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    If you are planning to move to or within Washington, you need to take into account that Washington DC is not just home to the White House and our government. It is recognized as one of the best cities for young people that are finding their path in life and getting into the professional world. Moreover, it has a lot of diversity with all sorts of neighborhoods with crime rates that range from the low end, all the way up to dangerous. We will explore some of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC so you can pick the one that suits you the most. If you end up deciding on one of them, we suggest using Here & Now Movers services for your moving needs. The help will be invaluable and you will save a lot of time and energy by getting professionals to do the work for you. Here is our list of one of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC.

    Washington DC has one of the best neighborhoods in the US

    Before we start our list, we will give you some pros and cons of living in Washington DC in general. Furthermore, if you find yourself without any help in your moving situation, ask commercial movers Maryland for assistance. We believe that with the amount of energy and time you save by using this service, you can look for a better apartment, save a lot of time, and have a stress-free environment while moving. Whether or not you living in Washington DC already, it’s important to outline the pros and cons that cause a lot of these neighborhoods to take these things to the extreme.

    List of pros and cons of living in Washington DC:

    • + Diversity
    • + High career opportunities
    • + Amazing Neighbourhoods
    • + Beautiful parks and attractions
    • + Bike friendly
    • – Traffic is rough
    • – If you want a relaxed workspace, Washington DC is not the place for you
    • – Living costs are on the high end
    • – Summers and winter can be harsh
    • – Not the best place for foodies

    Consider Columbia Heights  

    Columbia Heights is very historically and culturally significant. It is very diverse with a large Latino population. There are many amazing bars and restaurants, so you won’t lack any local food and beverage service. The neighborhood booms with the gorgeous Meridian Hill Park (also known as Malcolm X Park). If you like big beautiful parks, this is the neighborhood for you. Furthermore, the neighborhood is very vibrant and has all sorts of educational and artistic programs. It’s also the home to George Washington University. It is established way back in 1821 and it’s ranked 62 out of 443 nationwide. That is very respectable. It’s a very walkable neighborhood and you can get everywhere with a 30-minute walk. All in all, a very relaxed, safe, affordable, and peaceful neighborhood with a lot of value.

    person holding two places in a restaurant in one of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC
    All of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC have amazing restaurants with exceptional service

    Look into Georgetown 

    Georgetown is the home of one of the best universities in Washington DC.  The neighborhood is rich with all kinds of shops, bars, and amazing restaurants. If you’re thinking of moving to the Georgetown DC area movers are here to aid you if you need any help. That’s because Georgetown is home to a lot of very important historical events that have an impact to this day. Because of this, there are a lot of tourists. It is also home to some amazing shops. If you’re a shopaholic or just someone who often finds himself going to a lot of stores, and you want to do it close by, Georgetown is the perfect home for you.

    a park in one of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC
    A lot of neighborhoods have amazing parks

    Explore Adams Morgan 

    Adams Morgan is also a neighborhood that has a lot of historical significance. It’s also home to a lot of beautiful parks and it’s filled with nature. Moreover, it has very vibrant energy with a lot of young energy. It has a lively spirit and at the same time, it’s very diverse and relaxed. Moreover, it’s home to some amazing architecture. On the other hand, The traffic is pretty rough. If you don’t want to deal with it while moving, consider using furniture moving helpers Maryland to make your move hassle-free. The houses have beautiful gardens and style so it all contributes to making this neighborhood the best neighborhood in Washington DC. As with any quality DC neighborhood, this one has many amazing international restaurants, like pizza houses and eastern cuisine. So if you like some spicy and international food locally, we recommend Adams Morgan.

    Capitol Hill is recognized as one of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC 

    Capitol Hill is one of the most important neighborhoods in America. It is the place where laws get passed and tourists from all over the world visit to see the amazing landmarks and historical buildings that have a profound impact on the US culture. If you’re lucky and find an affordable apartment. The rent is about 2,100$ rent on average. If you find a good deal and want any help with the moving, contact labor movers Maryland to finish the job for you. Whatever buildings, landmarks, and tourist attractions you have in the neighborhood, you will get used to them. But on the other hand, it’s a sign that a lot has been invested into perfecting the neighborhood and that should be important to you.

    It’s very lively and it’s a lot faster than other neighborhoods on this list. Furthermore, if you’re thinking it’s all buildings and landmarks, we are here to tell you otherwise. It’s home to a lot of amazing restaurants, vintage shops, and international food. Lastly, it’s very safe, has beautiful parks, and has amazing nightlife. This all makes Capitol Hill one of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC.

    the white house
    Capitol Hill is the center of the US government which makes the neighborhood very safe

    Last thoughts on the best neighborhoods in Washington DC

    There is our list of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC. Furthermore, we suggest you carefully consider and pick what is best for you. All of these neighborhoods have amazing parks, restaurants, and shops but some have more than others. There are some differences that can make or break your decision so we suggest you research thoroughly before making the final decision. We know you will make the best choice possible and we wish you a happy move in the future.


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