How to prepare for moving from McLean to Sterling VA

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    If you have decided to move from McLean to Sterling in Virginia, you have made a good decision. It may be difficult for you at first, which is normal. Every relocation is stressful and you probably like living in McLean. However, you also have a good reason for moving or even more of them. Those reasons may be private and may be work-related, but you will get used to life in Sterling very soon. The first step is to find reliable movers, such as Here & Now Movers, who will help you organize your relocation. Also, if you keep reading, you will know how to prepare for moving from McLean to Sterling VA. You will get all the necessary information about Sterling and the similarities and differences between the two cities.

    When you want to prepare for moving from McLean to Sterling VA, plan your budget

    The first step toward any kind of relocation is planning the budget. You have to contact some of the best movers McLean VA to get the moving quote and plan the budget accordingly. Of course, it will depend on the services you need, the date and type of relocation. Of course, your budget shouldn’t only include moving expenses. To plan everything properly, you will have to find a residence in Sterling. Also, make a checklist for the costs of living for the first few months. You have to know the following:

    • overall living costs,
    • real estate prices,
    • renting prices,
    • food expenses,
    • transportation costs.
    Two people packing items before moving from McLean to Sterling VA
    Moving from McLean to Sterling VA is impossible without proper packing supplies

    Living costs in McLean vs Sterling VA

    One of the main reasons living in Sterling may be easier than living in McLean are the costs of living. The overall index is more than 50 % lower in Sterling than in McLean. More precisely, the overall index in McLean is 201, while in Sterling it is 132.6. So, it is no wonder that you want to hire one of the moving companies Sterling VA and start your relocation as soon as possible. Every aspect of living is somewhat, if not significantly lower in Sterling. For example, the average cost of health care in Sterling is 102, while in McLean it’s 102.1. It doesn’t seem like a significant difference. But, when you add other costs to the equation, it actually is.

    Start packing for your move from McLean to Sterling

    After planning, it is time to start packing for your move. First, you need to gather all the moving supplies. You will need:

    • moving boxes,
    • tape,
    • bubble wrap,
    • labels,
    • markers.

    Make sure you are well-organized and that you have enough moving supplies. Always buy or gather more than you need. There is nothing worse than running out of supplies in the middle of your job. There are a few significant tasks you have to finish before or while packing. Make a list of the things you own. Then, sort them out. Decide what you want to keep, donate, or toss. Have in mind that your new house in Sterling may be smaller, so you might won’t be able to fit all of your belongings. On the other hand, having in mind the difference in real estate prices in the two cities, that probably won’t be a problem. Nevertheless, packing and relocating fewer boxes is always a good solution.

    Home prices in Sterling and McLean

    Speaking of houses and the space for your belongings you are going to lose or get, you should choose a home in Sterling before you start your relocation, of course. Before you start doing your research, we have some key facts for you. If you want to buy a house in Sterling, it will cost you almost 120% less than in McLean. The median home cost in Sterling is $519,800. If you want to own a house in McLean, you will have to pay more than double, that is $1,142,500. So, you will have many options to choose from before you contact Northern Virginia movers and start your moving process. You will also be glad to know that housing costs in McLean are 400.9, while in Sterling they are 185.3. These facts sound like a good way to start preparations for moving from McLean to Sterling VA.

    A lot of houses in a neighborhood
    Houses are more affordable in Sterling

    Don’t pack all of your food

    Obviously, the kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms to pack. That is the reason why you should start from there when you start preparing for your relocation from McLean to Sterling. However, this doesn’t mean you have to pack all of your food and bring it with you. Food is on the list of items movers don’t want to relocate. It usually gets spoiled in the transfer, it can spill, leak, and damage other items. So, make sure only the items you can seal well and those that can handle temperature changes. Of course, either way, you will have to take it with you.

    Even though the food in McLean is great and there are many amazing restaurants, the food in Sterling is more affordable and is also great. The difference in costs is not as great as in some other aspects, but it is noticeable. Food and groceries cost in McLean is 118.5, while in Sterling they are 110.3. In addition to lower costs, there are some amazing places to eat in Sterling, such as Burtons Grill and Bar and The Bungalow Lakehouse. Also, Ashburn, which has one of the best breweries, is near.

    A couple with a box labeled 'fragile'
    Don’t pack food among your belongings

    Means of transport in Sterling

    When you finish packing, you have to be prepared for the changes in the means of transportation when you move from McLean to Sterling. The good news is that the differences are insignificant when it comes to the ways of transportation. Of course, the costs are lower in Sterling, 118.6, compared to the costs in McLean, 125.5. The mission of the Department of Rail and Public Transportation controls the public transport in Virginia, so McLean and Sterling function similarly.

    As you can see, it is easy to prepare for moving from McLean to Sterling VA if you follow our moving guide and know all the important facts about the city. It is important to know that the two cities function differently in many ways, but thanks to their affordability, living in Sterling will be easy.


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