fill the empty space with newspaper. It is the cheapest. Most items we own can be disassembled and that is the best way to pack them for transfer.

    Furniture needs to be protected and handled skillfully

    Even though many believe that furniture is not fragile and should only be covered with sheets because of dust, they are wrong in every way. Furniture is, actually, very fragile, and is easily damaged. Because it is always heavy, even when it is lighter, it can very easily get damaged. A wrong angle when carrying a couch can result in the smallest bump but that bump can also make great damage to the wooden legs, for example. Therefore, always protect the corners and make sure that enough people are carrying the items, especially the large ones like couches from living rooms and similar. In the end, it is always best to leave the furniture to furniture movers.

    Always do double checks and do not forget to label your boxes

    You will manage quickly and see that packing is not all that bad. Still, you will have to be cautious in more than one way. For example, if you follow our packing rules, you will be halfway done but a double check is in order. This means that you should not tape the boxes shut immediately but perhaps leave them open until you see that the room you were packing is empty and that everything seems just fine. Only then should you tape your boxes shut. If you close them and then open them again only to close them once more, you are practically damaging the lid parts of the boxes. Keep that in mind. Also, do not forget to label your boxes.

    A man underneath boxes showing you that he did not pack items for relocation properly
    Label boxes so that you do not get lost trying to find what is where.

    Some people like to be a little more detailed when they label so they put the specifics on the side. Others think that putting the name of the room is more than enough. Either way, organize properly and keep track of what you are doing. 

    We hope that you will pack your items for relocation with ease

    With a little luck and our advice, you will surely manage to pack your items for relocation the proper way. Just remember to stay focused and keep track of your inventory, every step is important. We wish you good luck.

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