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    Deciding where is best to live may not be as easy as one thinks. And not only that. When it comes to relocation, there are many hard decisions. From finding the best moving companies in Maryland to choosing new furniture and even finding your new coffee place where you will drink your coffee. That’s why we created a simple guide that will help you in choosing the best neighborhoods in Bethesda Let’s start.

    What are the best neighborhoods in Bethesda?

    When it comes to which ones are the best neighborhoods in Bethesda we can’t really give you a straight answer. It all depends on your needs and wishes. What we can do is give our opinion on which neighborhoods are nice to move to. But, the final decision on the place you’ll choose in Bethesda MD is up to you. Here are some of our suggestions:

    A beautiful house you will find in one of the best neighborhoods in Bethesda
    When it comes to which ones are the best neighborhoods in Bethesda we can’t really give you a straight answer.

    Fort Sumner

    The one thing that is not lacking in Fort Sumner is trees. In fact, this place has so much greenery, that you’ll feel a different vibe than in other places of Bethesda. So, if you like quiet places, you may start looking for the right movers Bethesda MD. It also has houses that are set back from the street, and it has a nice location compared to the Capital Crescent Trail and C&O Canal towpath.

    Washington Grove

    This community just outside Gaithersburg has also a lot of greenery. Plus, it a lifeguard-patrolled swimming hole that you can enjoy during warm summer days. Ready to start packing? You don’t really have to – you can hire our packing services and we’ll do everything for you.

    Garrett Park

    Businessman Henry Copp created Garrett Park with a vision it will be full of divine homes and lovely trees. This vision was so strong, that the town government formed a historic preservation committee to protect maples that grow here.

    Mohican Hills

    Close to Glen Echo, this neighborhood owns its charm to many midcentury houses here. If you think this is for you, the only thing left is to start moving. With this, if you don’t have a lot of items, you consider hiring labor-only movers. The choice is up to you.


    If you value real-estate, you know that architecture from the ’70s may seem boring. But that’s not the case in Drumaldry, where you can find unique homes simply using lots of glass and clean lines with high ceilings and open floor pans. With this, there are many pin oaks that contribute to the whole atmosphere here.

    An elderly couple looking absolutely adorable together
    Close to Glen Echo, Mohican Hills owns its charm to many midcentury houses here.

    Carderock Springs

    If you want to connect with nature more, move to Carderock Springs. As you may imagine, it’s a great place for hiking and riding mountain bikes. Plus, each home overlooks the greenery and not other houses.

    Woodside Park

    At just a few blocks away from downtown Silver Spring, this place has a real forest-like feel. AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center are close and you can walk to The Fillmore, enjoying delicious food and drinks. Great for outdoor activities such as running and hiking.


    If you want to escape from urban chaos, Rollingwood is a place to be. This charming place is tucked between tall hardwoods giving it a magical feel. As a bonus, parts of Beach Drive close to traffic and cyclists and runners take over. And if you want to embrace nature, even more, know that you can go horseback riding at Meadowbrook Stables.

    How to decide where to move?

    Start by making a list of all the things you want to do, including those activities you want to do but can’t because your current living space doesn’t provide that opportunity. If you’re somewhere in nature, you probably don’t want to live downtown.

    While we may not always take advantage of the opportunities offered by our city or town, it is always better to be able to do things than have no options. And to explore your options, we recommend spending some time, studying guides for life in Bethesda. Most cities have their own website, and local online newspapers will list activities and cultural events.

    Looking for a job?

    If your career comes before anything else, then you should check out the best companies to work for in Bethesda. Try to find information on average salaries, turnover rates and exactly why the company is so great.

    Infrastructure: schools, hospitals, transport

    Are you a person who likes public transit, or wants a short drive, or wants to avoid parking lots, traffic, and high gas prices? Find a neighborhood that has a good public transit system. And if you have family members who require good health care, then this should be a priority in choosing where to live. Make sure you consider all the infrastructural needs of the whole family before deciding where you will live.

    Houses and buildings at sunset
    If you have family members who require good health care, then this should be a priority in choosing where to live.

    If you have children, then you will want to consider schools and how schools in the area are ranked. Of course, neighborhoods with good schools may be more expensive. Most people equate a great place to live based on the available outdoor activities, how many days you can be out of enjoying the weather, and easy access to parks, and all green areas.


    If you are concerned about your future safety, do quick Internet research. Using search engines, enter “neighborhood crime statistics”. Identify the risk of personal and property crimes for the location. This should generate some information. The largest urban areas have detailed crime reports, while smaller ones can only have general information. Anyway, this is a good place to start. Contact your local police service too. The police department will provide details about a specific area. It is probably your best source of information on crime and security. Most police stations will also provide details on how active the community is if they are involved in crime prevention or community policing. All in all, depending on what your priorities are, you will choose the best neighborhoods in Bethesda accordingly.

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