How to prepare for a home inspection in Virginia?

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    Deciding to sell your house or apartment means you’re on the verge of a new beginning in life. There will be a lot of things you have to do, but you don’t have to go through any of them alone. We at Here & Now Movers have a lot of experience with situations like yours. A home inspection is a good thing you can do to make sure everything about your sale is handled correctly. However, you probably have a lot of other things on your mind at this time. This is why we’re here. We want to help you make your experience free of stress and with our knowledge on the subject, we can save you some time as well. Everything will be much easier if you know how to prepare for a home inspection in Virginia.

    What is a home inspection?

    Before you prepare for a home inspection in Virginia, you should know what exactly are you preparing for. A typical inspection is an important part of modern real estate transactions. It’s usually done after the buyer signs the purchase agreement, but before the closing date of the transaction. A home inspector’s job is to examine your home thoroughly so your buyer can be aware of any potential problems. For someone who is selling a house, this can be a stressful part of the process. You want this inspection to go through without any trouble, so you can continue with everything else you have to do. Fortunately, we can help you prepare for this situation. As one of the best moving companies Northern VA, we have a lot of experience on the subject coming from our work with clients who have already been through this.

    Cleaning a home before inspection
    A clean home is an important thing for inspection

    Pre-inspection and its benefits

    Sometimes, people decide to do a pre-inspection of their homes, before making any deals with potential buyers. This can be a very useful thing. In an ideal world, you would want to know if there’s anything you should fix in your home sooner, rather than later. With this type of approach, you gain a few benefits. During the negotiation, you won’t have to worry about dropping your price because of unsolved problems in your home. It also keeps you from being surprised by a new problem during the home inspection initiated by your buyer. Knowledge is power. By making sure you’re aware of everything that needs to be done around your home, you can decide on your asking price to reflect it, and also, you’ll be able to stick to it much easier than in any other case.

    Things to do to prepare for a home inspection in Virginia

    If you want to prepare for a home inspection in Virginia as efficiently as possible, there are some tips we can give you. With a few simple steps in the right direction, you can do everything right. Wherever in Virginia you’re based, we can share our experience with you to make your journey smoother. If you search for moving companies Sterling VA residents trust, or you’re looking for residential movers close to you, you will quickly find out why our experience is so helpful to our clients. So, when you’re getting ready for a home inspection, here are some of the things you can do:

    • Make sure to provide access to important areas – declutter and tidy up your property. Don’t let your moving boxes be in the way when a home inspector has to do their job.
    • Prepare any paperwork needed – collect anything you have concerning repairs or general maintenance. You want proof you have dealt with any problems that may come up sometime in the future.
    • Finish up with necessary repairs – do everything you can because both the big and the little things count. This can sometimes look like a major investment, but honestly, you’ll probably end up saving money in the end, by not having to drop your price after the inspection.
    • Finalize your preparation – clean up your home and make sure your moving boxes are out of the way. Check on all the utilities to see if they’re on, and live your house about an hour early when the time comes for the inspection.
    Moving boxes ready for relocation
    Make sure your boxes are out of the way.

    Selling a house is easier if you correctly prepare for a home inspection in Virginia

    It’s always good to try and fix all of the possible problems you might have before selling your home. In the end, it can end up saving you some money, but equally important is the fact that it can save you from all the stress when you arrange a home inspection. For many people in Virginia, their home is their largest material asset. However, things like sentimental value and memories you have around the place can never be properly priced. This is why you want your sale and everything around it, including the home inspection, to go through in the best way possible. With the right preparation, this shouldn’t be a problem. Do some research, learn about specific state regulations, and don’t worry. We will be here to share our knowledge and lend you a hand.

    A man taking notes on how to prepare for home inspection in Virginia
    Taking notes is a good thing when you need to prepare for a home inspection in Virginia.


    When looking to prepare for a home inspection in Virginia, patience will be your strongest ally. Think about everything you have to do. Don’t forget that slow and steady wins the race. In this situation, that is most certainly true. By taking time and taking care, you can make sure that everything is in order, so when the time comes, you can sit back and rest, instead of stressing over the home inspection. After that, you can think about what’s in front of you. You’ve sold your home, you’ve packed your things, so why not investigate some of the best movers Falls Church VA has to offer, so you can continue dealing with all of your other needs stress-free? We are here to use all of our training and experience to make every part of your relocation easy and memorable. Give us a call and we’ll be there.



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