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    Tourists love visiting Washington DC because of its art and history. But did you know that just a short ride away is a more beautiful Montgomery County? It is located in the suburb of the DC metropolitan area, and it was voted as the number one place to live in the USA. Because it has a high quality of standard and it is safe for raising a family. Unlike its large neighbor, it has a perfect blend of an urban and rural feel. Thus, making it perfect for people who would like to escape the bustle of the big cityHere & Now Movers would like to share with you a few facts about this place. If you just moved or planning to, they will help you get to know Montgomery County better.

    Get to know Montgomery County through music

    If you are a music lover, you will be happy to know that in Montgomery County, you can enjoy quality music from all over the world. So as soon local movers MD relocate you, head straight to the Strathmore Music Center. It is in North Bethesda, and here you can listen to the artists performing music of all genres. However, this is not the only place. This county is notorious host to a ton of small halls where musicians have an opportunity to showcase their talent. Indeed the love of its citizens toward arts and culture is unique, and they use every opportunity to support the artists. Besides Strathmore, you can also visit the world-famous APM. Here the music is more jazz, rock, blues, and bluegrass. Best of all, they are open almost every night.

    hands playing a guitar
    Enjoy music from all over the world

    You will start to appreciate it once you try the food

    Being so close to Washington DC has attracted a large number of immigrants from all over the world to settle here and call it their home. They brought their culture and their cosines that they have over the years perfected. So if you love to have a tasty meal and meet different cultures through food, you will not get disappointed. Do not wait too long to get to know Montgomery County through its food because it has an amazing amount of restaurants and fast food trucks. As Montgomery County movers will tell you, every district in this suburb has its signature food joint. Visit Rockville and head to Mykonos Grill for authentic Greek cosine. Also, there is the famous Honey Pig in Germantown.

    Spend a whole day shopping

    As much as they like culture and food, the citizens of Montgomery love to spend a lot of time shopping. So do not be surprised by the staggering amount of shopping malls. Thus, if you plan to move here, get rid of some of your belongings before you professionally pack.  You will very soon need a lot of free space to put all the new stuff. Because stores here cater to all kinds of budgets. Therefore whether you are staying or just passing through you, will be sorely tempted to buys something. Visit the amazing RIO Washingtonian Center. It is located on the waterfront and has an open-air shopping area. However, it is not only famous for retail shops. During summer, this vibrant place is perfect for families to enjoy the carousel and its many restaurants.

    open sign on a shop door
    To get to know Montgomery County and its citizens visit one of its many shopping malls

    The best way to comprehend the history of this beautiful county is through its museums

    The citizens of Montgomery have a great appreciation and respect for history. It is why it has many museums where you can spend days learning and exploring. Head to the National Trolley Museum and find out more about the history of electronic vehicles. It was opened in 1959, and it has a number of trollies and streetcars from the 1930s. Additionally, car enthusiasts can ride one of the original vintage cars on a 2-mile track. If you would like to see the bullet that assassinated Abraham Lincoln go to the National Museum of Health and Medicine. Established during Civil War, it has exhibits of army medical treatments during this period.

    You will understand Montgomery County when you visit its parks

    Montgomery has a vast number of parks, making it perfect for people who would love to escape the city noise. You can spend an entire day exploring many trails of Sugarloaf Mountain. Also, visit the Adventure Park in Sandy Spring and buy a pass for the whole family for an adventure walk on the treetops. It has many obstacle courses, zip lines, and ladders sure to keep you entertained for hours. The people’s favorite one is Billy Goat Trail, with its astonishing, almost 5 miles of trail perfect for bicycle rides and dog walks. If you enjoy spending more time on the water, you can rent a kayak on Lake Needwood and Little Seneca Lake. Moreover, there is a great number of spots where you can observe wildlife in its natural habitat. Head to Potomac River for deer, heron, and painted turtles.

    park with trees
    Acquaint yourself with Montgomery County through its many parks

    Once you get to know Montgomery County better you will want to stay

    It is easy to see why so many people visit this county every year. Because of its seemingly rural feel that hides a vibrant and culturally rich place they all wish to get to know Montgomery County better. From its many music halls where you can listen to artists perform the music of all genres. To delicious dishes from all over the world, Montgomery County has something for everybody. Whether you are a nature lover or a city person, it has an exceptional balance of both. Thus one thing is clear, once you visit, you will not want to leave because this place is perfect for raising a family and enjoying life.

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