Exploring Maryland: The benefits of relocating to the Old Line State

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    Moving to a new place brings forth a myriad of emotions. You feel happy and excited. You simply cannot wait to see your new home and start living the life of your dreams. However, before all that comes, you need to choose the place you will be moving to. If that place is in Maryland, you will have to find and hire trustworthy movers in Maryland. And that’s not all! Before you decide you’ve found the right place for yourself, you need to do thorough research. Exploring Maryland may seem easy. However, there is a lot to unpack. In order to make your life easier, we are here to help. We’ll list all the benefits of moving to this stunning location.

    About Maryland

    Maryland is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic part of the United States. Considering its population of 6,148,545 residents, it is ranked the 18th most populous state and the 5th most densely inhabited. However, in terms of its size, Maryland is the 8th smallest state with 12,407 square miles of land. It bears the name of Henrietta Maria (in past England known as Mary), who was born in France and reigned over England, Scotland, and Ireland. Besides this name, Maryland, people occasionally use other nicknames to refer to this place. Some of those names are the Old Line State, the Free State, and the Chesapeake Bay State.

    The view of the beach during the day in Maryland
    You can learn so much while exploring Maryland

    Why is Maryland called “Old Line State”?

    People assume that Maryland is called the Old Line State as this name alludes to the Maxon-Dixon Line, the state’s northern and eastern borders, and the most famous line in Maryland. However, the truth is different. In recognition of the valiant efforts of a Maryland regiment, or line, during the American Revolution, Maryland is known as the Old Line State. The “old line” that guarded George Washington’s retreat from the Battle of Long Island was first mentioned by him.

    The benefits of moving to the Old Line State

    Maryland is a place that has a lot to offer to its residents. Therefore, hiring moving helpers Maryland residents rely on is a great choice. Some of the advantages that await you after your relocation are:

    1. Great job opportunities
    2. Excellent educational institutions
    3. Proximity to several large U.S. cities
    4. Good weather
    5. Unique culture

    Job opportunities

    Many people decide to relocate to Maryland because of its thriving job market. Some of the most common jobs are technology jobs and service-oriented government jobs, thanks to its proximity to Washington, DC. However, when it comes to the highest-paid jobs, the list goes like this:

    • Consultant and sales representative, with an average salary of $226,698.
    • Executive vice president of sales, with an average salary of $185,0190.
    • Vice president of products and marketing, with an average salary of $184,683.


    Even if you don’t find one of the highest-paid jobs in Maryland, you don’t need to worry. The average income in Maryland is still higher than the national average. To be precise, the median household income is $91,431, which is around 25% higher than the national average. On the other hand, the individual income is $41,516, with more than 30% of the people having an income higher than $65,000.

    A young lady uncovering the truths about Maryland on her laptop in the living room while being surrounded by books
    Moving to Maryland means finding a stable and well-paid job

    Educational institutions

    If you are moving with your children, finding a place near good schools is a must. However, there is no need to worry, as Maryland exploration will show you great results. This is because the educational institutions here are above average. Some of the best schools include:

    • Walt Whitman High School, which, if you have been exploring Maryland, you know, is ranked first in this location.
    • Thomas S. Wootton High School, located in Rockville. Therefore, if you wish your child would go to this school, contact movers Rockville MD residents rely on.
    • Poolesville High School is a highly rated, public, and magnet school.


    Maryland is not only known for its great private and public schools but also for its excellent universities. If you have a child whose time has come to go to this higher educational institution, or you yourself want to give it a go, moving here is a magnificent decision. Some of the best universities here are Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland, College Park, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

    Proximity to several large U.S. cities

    No matter where you choose to live in Maryland, you will always be just a few hours away from Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City by car. As a result, you will never run out of things to do or see. You can enjoy the attractions, food, and culture the other places have to offer without having to spend too much time traveling.


    If you decide to hire movers in Potomac MD, you are sure to enjoy great weather. Namely, in Maryland, you can find all four seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter. The average yearly temperature is 55.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmest month here is July. At this time, the high temperature usually ranges from mid to upper-80s. The coldest month of the year – January – has a low to mid-20s average low temperature.

    Green-leafed trees you'll see while exploring Maryland
    While researching the facts about Maryland, you will discover that it has all four seasons and great weather


    As a result of Maryland’s unusual geographical location between north and south, you’ll discover that there is a substantial amount of culture. You can find many traces of colonial influence throughout the state. However, that’s not all. As more and more people are relocating here, through investigating Maryland, you’ll find them bringing their own culture here. As a result, there are restaurants, museums, and other attractions with Asian, Latino, and other demographic backgrounds.

    Start exploring Maryland as soon as possible

    As you have seen, exploring Maryland is not as difficult as one might think in the beginning. Knowing the information we went through, such as the job opportunities, income, climate, schools, universities, and other similar things, is certainly important. It’s just as important as hiring the most trustworthy out of all residential moving companies Maryland has to offer. As long as you know everything in advance, there will be nothing to worry about. We wish you the smoothest and most stress-free relocation ever!






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