Best neighborhoods in Washington DC for millennials

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    DC is a place that is starting to be the top destination for millennials. You will find plenty of job opportunities, great public transportation, amazing nightlife and most importantly, some parts of it are quite affordable. All of these reasons will make you move there. But what are the best neighborhoods in Washington DC for millennials? We are here to help you find out! Being on the top of the list of great places for millennials, Washington is having some great condos, apartments, and a great education. So no matter which place of these listed you choose, make sure you have hired Here & Now Movers, professionals who will give their best to relocate you without some additional stress and obstacles.

    Best neighborhoods in Washington DC for millennials

    Washington is, in general, great for millennials. However, these neighborhoods stand out as the creme de la creme of all this city has to offer:

    1. Foggy Bottom
    2. Navy Yard
    3. DuPont Circle
    4. Adams Morgan

    Today we’ll talk about every one of them individually – what is like living there and what each of them has to offer to you as a millennial. We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with at least one of them and that you’ll want to move there. And there is no better way to do it than to hire DC area movers and make sure you have put your trust in one of the best moving companies. With all the problems the millennials are facing at this time, they should not worry about the process of relocation. 

    wide street
    Every one of these Washington DC neighborhoods for millennials has something to offer


    Foggy Bottom

    There is not much not to like here. You will find some of the best-rated restaurants, amazing places to spend the day outdoors, and wide streets that will take your breath away. The best part of it is that it will take you only 10 minutes to get to the center of Washington DC. It is 7 percent cheaper that the city average. So as a young professional, and millennial, you will find this place affordable. It is also home to George Washington University, where you will find a lot of programs that you will be able to attend even after you have graduated. It is maybe the reason why people from all over the world come here. And if this is the case with you, you can contact the interstate movers Maryland team and find out everything you need to know about moving here.

    To make this place closer to you and your needs, here are some statistics that will help you determine whether this neighborhood is the right for you.

    • Average home price: $440,000
    • Median age: 20
    • Best local bar: Hive Bar 
    • Best local restaurant: Founding Fathers DC near the metro station
    • A local coffee spot worth visiting: Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar

    Navy Yard

    It is considered to be one of the coolest places in the world. Moving helpers Maryland suggests that millennial clients come here because of the great places to have fun and meet new and interesting people. You will find it a perfect mix of urban living and green space. That is why spending time outdoors is the main reason why millennials choose to move here. Along with this, you will find numberless places to have fun during the day and night.

    • Average home price: $692,000
    • Median age: 34
    • The best local bar according to the statistics: The Brig
    • Best Local restaurant: Chloe
    • A local coffee spot worth visiting: Hype Cafe
    traffic at night
    Find a place with an easy commute to the center of DC

    DuPont Circle is one of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC for millennials

    If you walk by, you will see beautiful old historic buildings that are in this area. Old homes and buildings are being remodeled and made into smaller condos and apartments. You as a millennial could find your spot here. The neighborhood is still developing, but you can see that this neighborhood is soon to be the number one choice for millennials. The commute to the center of DC is easy and you will be able to exercise while traveling there. You will find numerous trails for bicycles here. And this way you will save a lot of money. Of course, the nightlife and the entertainment are also one of the pros of moving here.

    • Average home price: $482,000
    • Median age: 34
    • The best local bar: Hank’s Cocktail Bar
    • The local’s favorite local restaurant is Del Sur Cafe

    Adams Morgan is the go-to Washington DC neighborhood for millennials

    Adams Morgan has a unique culture. You will find vintage and modern places combined. This harmony is what makes this neighborhood one of the best in Washington DC for millennials. You will need 10 minutes by bus to get to the center of DC and that is even when the rush hour is. So it is a perfect Washington DC neighborhood for millennials for those who want to live in a smaller place but still be one step away from the center of happenings. But Adams Morgan has its happenings that make this place desirable. And one of them is Muzette Karaoke.

    If you like to sing and have fun, maybe make your way through a musical career, this is the spot you want to pay attention to. What makes this place even better is that almost every place that you will like is pet friendly. So if you have been thinking of moving with your little furry friends, this neighborhood is the right for you.

    • Average home price: $615,000
    • Median age: 34
    • Local bar: Madam’s Organ
    • A local restaurant that can be one of your favorites is the Lapis
    buildings in one of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC for millennials
    Adams Morgan may be the perfect choice for you

    Find your best fit

    If you pay attention to the statistics and the ways of living in these best neighborhoods in Washington DC for millennials that we have listed, you will see that the only difference is the media age. However, this is changing the minute we speak. So make sure you have talked to your friends and other millennials and that you have understood what it takes to live in these amazing places. You will see that Washington DC is the best place for everyone. But especially millennials and young professionals. Good luck!


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