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    Bethesda is located just northwest of Washington DC, in the southern part of Montgomery County. It has over 63 thousand people and more constantly pouring in attracted by job opportunities. Also, it is a city that has a deep connection to education and culture. This relatively small district has some of the best schools in the USA, with over 20 galleries, 200 restaurants, and several shopping malls. If just relocated here, movers in Maryland would like to help you get to know Bethesda better. In no time, you will feel right at home in this beautiful city.

    Get to know Bethesda through its history

    Bethesda started as a small place through which traders would pass through. In the beginning, it was surrounded by farms where the earliest European settlers cultivated tobacco. They would pass through Bethesda on their way to bigger cities where they sold their product. Finally, in 18 century, the first tavern opened. That was the start of the expansion.

    Similarly, the development of roads and the arrival of trollies is what made it fully grow. Also, it being so close to Washington DC, the elite bought houses here to escape the busy life of the capital. If you love history, it is possible to visit the historic homes that are still standing. Movers Bethesda MD know the area well. So ask them for pointers once you move if you wish to get to know Bethesda better.

    a large house
    Explore the architecture if you wish to know better Bethesda

    Music will help you get better acquainted with Bethesda

    Bethesda is a city that loves music. There are a vast number of places where you can listen to music from all over the world. However, before we mention any other, we have to start from Strathmore. It is a music hole that attracts people from all over the USA, and many of them decide to move long distance just to be closer to it.  It is a nonprofit arts venue that caters to a wide variety of disciplines. Besides music, they have several educational programs in visual arts. But even though its main partners are Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and The National Philharmonic, you can listen to a variety of different music from all genres. Also, it has an outdoor area with sculptures and a performance pavilion.

    Cabin John Regional Park is the heart of Bethesda

    If you are a nature lover, there is no better place to spend a day with family and friends than Cabin John Regional Park. What makes this park unique is that it has something for everybody. If you like to have a stroll and explore its many trails, it has two long trails. One is a five-mile trail, and the other nine, which makes them perfect for cyclists. But that is not the main attraction for which so many people professionally pack their homes and move here. Additionally, it has a large number of areas for outdoor and indoor sports activities. From Pauline Betz Addie Tennis Center to Tai Chi Court and the Locust Grove Nature Center. Not to mention several playgrounds and picnic areas. Also, the best part is that it is only 15 minutes from downtown Bethesda.

    a park with trees
    Enjoy the beautiful park that is just a few minutes from the city center

    Round House Theater is where you can truly meet Bethesda

    Round House Theater is where they use performance arts to educate people of all ages.  It offers shows that are highly informative and will keep you at the age of a seat. For they are not afraid to experiment and push the envelope when it comes to acting and dramaturgy. Also, they do not only concentrate on the adults. They understand that the education of youth is the most important aspect of arts. Therefore they have formed Teen Performance Company. Unlike other theaters here, teens can work on their craft alongside professionals. So do not get surprised when you see a mixed ages performance. Also within walking distance of the theatre, there are more than 20 restaurants, perfect for a meal after the show.

    Visit the National Museum of Health and Medicine

    There is a long and rich history inside the halls of this building. During the civil war, it was the center for research and treatment of general medicine, infectious diseases, and everything else medically related to war. In 1989 did it received its current name, as before it was known as the Army Medical Museum. So, if you are interested in medicine, and how injuries were treated during the civil war, this is a perfect place to spend a day. Also, they have many exhibitions about modern military medicine. It is a highly educational center where you can learn a lot about the human anatomy, and especially the brain. Additionally, they always try to stay up to date with all the new advancements in medicine.

    Get to know Bethesda through the Medicine museum and its history from civil war till today

    The best way to get to know Bethesda is to explore it on foot

    Bethesda is perfect for exploring the city on foot. It has a long and rich history, and a lot of it can still be found around every corner. So once you move, do not wait too long to get to know Bethesda. This beautiful city has something for everybody. From its many wonderful music halls where you can enjoy all kinds of music genres. To large nature park that is just a short distance from downtown. It is one of a kind city in the State of Maryland where education is of the utmost importance. Like for example, theaters where you can find youth working alongside professionals. If you are having second thoughts about moving here, go and explore. You will quickly fall in love with this small but vibrant city.

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