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    Some may say that relocation is a crazy adventure these days with a world pandemic going on. However, there are still reliable and trustworthy movers in Maryland out there. With this, getting to know the place once you move can be additionally challenging. But fear not, we got you covered – if want to get to know Gaithersburg, you’re at the right place.

    How do you even get to know Gaithersburg nowadays?

    Deciding to move during COVID-19 can be tricky. Still, not for the right movers Gaithersburg MD. But once you move – how do you even get to know Gaithersburg nowadays? There are a number of things to consider here. So, let’s start with the basics. What would our suggestion be before the pandemic? Here’s our list.

    A blue car you can use to get to know Gaithersburg
    If want to get to know Gaithersburg, you’re at the right place.

    Well, here are the most popular sites to visit in Gaithersburg:

    • RIO Washingtonian Center
    • Gaithersburg Community Museum
    • Water Park at Bohrer Park
    • Theater at the Arts Barn
    • Old Town Gaithersburg

    However, due to the current situation, you may not be able to visit some of these sites. You can always check online and see if something is open as the situation can change from day to day. In any case, visiting the official Gaithersburg MD site is always the safest option.

    Are there any other alternatives?

    If the pandemic closes everything you want to see at this moment, don’t panic. It is only temporary and sooner or later, the whole Gaithersburg will be open as it was. Until that happens, here are some outdoor activities we can suggest:

    • Observatory Park
    • Travis Park
    • Constitution Gardens Park
    • Green Park
    • Washington Square Neighborhood Park

    Unusual things to see

    Besides the popular sightseeing, you may find other things to see. Still, keep in mind that you might want to check if some of them are open for visits (like museums or observatories). Here are our suggestions for unusual things to get to know in Gaithersburg MD:

    • The Fitzgeralds’ Gravesite
    • Museum of Outdated Technology
    • Earthoid Water Tank
    • World’s Largest Deadweight Machine
    • Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory

    Things to consider when you want to explore your new place of residence

    With the pandemic, there is too much information, and some of them are contradictory and colored by political connotations. On the other hand, there is a lack of information, in the sense that the coronavirus is new, and that there is much that is unknown. Although it is true that there is a great benefit from going out there is still a fact that there are risks for both you and others if you do it without respecting precautions. Just like both you and your residential movers had to follow certain rules and precautions, you will have to do the same in every other situation.

    Folded clothes a camera and shoes
    Due to the current situation, you may not be able to visit some of these sites.

    It’s ok to be confused

    Once you move, it may all be overwhelming. For example, if you want to move to Gaithersburg from abroad, it may take days to adapt to your new environment. With this, you still don’t know who to trust. Which long-distance-movers to call? How to meet new people? And where to drink your morning coffee if most places are closed? And if you want to get to know Gaithersburg more, there’s a question of safety at all times. How do you decide if you and your loved ones are going hiking, enjoying the park, or swimming? So, let’s start with some facts that we actually know.

    What do we know so far?

    We know that there are people who have an incredibly high risk of getting sick and have serious complications. But doctors and scientists still don’t know if the existence of antibodies is important for immunity, so a positive antibody test doesn’t really mean that a person is complete without the risk of disease. Also, at least one study reveals that the risk of transmitting this virus outdoors is significantly lower than indoors.

    How can you safely get around Gaithersburg?

    It is important to keep in mind that the virus is still active. The risk of infection when passing cyclists or runners fairly quickly is not terribly high… except when that person sneezes or coughs. But, all this is reduced if you take care of social distancing. Certainly, activities that do not involve a larger number of people imply a lower risk of infection.

    How to travel around Gaithersburg?

    Keep in mind that public and air transportation are still extremely risky. And if you decide to go in your own car, you should know that you may have to stop to refuel or go to the toilet. Therefore, it may be wise to take your own food and water with you on the road. To see your friends safely, as well as with your relatives, you should not forget the obligation to wash your hands and maintain social distance.

    Two people shaking hands
    You should not forget the obligation to wash your hands and maintain social distance.

    And when you arrive at Gaithersburg, make sure you comply with all of the following guidelines:

    • keep a distance of at least 1.5 m
    • wash and disinfect your hands often
    • keep your hands away from your face
    • wear a mask
    • consider visiting certain places when it is less crowded or going to locations that are not so popular
    • if you go to the pool, do not forget that although there is no official evidence that the virus spreads through water, which is properly disinfected, it is necessary to take care of the prescribed distance in common areas, as well as wear masks and follow standard precautions.

    You should certainly take into account all regulations that apply to a specific area, from the aspect of public health protection. If in doubt, always choose decisions to save your health. Get to know Gaithersburg and good luck!

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