How to find the right DC area neighborhood for your family

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    Moving is a hard task, however, finding a new home can be even harder. If you are planning a move to DC you should research the best location for your new home. Therefore for all of you who are struggling with that here is the list of the best DC area neighborhood for your family. Keep in mind that when you are choosing the right neighborhood you need to look for longevity. Yet another thing, you should definitely call some of the best moving companies like Here & Now Movers to help you with your relocation to one of the best DC family-friendly neighborhoods. They are the best when it comes to family relocations. We can promise you that you will enjoy the relocation more if you have professionally trained movers by your side. Without any further ado let us get started with this article.

    How to find the right DC area neighborhood for your family?

    Washington DC is an amazing place to live. Living in this city will provide you with the best opportunities life can offer. However, when you are planning to move your family you will need to do some homework and find the best is to relocate. Here are some things you need to keep in mind while looking for a new home:

    • Find a home not that far from the best DC schools. No matter if you have a newborn or toddler you will need to think about the future. As a parent, you need to tend to provide your kids with the best education. Finding a home near a good school is a must. Not only your kid will have the best education, but they will also grow up with friends the same age.
    • Park or playground in your neighborhood. Having one in your neighborhood will mean a lot especially during your days off work.
    • Look for houses rather than apartments. Your growing family will need space. In order to avoid having to move multiple times, we advise you to start looking for family-friendly areas of DC instead of busy streets and apartment buildings. Your kids will be more comfortable with having back yard to play in.
    • Hire professionals to help you. Before you can hire some of the best DC area movers, we advise you to hire real estate agents to help you with finding the best DC area neighborhood for your family. They will help you find the perfect home for your family.
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    Make your decision wisely

    How can a real estate agent help you find the perfect home?

    We would advise you not to think twice before hiring a real estate agent to help you with the house hunt. They are familiar with the market and they know which DC area neighborhood will be the best for your family. By hiring one you will have more free time to plan and prepare for relocation. Keep in mind that while relocating you need to explain to your kids all the reasons why you need to relocate, and having professionals looking for houses for you will give you more free time. Therefore, we advise you to hire one to help you. You will be able to move anywhere – from New York City to Washington DC!

    A woman talking on the phone
    Get in touch with a real estate agent as soon as possible.

    You need to make sure they understand all of your requests, and you should always provide them with your budget. Before they can find your dream home they need to know what is the price range, and what are you looking to get. Be honest with them, and be ready to make a compromise. Your dream home might be more expensive than you are ready to pay for it. Furthermore, you need to trust your agents’ choices. Yet another thing, keep an open mind while looking for homes.

    Which areas you should not miss?

    If you still do not know where to start a house hunt here are some neighborhoods you should consider and reasons why we think they can work for you:

    • American University Park.  Living in American University Park offers residents an urban-suburban mix. Also, most residents own their homes, and that being said if you are not someone who would like to rent a home this is the perfect place to live. Moreover, schools here are highly rated and that is just one of the reasons this neighborhood is on our list.
    • Hawthorne.  This suburban-style neighborhood is in great proximity to coffee shops and parks. With a low crime rate, it is the perfect place to raise your family.  You should consider it especially if you are relocating with a newborn.

    You decided on the perfect neighborhood, what is the next step?

    Once you have found the perfect place to relocate all you need to do is to prepare for relocation. Once again we advise you to contact some of the best movers to help you not only with relocation, they can help you with packing and unpacking as well. By hiring professional labor movers Maryland has to offer we can assure you that you will have a stress-free relocation. Furthermore, working with professional movers will make you like the process even more. There is nothing worse than having a bad moving experience.

    four people loading a moving truck
    Rely on professional movers

    Moreover, you will take time to find the most suitable DC area neighborhood for your family, and just imagine if you are having a bad moving experience. All of your hard work will be useless. For that reason having professional movers for the family move is a crucial thing.

    What else should you know about this one?

    Overall, we are certain that you can find a perfect DC area neighborhood for your family. All you need to do is look for some really amazing options. Remember, some professional movers can help you out with your relocation without any issues. All you need to do is get in touch with them. After all, who better to help you out? Good luck!


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