DIY move vs hiring movers in Northern Virginia

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    Relocating means having to make a lot of tough decisions. After you’ve decided where you want to move to, another big decision comes along. Do you want to handle the moving process by yourself, or do you want to hire a moving company that will handle all of the moving logistics for you? If you choose the second option, choosing Here & Now Movers will be your best bet! It’s reasonable if you still haven’t made up your mind. In our article, we’ll discuss a bit about the DIY move vs hiring movers dilemma and then you can comfortably make a decision that best fits your need!

    DIY move vs hiring movers – pros

    First, we’ll take a look at the good sides of both DIY moving and hiring professionals. Be sure to thoroughly think through both options before taking your pick!

    man siting and smiling in a moving truck
    DIY move vs hiring movers are both good options, but it’s important to choose one which fits your needs best

    Hiring movers – pros

    • You can sit back and relax – The moving company will send in professionals, who are trained to move your belongings without any damage to them. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about any possible injuries you can get from moving heavy stuff – such as strained muscles. While the movers do the heavy lifting, you will be able to handle other important activities like gathering documents. If you want to kick back and enjoy relocating to Falls Church, don’t hesitate to hire the most reliable movers Falls Church VA for help!
    • You are promised reliability – If you depend on your friends or family to help with your relocation, it can get quite stressful. This is because they are not a reliable source of help. Perhaps a family emergency, or a sudden cold, all of these can stop your help from coming to help you. On the other hand, you can expect your movers to be reliable. The moving company is under contract to arrive on time with both appropriate supplies and equipment. This will save you a lot of moving hours in the long run.
    • Don’t want to operate a vehicle – no problem – Many people get stressed out about the thought of maneuvering a moving vehicle. It’s well known that moving trucks are quite hard to drive, the same goes for trailers. For this reason, most moving companies Northern VA offer those services for you. For your Northern Virginia relocation, all of the driving, loading, and unloading the truck will be done for you.

    DIY move – pros

    • You will be in control– Being in control is a must for some people. Because of this, some people opt for self-moving. You will get to pick out all of your supplies and equipment. Additionally, you’ll be granted more freedom and flexibility. However, for some people that turns into a problem, as they push the moving date further along repeatedly. You will also be in charge of the packing process. Although some people enjoy packing, others tend to avoid it or procrastinate doing it until the last minute.
    • Saving money – This is usually the main reason people choose to move on their own rather than call a professional moving company. Not having to hire movers will save you some money. Moving is expensive and this is why people think it’s best to save up by not calling movers. However, think about how stress-free your move could be with movers before deciding on a DIY move.
    a couple standing next to a pile of boxes discussing what is better option, DIY move vs hiring movers
    If you’re moving on your own, be sure to ask for the help of friends or family

    DIY move vs hiring movers – cons

    It’s no secret both of these options have their disadvantages. However, it’s up to you to decide which of them has a lesser effect on the quality of your move. We’ve gathered a bit of information on the less pretty sides of moving regarding both a DIY relocation and moving with a moving company. Now you can decide how you want to go about your North Virginia relocation.

    DIY move – cons

    • You will be doing all of the heavy lifting – A DIY move means doing everything on your own. This includes all of the heavy lifting as well. A lot of people ask friends for help during this time. Moving a couple of boxes may not be that big of a deal but if you have a lot of stuff, it can get quite overwhelming. This is why most of the Sterling relocations are handled by trusted moving companies Sterling VA. Inexperienced movers might damage your belongings or furniture during the move. This is not the case with hiring professional help. Your stuff will get to your new home in optimal condition.
    • You will have to do a lot of planning – Coordinating an entire move by yourself takes a lot of bravery and planning. You have to figure out all of the moving logistics on your own. On top of that, you’ll have to plan out how to arrange all of the boxes inside the truck.
    • Expect the unexpected – Many things can happen out of your control. Boxes that tore, or a piece of furniture struck in the door. All of this can add to your moving hours and make your relocation harder than it should be.
    a man underneath a bunch of boxes
    DIY moves get overwhelming for people who aren’t good planners and don’t stay organized

    Hiring movers – cons

    • You’ll have less flexibility – As soon as you hire a moving company, you have less control over your move. The time and date of pickup will all be in the pre-agreed terms and there’s not much you can do after that. For people who like to give over control to professionals, this doesn’t pose a problem. All you have to do is meet the expected deadlines.
    • It can be impersonal – It’s important to thoroughly check your moving company before hiring them. This is because you will be handing your stuff to complete strangers. Some people aren’t as comfortable with leaving their belongings with people they don’t personally know.

    Whichever option you choose, DIY move vs hiring movers, be sure to come well-prepared. Saying goodbye to your old home is very important, so be sure to do that. Additionally, choose a reliable moving company and ask the right questions before taking your pick. Good luck moving!


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