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    Moving to an unknown county can be stressful and challenging. But, lucky you, you have us! We prepared a guide for families moving to Montgomery County. You won’t be disappointed cuz Montgomery County is one of the most attractive places to stay in Maryland. People come from all over the state to enjoy Montgomery County’s beautiful weather and laid-back atmosphere. This multicultural neighborhood is located an hour north of Houston, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet close enough to have easy access to Houston’s big-city attractions. If you planned to move here, you can take research on DC area movers, there is a lot of experts here. Finally, homes in calm communities are available, making them ideal for expanding families. This article will be very helpful for those who planned to move to Montgomery County.

    Interesting information about Montgomery County

    Well, before you relocate to Montgomery County with your family, you should take some research about the county. It’s good to know where you can eat something nice, or where you and your family can spend some free time.  So, with the great activities, Montgomery County has to offer, you will be satisfied by multiple choices.  C’mon, let’s find some good places in Montgomery together.

    Montgomery County is a fantastic location to call home! Beautiful landscape, friendly people, and a wide range of different and great educational, recreational, and employment options. Despite the fact that it is densely inhabited, it appears like everyone knows everyone around here. The schools are outstanding, and the county is home to a large number of well-paying jobs. The weather is pleasant; hot and humid in the summer and chilly and snowy in the winter. Although traffic is a concern, transportation is adequate. To be sure your moving will be stress-free, interstate movers Maryland will take care of it. And did I need to mention that the county government does an excellent job of offering recreation and employment opportunities? Overall, a fantastic location for families moving to Montgomery County to call home!

    houses in suburb as symbol of family moving to Montgomery County
    In Montgomery County, you can find really attractive houses for selling.

    Places Interesting for families moving to Montgomery County

    Here is the list of some interesting places to go in Montgomery County:

    • Craft Beer for Beer lovers at True Respite
    • Adventure Park at Sandy Spring 
    • City Perch Kitchen and bar 
    • Glenstone Museum 

    True Respite Brewery

    True Respite Brewery is one of a dozen brewers in Montgomery County, Md, or MoCo as it is colloquially known. There’s beer boasts intriguing names and packaging, as well as a pleasant flavor. Ben Outta Ten, a delectable Maple Peanut Butter Hefeweizen, is something you can try if you are a beer lover.  Try a flight to try them all, or go with the locals’ favorites, Week Away Hazy IPA and Scrum.

    Adventure Park at Sandy Spring 

    This place is absolutely amazing. Your family will love it! At Sandy Spring’s Glow in the Park ropes course challenge, you may climb and zipline across Adventure Park. This 2-hour unique event allows attendees to enjoy the park in the evening while listening to the music.

    girls climbing stairs in an adventure park
    This is an amazing place for all ages, you will have a lot of fun In the adventure park

    City Perch Kitchen and bar

    I love this place. It’s amazing and has a great atmosphere. Head to Pike & Rose in Maryland for a great brunch at City Perch Kitchen + Bar, which serves savory classics like Eggs Benedict as well as sweet treats like their legendarily Decadent French Toast.

    Glenstone Museum

    The name of this location, Sandy Spring Museum, does not reflect everything that is available inside this MoCo hidden treasure. Sandy Spring Museum, widely recognized as a “community-activated museum, cultural arts center, and meeting place,” is a location where individuals may manufacture crafts, discover the history, curate interests, and enjoy community in a variety of ways.

    two kids playing with paper airplane
    Here you can find a lot of activities for kids of all ages.

    Dance lessons, starting Spanish, tea tasting, networking meetings, workshops, and other activities are all on the community calendar. Sandy Spring Museum also has a few artists in residence. Artwork, painting, Qi Gong, metal-smith jewelry creation, and ceramics are among their abilities. The artists are delighted to share their work and allow you to observe them as they make their masterpieces.

    Householding prices and Residents

    Well, when it comes to real estate pricing, the median value of the home is 490.000$. If you want to rent a house here, you will need to pay about 1,700$. Residents here mostly own their households. People here are amazing, this place is multicultural. The residents are kind and generous, so don’t worry, the neighborhood will be great. Like I mentioned earlier this is the right place to expand your family, and your kids will be happy here cus there are a lot of families with kids of all ages.

    But, safety is not on the highest level in the country. Montgomery County is not the safest place on wor, and we want just to mention that, so have in mind. But don’t be worried about that, Montgomery County does everything to increase safety.

    Montgomery County is a family-friendly community with excellent schools, school programs, vast parks, and playgrounds. A lot of activities for younger and older children. If you don’t want DIY relocating, we suggest to you call Here & Now Movers for any help or information. Professionals can do it better and you can just sit, relax and research your new neighborhood online.

    Families Moving to Montgomery County will be happier than ever

    I can say for sure if you are planning to move to Montgomery County, you and your family will be happier. You could see in this article there is a lot of benefits if you live here. Activities for children, activities for older ones, fishing, boating, golfing clubs, amazing national parks, and great public schools are just little pieces of the great puzzle of things to do here. I can guarantee you will be satisfied.

    Furthermore, with three main airports nearby, two interstate highways, and the Metro Red Line running through the county, getting to wherever you want to go is simple. There’s a reason why over a million people have made Montgomery County their home as well as the largest county in Maryland. I almost forgot to say that Montgomery County movers are one of the best movers in the whole region. They have already helped plenty of families moving to Montgomery County! So, please don’t hesitate and don’t be shy to ask for professional help. See for yourself the various aspects that contribute to Montgomery County being a really unique place to live.

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