Chevy Chase vs Germantown MD – Pros and cons

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    Choosing a place for settling in your new home is not an easy task. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Safety of the place, rent prices and overall living expenses, schooling, and energy certain place holds. Are you splitting your mind between Chevy Chase vs Germantown MD? Use this article as a guide for the pros and cons of each city in Maryland. A good thing is that the expenses of living are approximately the same among different cities in this state. What is left is to compare other things. We are going to stumble across testimonials as well. Since they are the best proof and recommendation. Therefore, here are the things, you should know before deciding upon Chevy Chase or Germantown MD. For an easy moving experience get in touch with moving companies in Maryland and enjoy their assistance!

    What should you consider before making the decision?

    Chevy Chase and Germantown are closely located. Traveling by I- 270 N road you can get from one to another in about 25 minutes. If you decide to have a look around each area you can comfortably do it in one day and we encourage you to do so. By having a little tour around each you can get the energy of the neighbors by yourself. However, there are some things you should not neglect. As mentioned you should consider next things:

    • rent and property prices
    • safety of each area
    • educational institutions
    • overall experience and testimonials of residents
    kid running down the school hallway
    When deciding on Chevy Chase vs Germantown MD you should consider safety and educational factors for your kids.

    Property and rent prices & expenses of living

    The median rent price in Chevy Chase is $2,014, while it is $1,757 in Germantown. Most of the residents tend to own their homes rather than rent. Prices of the median home values in that sense are way higher in Chevy Chase- $957,000 than in Germantown-$349,400. This difference in prices of properties could be a significant pro and con of each area. The mortgage interest rate is fixed-rate the same at 5,43%. Whichever option you choose, ensure safe and secure relocation with one of the best residential moving companies Maryland has on offer. When it comes to utility bills you can expect similar expenses, which is only natural since they are in the same state. Germantown, MD restaurant prices are 17.74% higher than those in Chevy Chase, MD.

    Safety and crime rates: Chevy Chase vs Germantown

    Rated by Neighborhoodscout Chevy Chase has a crime index of 39 meaning it is safer than 39% of the U.S.A. cities. One in 1452 people here will experience a violent crime, which corresponds to a violent crime rate of one per thousand people. According to NeighborhoodScout’s analysis, the violent crime rate in Germantown is 2 per 1,000 people, which is approximately average for all American cities of all populations. In that sense, we could say Germantown is slightly less safe than Chevy Chase with a crime index of 31.

    elder couple sitting and deciding upon Chevy Chase vs Germantown MD
    Chevy Chase is a perfect spot to choose for your retirement life!

    Chevy Chase is a perfect place for retirement

    This is a neighborhood in Washington, D.C., has 9,801 residents. The finest place in Maryland to retire is Chevy Chase, which is in Montgomery County. If your final choice after reading this article is this area, then get in touch with movers Chevy Chase MD and get professional assistance! A thing you should know before moving is that Chevy Chase is known for being a quiet and idle place for retired. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is a boring neighborhood and we will get to the fun content later on in this post. Its residents love this area because it is safe, family-friendly, liberal, welcoming to all, and close to DC and Bethesda. Therefore, you can enjoy more lively content while residing in a calmer area.

    Germantown is an ideal place for raising a family

    With 89,529 residents, Germantown is a suburb of Washington, D.C. where residents enjoy a dense suburban vibe. It is a favorite place for families and young professionals. Similar to Chevy Chase its residents are welcoming and liberal. People enjoy Germantown because it has a lot of green surfaces and trail walks. Germantown is also an industrial area and according to movers Germantown MD there’s high chance you will find a new job easily.

    kids playing in a green football field
    Locals enjoy green surfaces, trail walks, and fun outdoor activities Germantown offers for all ages!

    Educational institutions in each area

    It is an important factor to consider when making a home relocation. If are deciding between Chevy Chase and Germantown we are making a guess you are moving with family or you are planning to start one. Germantown has great educational institutions and is highly praised by them. Reading the reviews from Germantown residents, It’s one of the best areas to have kids and send them to school”. You can trust all 35 public schools such as Northwest High School, Spark M. Matsunaga Elementary School, Clarksburg High School, and Silver Creek Middle. Chevy Chase with a wider area has a bigger number of public schools from which you can opt for some like Public Schools Serving Chevy Chase, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Washington Latin Public Charter School – Middle and High School, Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School, and Chevy Chase Elementary School.

    Chevy Chase vs Germantown MD – How to choose?

    It’s difficult to choose a location for your new home’s settlement. There are many factors that must be considered. The level of safety, the total cost of life, accessibility to education, and the amount of energy a location has are all factors. Are you torn between Germantown and Chevy Chase? Use this article as a reference for the advantages and disadvantages of each Maryland city. As a result, when choosing between Chevy Chase vs Germantown MD, you should be aware of the following. After this analysis, we can conclude that Chevy Chase is a perfect retirement spot, a safer area with higher property prices, while Germantown is a family-friendly area with more affordable housing.


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