How can you prepare your home for the movers

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    Moving is a complex task that can get very tiresome if you don’t have the right approach. Good preparation is the key to a successful move. There are always steps you can take to make moving easier. These steps are mainly related to the preparation before the move itself. Before the movers arrive you should go over a few things to make the whole process faster and save some time for yourself. After that, the moving services you hire will take care of the rest. But before they do that you should prepare properly. And you will be able to do that if you follow the guide we have prepared for you. We will teach you how can you prepare your home for the movers and what should you do before they arrive. After reading this text you will know exactly how to prepare. Let’s take a look at the article.

    Exactly how can you prepare your home for the movers properly?

    Prior to our list of the things you should do it’s worth mentioning that you hire the DC area movers well in advance to give yourself enough time to prepare. The most common mistake people make when moving is a lack of preparation. As we mentioned before there are plenty of steps you can take to prepare for the move properly. Now, without further ado, let’s get right into the list.

    Making the right conditions for your move

    Depending on the number of your belongings, the movers may engage several vehicles for the move. This means that you should make sure that your home is easily approachable. This will save you time since the movers won’t encounter any obstacles during the move. Another thing you should watch out for is the weather.

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    Make sure to always have good communication with your movers

    If you are sure of the weather conditions act accordingly. If it’s a rainy day, make sure that your things are packed in waterproof boxes. Unless of course, the moving services you hired are going to take care of that. This can be arranged beforehand with Here & Now Movers as a part of their services.

    Packing the important things

    This is a great opportunity for sorting out your stuff. There are always some things in our homes that we don’t need that are just making a mess. You can separate those same things and either throw them away or sell the items before you move. After all, why should you immediately make a mess in your new home? This way you will save space in your new home as well. Sorting your belongings in labeled boxes is also a good idea. That way you will be able to keep track of all your stuff during the move.

    Check if you need a moving permit

    You might need to acquire a moving permit for your move. This permit is used to avoid getting into trouble with moving trucks in certain areas. If you are located in a hardly accessible area with little parking space you might need it. You can always find out whether or not you need a moving permit with one of the moving companies Northern VA that are located in the designated area.

    Can all of your things be carried out of your home?

    This is probably the most important part of this guide. Measuring everything is a good start for this step. The dimensions of the entrance to your home must be large enough for your things to go through it. If there are any large objects such as pianos or large pieces of furniture then you should inform your movers immediately.

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    Exactly how can you prepare your home for the movers if you don’t label everything? This is a question you should consider when packing your things

    These items require a special way of moving. If you let the movers Falls Church VA know about that beforehand, then there won’t be any problems. They will approach this task professionally and reliably.

    What to do if you have small kids at home?

    Moving with a family is a bit more tiresome than moving by yourself. But this is a whole other story if you have small kids. The moving day is chaotic even without toddlers running around the house. You will be too busy coordinating the movers to keep an eye on your kids. We suggest that you hire someone to look after them during this time. This will make it a lot easier for you. You won’t need to worry about too many things. The smartest thing to do is to start eliminating all the possible problems in advance. The fewer problems you got the faster and less stressful the moving will be.

    Make a list

    After you completed the packing, we suggest you make a list. This list should contain the names of all the rooms in your home. You should go through all the rooms listed and check if the things inside them are all packed. This is a finishing touch that you use in the end to make sure everything is packed.

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    Always have the moving supplies available. Using these supplies will make your packing much easier

    You can also make a separate list with the hardly movable objects we mentioned previously. The movers will take care of them. After everything is carried out, you can go through the list with your movers. If everything is all right then you have successfully packed everything.

    Moving the fragile items

    Every home has a bunch of fragile things placed all around the place. These things should be packed in special boxes and they require special care. If you have a delicate collection, for example, we suggest you hire white glove movers. Most of the moving companies Ashburn VA might be able to help you with this task. They have special moving services for these exact situations. Don’t hesitate to contact your movers for additional information. This concludes our tips on how can you prepare your home for the movers you hire. The Here & Now Movers are here to help you out. Feel free to contact us anytime. Happy moving!


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