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    Located about 48 miles west of the Baltimore Metro area, Germantown becomes a more popular place to live in. Even though it isn’t technically an incorporated city, it is a populous area and a bustling community. Germantown is divided into six smaller villages, which makes it pretty interesting for those contemplating moving there. It is also filled with amenities and many options for entertainment and pleasure. So, before you start researching moving companies in Maryland, read our useful handbook for moving from Frederick to Germantown to get familiar. You’ll see that Germantown has plenty of things to offer, not only the proximity to Washington, D.C. And its perks make it a popular residential area for many people looking for urban accessibility. So, take a seat, read on, and prepare yourself for this big, new chapter in Germantown.

    The beginning of our handbook for moving from Frederick to Germantown starts with housing and demographics of Germantown

    Right after you hire movers Germantown MD, you should get to know the details about housing. If you plan on moving there, you ought to know that homes for sale in Germantown consist mainly of condos and townhomes. However, there are still some single-family homes scattered throughout the villages. Also, if you’re thinking about moving from Frederick to Germantown, real estate appeals to the main demographic of married couples and families with kids. On the other hand, young professionals can appreciate the apartment complexes located throughout the town.

    School system in Germantown, MD

    As for another upside pointed out in our handbook for moving from Frederick to Germantown, let’s mention the excellent school system. Germantown, Maryland has the largest public school system in the state which has received many awards for its high quality of education. Also, for people wanting to go to college, you can find Montgomery College. This college serves the local community and its surrounding areas. Hence, if you plan on moving to Germantown from Frederick with your kids, you can’t go wrong.

    Chairs in a classroom
    After moving from Frederick to Germantown, you will have access to some of the best educational systems.

    Germantown amenities and attractions – an important part of our handbook for moving from Frederick to Germantown

    Before you decide to move from Frederick to Germantown, remember to always get help from trustworthy movers Frederick MD. For the rest, you can relax, read our tips for moving from Frederick to Germantown and prepare. So, you should know that living in Germantown provides convenient access to restaurants and shopping within the six villages. Also, let’s not forget to mention that you can find cultural hubs such as the BlackRock Center for the Arts. This venue in Germantown hosts musical performances and theater, as well as visual art exhibits. Also, if you or your children are art lovers, they even offer classes in the arts for adults and children. On the other hand, if you’re a nature lover, you can enjoy the Great Seneca Stream Valley Park, a lush, beautiful park. This gorgeous park is home to many forest trails for mounting biking and hiking.

    Germantown has a great location

    As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, location is everything in Germantown. And that’s why we’ve committed this part of our article to talk about the great location of Germantown. Anyway, you can always hire the best residential moving companies Maryland to handle the relocation. So, let’s mention that Germantown is 48 miles west of Baltimore and only 31 miles north of Washington, D.C. And it is this proximity that gives Germantown’s residents easy and quick access to historical sights of D.C. and the urban nightlife of Baltimore. Also, this location of Germantown is perfect for employment opportunities since residents can find work in one of the nearby cities. Meanwhile, they can reside in the suburban locale of Germantown where the cost of living is significantly lower. Therefore, the great and convenient accessibility and a wide array of amenities are worth moving from Frederick to Germantown.

    Aerial view of Washington D.C.
    The proximity of Germantown to Washington D.C. is one of the advantages of moving to Germantown.

    Don’t miss the things that the locals in Germantown love

    After you move to Germantown, there are several things you shouldn’t miss doing.

    • First, you can have a lot of fun enjoying Germantown’s suburban amenities. And that includes shops, restaurants, and entertainment. All that without the craziness of a big city, which makes Germantown appealing to many people.
    • Our handbook for moving from Frederick to Germantown has to mention once again the places for art lovers. As we already pointed out, you can visit the BlackRock Center for the Arts and enjoy visual and performing arts. Also, in addition to performances, this center offers educational classes and camps you can attend and enjoy yourself.
    • Once again, we must mention the Great Seneca Stream Valley Park, a perfect destination to get some fresh air. Also, you can work on your fitness by using forest trails for hiking and mountain biking.
    Two women sitting in a park after moving from Frederick to Germantown
    After you move to Germantown, you can relax in a park, or be more active on hiking trails.

    Why Germantown is the right place for you?

    If you are set to move from Frederick to a different place, you should consider moving to Germantown, MD. Our handbook for moving from Frederick to Germantown says that this is a great place to live and it has it all. From affordable home prices and highly rated schools to easy access to Washington, DC. Also, by reading our handbook for moving to Germantown from Frederick, you’ve seen that it has an abundance of outdoor recreation space and live entertainment. Hence, moving to Germantown, MD might be one of your best decision. Also, let’s not forget to mention that Germantown is the third most populous city in the state of Maryland. One of the reasons is that it offers so many things that people are looking for in their next home and community.

    So, if you want to move to a place that has it all, you should consider Germantown, MD as a choice.



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