Do’s and don’ts for moving in Northern Virginia

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    So you’re thinking about moving to Northern Virginia. But don’t worry because we at Here & Now Movers are here to help you out. We as a local moving company from Northern Virginia will talk about do’s and don’ts for moving in Northern Virginia. So let’s not waste our time and let’s dive in!

    Do’s for moving in Northern Virginia

    The first do for moving to Northern Virginia is the cost of living. For example, let’s take the Fall Church VA. Overall costs are under the national average by 2%. Secondly, our movers Fall Church VA can tell you that the prices of moving and other services like packing aren’t that high as well. What is higher by 10% than the national average is the housing and renting costs. The median house price is $800,000 which is a 4.2% increase year over year.  When it comes to renting the median rent price for one bedroom apartment is $2,046 (895 sq. ft. apartment). Now utilities are 1% lower than the national average and food is 4% cheaper than the national average. Transportation is 7% lower than the national average, but there aren’t rush hours like in NYC or LA.

    The place is filled with historical sights so if you’re a history nerd welcome to Paradise. Also, schools and colleges here are great and it’s pretty safe to live. One of the best things about northern Virginia is that there are tons of things to do with kids. You’ll also experience all four seasons just like in school textbooks. So winters are cold with a lot of snow; during spring everything is blossoming (we’re looking at you with allergies); summers are really hot so you can hit the beach; while during autumn everything falls just like in pictures that you see on Pinterest and Instagram. For those of you who lack or are seeking a suburban lifestyle, this is what you’re looking for.

    A deer walking through the forest;
    Most scenic animals and forests are found in Northern Virginia.

    Don’ts for moving in northern Virginia

    This reason comes often and it concerns politics. We don’t like to get into a debate about who is for what, but this is a swing state. It means that parties change so the state isn’t too liberal or too conservative. This may come often an as a good thing because people like changes. But as we can see the world is polarizing and people tend to pick sides so if you’re too liberal or too conservative this may come off as a red flag for you. There aren’t any good or major sports teams and there isn’t an NBA team at all. There aren’t any professional teams when you think about it so if you’re an athlete or you’re a fan of sports, this may come off as a turnoff. Many moving companies Northern VA offers will tell you that it isn’t that diverse and it’s true.

    Nuclear silo detected! This is a major concern and it’s that nuclear power plants are close to big cities.  So 40 miles northwest of Richmond you’ll find two nuclear power plants and 17 miles from Newport News you’ll find two more. In other words, if you aren’t a nuclear powerplant safety inspector and your name isn’t Homer J. Simpson, you might not like this idea. Another reason is the sound of jets because the state is filled with military bases and jets are flying all the time. Again this one is about too many tourists, but some people think that this is a good thing since it’s boosting the local economy. Also, some laws might come off as strange for example radar detectors are illegal; you can only hurt raccoons on Sunday; you can’t decide who’ll pay for coffee by flipping a count, etc.

    Three basketball players holding a basketball and a trophy while thinking about do's and don'ts for moving in Northern Virginia;
    There aren’t any major sports teams here.

    Should you move to Northern Virginia?

    Now, in the end, should you move there or now? Let’s take it like this if you’re a person that likes political changes every 4 years and you aren’t a fanatic of any party Northern Virginia will work for you. On the other hand, if you’re a political fan plus you don’t like nuclear power plants anywhere near your house, don’t move here. But if you like good schools, friendly communities, and family-oriented neighborhoods with suburban vibes it’s a dream state. The cost of living isn’t that high so this is another do. When it comes to don’ts is about the traffic, since yes there aren’t many traffic jams but you’ll need your car if you want to go anywhere.

    Hiring professional movers vs moving DIY

    Now if you’re thinking about moving, there are plenty of options out there. So a lot of moving companies Sterling VA teams offer to move you at a fraction of the cost if you want to. On the other hand, if you want to try and DIY the move that’s okay too. You have tons of tips and tricks free in our blog section of the website. Now we would just like to tell you that professional movers can pack or unpack an entire 3-bedroom house in less than 3 hours. While they can load a full moving truck in an hour and twenty minutes or less.  On the other hand, if you’re thinking about doing it yourself you should know that you’ll need a lot of time to pack and declutter as well as unpack and load and unload the truck.

    Man and woman loading truck with boxes while talking about Do's and don'ts for moving in Northern Virginia;
    Professional movers will pack all of your things, and they’ll talk more about do’s and don’ts for moving in Northern Virginia

    Final thoughts on do’s and don’ts for moving in Northern Virginia

    Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you liked it. These were our do’s and don’ts for moving in Northern Virginia. So, in the end, it’s up to you, we’ve presented you with all the facts, so you should think about it and make a decision yourself.  We hope that you like clean air, scenic nature, driving, and the low cost of living. Have a great day and we hope that you’ll have a stress-free move!

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