How to disinfect your home before moving in?

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    Moving during the global pandemic is hardly ideal. Moving in itself is no simple act, that is proven to be a great source of stress for many who do it every year.  Not to mention that you are now to move during a global coronavirus pandemic.  It can be difficult, so understand if you are a little bit nervous. However, the good news is that, with a lot of preparation, you can actually do it relatively smoothly. Part of it is to stay aware of the pandemic and to continually apply measures that should protect you and your loved ones throughout the process. No part of the move should result in infection, and we should be aware that it is pretty risky to let people handle your stuff during it. That is why we will help you disinfect your home before moving in.

    Prepare everything you need to disinfect your home before moving in

    In order to properly disinfect your home before moving in with the help of labor movers Maryland, you will first need to be well prepared. These kinds of things take time, so the first thing you will need to do is to make sure that you away a few hours to dealing with this. Furthermore, you will need tools to help you disinfect safely! You should also do this both before and after you relocated. That way you will be sure that nothing has been infected after the move. Be aware that a lot of people will be handling all of your possessions that day. With Covid, it mostly spreads through touching of the same surfaces and air droplets. That means that you will have to be very thorough after you move.

    Prepare everything you need to disinfect your home before moving in - hands in syrgical gloves holding a mask
    What kind of preparation will you need?

    But enough about that. We are here to talk about how to disinfect your home before you move in. So, what do you need to protect yourself? These:

    • Gloves – While you can simply thoroughly wash your hands with soap when you disinfect your home before moving in, using gloves is much more effective. As long as you don’t touch your face and discard the gloves immediately without further touching, you are absolutely safe from that kind of transition. With the frequency of touching of potentially contaminated surfaces, you will have to do, it is best that the gloves are used.
    • Mask – Mask is there to protect you from any droplets of covid in the air. They are to be used if you have help with the cleaning.
    • Disinfectants – Finally, you will need something to disinfect your home with. That would be soap and water, plain and simple, though alcohol and other disinfectant materials are of great help. Use chemical disinfectants safely!

    Soft surfaces

    When your movers in Maryland move you to your new house there is a good chance that you will have to clean a lot of drapes, carpets, and rugs. These kinds of surfaces are harder to clean. While cleaning a wall or anything solid is pretty straightforward, to deal with softer surfaces you will need more effort.

    You should use soap and water, or possible launder when it comes to rugs. You can also use chemical disinfectants. Be sure to scrub with the care of a given product. Some rugs and carpets can only really be cleaned one way. All in all, soap and water is the best solution. Simply take the rug or carpet outside, soak it in sope and wash with water, then let it dry

    Keep everything ventilated

    As per CDC guidelines, the ventilation of your living space is crucial. Especially as you are moving in. There is probably a lot of stale air, and keeping the house unventilated after there are people in it will greatly increase the risk of infection. Furthermore, with everyone moving about, there might be enough concentration of the virus in that enclosed space even with the masks.

    an open window
    You need to keep the air flowing!

    Therefore, you should do your best to ventilate the house during and after the disinfection process. You can achieve these pretty easily by simply opening up the windows and creating a draft. That will circulate the air in and out of your house!


    Clothes, towels, and the rest can be infected before and after commercial movers Maryland relocates you to your new offices or home. Therefore, you have to treat them with care. Wear gloves when handling laundry. Don’t shake them to prevent the transfer by air. Furthermore, try to increase the temperature of the water to the highest mark as allowed by the manufacturer.

    However, also be aware that washing dirty laundry from a person who is sick can be washed with other people’s clothes. After you are done, wash your hands with soap and water. With that, your laundry has been disinfected!

    Electronic appliances

    What to do about home appliances and electronics you will have in your home before you move with the help of interstate movers Maryland. Well, for screens, and touch screens, in particular, use wipes with alcohol.

    laptop with google search engine open
    How will you clean your laptop?

    Furthermore, most kitchen appliances are very straightforward to clean, as long as you know how to disassemble them, so follow manufacturers’ instructions. Do not use water or soap. Also, make sure alcohol is at least 70%, so it won’t damage the equipment.

    Stay safe

    In conclusion, this has been all that you need to know in order to make sure you are safe during the relocation. With the information above, you will be able to disinfect your home before moving in with relative ease. However, while the steps are simple, make sure that you do follow them through. They are effective only when they are followed to the last detail. Covid is a terrible disease, but it can be beaten with vigilance. So do stay vigilant, and stay safe.

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