How to pack toys for interstate relocations

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    So, you are moving to another state? Relocation on its own is a very difficult process. Whether moving locally or to another state, you will mostly be facing the same issues. However, the only difference is that, if you forget something, when moving locally, you can get back and pick it up. When moving interstate, this would cost you a lot of time, money, and nerves. Therefore, packing for an interstate relocation needs to be executed perfectly and without major issues. Moreover, if you are moving with children, this process is even harder. That is why today we help you pack toys for interstate relocations. If you want to ensure you will have a positive relocation experience, you might consider hiring a professional moving company, like moving companies in Maryland. Hiring professional movers reduces the chances of making mistakes while moving.

    Steps to take when you pack toys for interstate relocations

    The toys you want to move probably mean the world to your children. Therefore, packing them on your own is usually a big no. Instead, try to allow your children to be involved in the process. Firstly, because this will help avoid temper tantrums if you do not pack their favorite toy. Secondly, because children will get a sense of being a part of the process and deal with it much easier. If you want to avoid your children throwing fits in your new home, properly packing these toys is a must.

    a mother having her daughter help her pack toys for interstate relocations
    Packing certain toys will require good protection, while others need proper cleaning

    By hiring moving companies, like local movers, MD, you ensure to have a team of professionals on your side. Furthermore, you can opt for various services from the moving company like packing, unpacking, and obtaining packing materials, to name a few.

    What will you need for this relocation?

    First of all, you need to know the condition and the fragility of the toys you are moving. The sheer state of the toys will help you know what you need to pack them properly. For instance, packing fragile toys in plastic containers will not help them remain intact. Therefore, you need to choose between plastic or cardboard boxes for this relocation. On top of that, you will also need:

    • Packing paper
    • Bubble wrap
    • Newspaper
    • Sealable, zip-lock bags
    • Markers

    Properly packing each toy, on top of labeling each box, will ensure that the items arrive safely to their destination. Before you even start packing the toys make sure you have all the necessary items that will provide them with adequate protection. Later, movers, like Montgomery County movers, can safely handle the boxes and transport them without major issues.

    Include your children in the process

    Your children will probably want to take part in packing their own toys. Either way, this is something you should encourage them to do. By working together, children can gain a sense of participation which will help them cope with the relocation much easier. Furthermore, by allowing them to choose for themselves which toys go and which toys stay, they learn that, after a while, certain things should be let go of. More importantly, they will learn that letting go of older items is not necessarily bad.

    parents writing things on a cardboard box while their daughter is inside it
    Allow your children to partake in the separation/packing process to help them cope with moving

    However, as you pack toys for interstate relocations, monitor your children and let them know that not all toys can go. Especially those that are broken, used, or old. Later, before interstate movers Maryland arrive, you can organize a yard sale and sell the toys they do not want. Of course, you can always choose to donate the toys as well.

    Start to pack toys for interstate relocations by cleaning them

    Toys like water pistols, small cars, or dolls require cleaning before packing. For instance, water pistols need to have all the excess water drained before you pack them. If not, water can leak during transport and damage the box or even other toys. If your children have toys they use to play outside, make sure to wash them thoroughly before putting them with all of the other toys. On the other hand, opening the box upon arrival and having dust flying all over the house is certainly something you want to avoid. If your children have a lot of plush toys, you can throw them into the washing machine and clean them thoroughly. Other, plastic toys can be easily cleaned in the bathtub with some detergent and a sponge or brush.

    Wrap the toys individually and add layers in between them

    The box itself will not provide protection from damage inside itself. For that, you need to start wrapping the toys before putting them inside. Utilize the newspaper, packing paper, or bubble wrap for this. Namely, wrap each toy individually and place it inside the box. As you finish placing a row of toys in it, fill the gaps with something soft.

    a mother helping her daughter pack her toys
    Make sure that all the sensitive toys are properly packed so they can avoid being damaged while in transit

    This will cushion the potential damage if it occurs. Stacking toys inside the box means that they will probably jump up and down and tumble while being in the moving truck. Furthermore, this means that they can cause damage to each other if not well-protected.

    Use sealable zip-lock bags for small toys or parts

    Some toys contain different parts that can be taken on and off the toy. If that is the case, your best solution is to pack these small parts in zip-lock bags. This will ensure you do not lose any of the parts. Moreover, if your children have smaller toys that are in one piece, zip-lock bags can also help you keep them all in one place. It can be a real headache having to search for a missing piece without knowing where it could be or if you brought it with you in the first place. This is especially important when you pack toys for interstate relocations. By using these bags, you ensure that everything is ready and will safely arrive in your new home.

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